History 1990-2000 09 18E

Lions of Georgia

District 18 E


Charles E. McDaniels
District Governor 18-E 1990-1991
Council Vice Chairman
Juith A. Parham-McDaniels
District Secretary/Treasurer
Robert W. King
District Governor 18-E 1991-1992
Council state Convention Chairman
Pat Gilman
District Secretary/Treasurer
Louie F. Holmes
District Governor 18-E 1992-1993
Council International Convention Chairman
Karl T. Bechtel
District Secretary/Treasurer
Joseph A. Molony
District Governor 18-E 1993-1994
Council Secretary
Francis W. “Hank” Barks
District Secretary/Treasurer
J. Cecil Daniels
District Governor 18-E 1994-1995
Council State Convention Chairman
Louie F. Holmes
District Secretary/Treasurer
Donald L. Norris
District Governor 18-E 1995-1996
Council State Convention Chairman
Sue Norris
District Secretary
James A. “Jim” Huskey
District Treasurer
G. Elden Elzworth
District Governor 18-E 1996-1997
Council State Convention Chairman
Mitchell “Mitch” Watts
District Secretary/Treasurer
James A. Huskey
District Governor 18-E 1997-1998
Council International Convention Chairman
J. Cecil Daniels
District Secretary
Ron Crooks
District Treasurer
Loretta Snowden
District Governor 18-E 1998-1999
Council vice Chair
Mary Ann Dawes
District Secretary
Robert W. King
District Treasurer
Norman J. Rowe
District Governor 18-E
Council Special Projects Chairman
Robert W. King
District Secretary/Treasurer


Lieutenant Governor Charles E McDaniles (Judy) of the Bonanza-Jonesboro Lions Club was elected District Governor by a Cabinet of his peers on March, 10, 1990 in Thomaston. Elected as Lieutenant Governor for 1990-91 was Lion Robert W King of the Bonanza-Jonesboro Club.

District 18E Officers:

District Governor Charles E McDaniels
Lieutenant Governor Robert W King
Secretary/Treasurer Judith A Parham
Cabinet Advisor Donald L Norris
District Librarian Warren Beddington
Region1 Daniel Jackson
Zone 1 Dave Knight
Zone 2 Perry E Amidon
Region 2 Robert R Parker
Zone 1 Harvey Nelson
Zone 2 Sam Preston
Region 3 Robert “Bob” Parker
Zone 1 Gladys Wright
Zone 2 Mitchell Ellis
Zone 3 Dil Jay
Region 4 Joseph A Molony
Zone 1 Louis Holmes
Zone 2 Pete Peterson
Lighthouse Vice President Ron Crooks
Camp Vice President Robert W King
Bulletin Editor Ruth A Chodo
Eye Bank Vice President Fao Akers
LCIF G E “Eldon” Elzworth
Leader Dog Jimmie A Anderson

District Organization

The 52 Lions Clubs, 5 Lioness and 1 Leo Clubs were re-organized into four regions each with an appointed region chairman. Each region with two zones, except Region III which had three zones, each with an appointed Zone Chairman.


Lions International reported the 6/30/90 membership at 1656 Lions in 52 Lions clubs in District 18E. In fact it was soon disclosed that two Lions Clubs had requested their charters be revoked and had not met as a Lions Club since: Newnan, 13 members, 10/89 and Cussetta, 12 members, 11/89. Therefore in effect we started with 50 Lions Clubs and 1631 Lions. All efforts to revive and reorganize Lions Clubs in Newnan and Cussetta were unsuccessful. The District records will offically reflect a net loss of 34 Lions (including) 29 by death) during the year. The charters of the Newnan and cussetta Lions Clubs were cancelled by The International Association of Lions Clubs at their board meeting.

Clubs Recording Net Gain in Membership for 1990-91;

Bonanza-Jonesboro +3
Bowdon +3
Buena Vista +4
Carrollton Noon +7
Carrollton Evening +1
Crawford County +5
Forsyth +1
Greenville +1
Heard County +1
Ideal +2
La Grange Noon +2
Macon +2
Macon Cross Keys +2
Macon Rutland +7
Manchester +1
Oglethorpe +2
Pike County +1
Villa Rica +5
Warner Robins +12

Warner Robins received plague for highest net increase.

Clubs with Net Loss of Five (%) or more Members.

Newnan -13 Charter Canceled
Cussetta -12 Charter Canceled
Tallapoosa -7
Carrolton Evening -5
Columbus -5
Griffin -5
Hogansville -5
McIntosh -5


Contributions to our state and international programs were generally higher than that of the previous year. Strong empasis was placed on all these programs on the District, Region and Zone levels. The respective District Vice Presidents and LCIF Chairman played a large role in the increased ontributions.

The Lions, Lioness and Leos made the following donations:

LCIF (Sightfirst) 9 New Melvin Jones Fellows
Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind $16,000+ (last Year $16,980)
Georgia Eye Bank $4,744 (945 eye donor cards)
Leader Dogs for the Blind $8,431 ($1,416 over last year)
Georgia Lion Lighthouse $43,583 ($13,476 over last year)

District Convention Rally

The annual District Convention/Rally was held at the Days Inn, LaGrange on December 1, 1990. The Convention/Rally followed our Second Cabinet Meeting. New member Orientation and Quaerterly Lioness Meeting. Our guest speaker for the evening banquet was International Director Richard A (Dick) Tyler. Kimberly Eason-Hightower, Miss Georgia Lion 1989-90, provided our entertainment for the evening.

District Election Third Cabinet Meeting

The annual District Election of officers was held at the Thmaston Convention Center on March 9, 1991. District Officers elected to serve for Lions year 1991-92 were: District Governor, Robert W “Bob” King, Bonanza; Lieutenant Governor, Louie F Holmes, Macon Southside; VP Georgia Lions Camp, Dr Homer E Wright, Columbus; District Librarian, Warren Beddingfield, Lizella-West Bibb.

Our entertainment for the evening was our District 18E Princess Pagent, consisting of thirteen (13) contestants. Ms Traci Elaine Dennard representing the Columbus East Lions Club was the winner and represented the District at the State Convention.

District Awards

The top three clubs in the District Governors Contest were: Warner Robins, Bonanza-Jonesboro and Columbus. The Warner Robins Lioness Club was the top club in the Lioness Competition.

The Carrolton Noon Lions club was awarded the Herschel F McElroy Plaque for collecting 983 Eye Donor Cards. The Herb Reimer Memorial Plaque was awarded to Lion Nada Barkly of Waner Robins. Centerville Lions Club was receipient of the Clyde Rayburn Memorial Plaque. The outstanding Lioness of the District was President Pat Gilman of the Morrow Lioness Club who was presented with the Jeanne Bennett Memorial Award.

The following is a listing of the Top Ten Clubs in the District Governors Efficiency Contest:

1 Warner Robins
2 Bonanza-Jonesboro
3 Columbus
4 Macon Southside-Community
5 Columbus-Muscogee
6 Centerville
7 Macon Rutland
8 Macon
9 Carrollton Noon
10 Waverly Hall-Ellerslie

State Convention

The 70th Annual State Convention was held in Gainesville on May 17-19, 1991. Speaker was International Director Harold D Keely fromCentralia, Missouri.

District 18E collected 11 State Awards on May 19th. Warner Robins-4; Macon Southside-4; Carrolton Noon-1; Warner Robins Lioness-1 plus one honrable mention. One International President’s Leadership Award was presented to Lion Joseph A Molony, Warner Robins Lions Club.


Lieutenant Governor Louie F Holmes of the Macon Southside Lions Club was elected District Governor at the third Cabinet Meeting and District Convention February 29, 1992 in LaGrange. Elected as Lieutenant Governor for 1992-93 was Lion Joseph A Molony of Warner Robins Lions Club.

District Organization

The district consists of 50 Lions clubs, 4 Lioness clubs, and 1 Leo club; Four regions, each with an appointed Region Chairman. Each region has 2 zones, except Region3 which has three zones, each with an appointed Zone Chairman.


The extension efforts in district 18E resulted in one new club being formed. The Houston Peaches Lions Club was chartered September 12, 1992 with 26 members. The Houston Peaches Lions Club was sponsored by the Warner Robins Lions Club.

Lions International reported 6/30/92 the membership was 1,562 in District 18E’s 50 Lions clubs. Three Lions clubs were on staus quo as of 6/30/92: Columbus Evening, 9 members, Lizella, 9 members and Stockbridge, 32 members, totaling 50 members. The charters were cancelled at their first board meeting in the 1992-93 year. The district records recorded a net loss of 92 lions (including 27 deaths) during the 1992-93 year.

Clubs recording net gains in membership are:

Barnesville-Lamar +4
Bonanza-Jonesboro +3
Bremen +2
Buchanan +3
Buena Vista +2
Columbus East +1
Crawford County +1
Ellaville +3
Forysth +1
Ideal +2
Pike County +4
Riverdale +2
Senoia +1
Talbotton +1
Thomaston +1

Clubs with a net loss of five (5) or more members:

Stockbridge -32 charter cancelled
Carrolton -9
Columbus Evening -9 charter cancelled
Bowden -8
Lizella -9 charter canceled
Macon -6
Warner Robins -7
Houston Peaches -5 new club

Contributions to our State and International programs were generally at the same levelas 1991-92. However, one significant improvement was in the area of Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). District 18E LCIF Chairman, PDG Bob King, MD18 LCIF Chairman G E “Elden” Elzworth and District Governor Louie Holmes did an outstanding job of promoting LCIF and encouraging clubs to make a member of their club a Melvin Jones Fellow.

The Lions, Lionesses and Leos made the following donations:

LCIF 21 new Melvin Jones Fellows
Camp $20,451.11
Leader Dogs 7,105.00
Lighthouse 41,945.12

District Convention

The annual District Convention was held at the Ramada Inn, LaGrange on February 27, 1993. The District officers elected for 1993-94 were:

District Governor Joseph A Molony Warner Robins
Vice Governor Cecil Daniels Forsyth
Lighthouse VP Ron Crooks Columbus
Librarian PDG Charles E McDaniels Bonanza-Jonesboro

The speaker at the evening banquet was International Director Tom Lehman from Bozeman, Montana. ID Tom conducted an auction after his speech. 165 persons in attendance. The auction and afghan raffle generated $2,437.00 and these funds went to LCIF to make two and one half (@ 1/2) Melvin Jones Fellows.

During our District Banquet teo International President’s Certificates of Appreciation were presented by ID Tom Lehman to Lion Bill Craig, Warner Robins and Lion Jesus Valenzuela of Columbus Muscogee.

District Awards

The top three clubs in the District Governor’s contest were Bonanza-Jonesboro, Warner robins and McDonough.

The Centerville lions Club was awarded the Clyde Rayburn Memorial Plaque, The Herb Reiner Memorial Plaque was awarded to Lion Jimmy T Fountain, Warner Robins. The Jeanne Bennett Memorial Plaque was awarded to Lioness Bobbie Culps of Morrow Lioness Club. None applied for the Herschel F McElroy Plaque.

The top ten clubs in the District Governor’s Efficiency Contest were:

1 Bonanza-Jonesboro
2 Warner Robins
3 McDonough
4 Centerville
5 Columbus
6 Warner Robins Noon
7 Houston Peaches
8 Columbus Muscogee
9 Macon Rutland
10 Macon

State Convention

The 72 nd annual State Convention was held in Augusta on May 28-30, 1993. The speaker was International Director Norman R Dahl from Downers Grove, Illinois.

District 18E collected 8 state awards plus one Honorable Mention on May 30, 1993. MD18 Outstanding Blind Award was presented to Lion Pauline Haslett. Lion Pauline is a member of the Riverdale Lions Clubas is her husband, Lion Gordon Haslett.

One International President’s Leadership Award was presented to PDG Charles E McDaniels, Council of Governors Chairman 1992-93.

The June 12, 1993 Cabinet meeting was held in Warm Springs to have the Lions of 18E together for the Grand Dedication of our Lions Independent Living Transitional Education (LITE) cottage and supporting equipment. Our very special guest speaker was Past International President Austin P Jennings from Woodbury, Tennessee and his partner in service, Carmine.


Lieutenant Governor Joseph A Molony of the Warner Robins Lions Club was elected District Governor at the third Cabinet Meeting and District Convention held February 27, 1993 in LaGrange. Elected Lietenant Governor for 1993-94 was J Cecil Daniels of the Forsyth Lions Club. Other members of the Cabinet were:

Secretary/Treasurer Francis W Barks Warner Robins
Cabinet Advisor Louie F Holmes Macon Southside
Librarian Charles E McDaniels Bonanza-Jonesboro
Region 1 Dave Knight Carrolton Noon
Zone 1 Donald Rogers Heard County
Zone 2 Perry E Amidon Villa Rica
Region 2 Arthur A Powell Barnesvill-Lamar
Zone 1 Pat Gilman Bonanza-Jonesboro
Zone 2 William D Cliff Thomaston
Region 3 Weyman Owen Manchester
Zone 1 Homer Wright Columbus Noon
Zone 2 Jack Hardage Ideal
Zone 3 Thomas H Porter Harris County
Region 4 Bill Craig Warner Robins
Zone 1 Jack Felton Macon Cross Keys
Zone 2 A Lloyd Britt Centerville
Lighthouse VP Ron Crooks
Camp VP Homer E Wright
Bulletin Editor Louie F Holmes
Eye Tissue VP Eugene K Lindsay
Sight First Charles E McDaniels
Leader Dog Bill Craig
Recording for the Blind Donald Snowden
LCIF Louie F Holmes

District Organization

District 18E, Georgia, is composed of 49 Lions Clubs, three Lioness clubs and one Leo club; four regions, each of which has an appointed Region Chairman. Each region has two zones, except region 3, which has three zones, each of which has an appointed Zone Chairman.


The extension efforts in District 18E resulted in one new club being formed. The Macon Evening Lions Club’s charter was approved by Lions International, February 7, 1994. District Governor Joseph A Molony presented its charter March 5, 1994, in ceremonies in Macon. There were 22 new members and 12 transfers from the Macon Southside Community Lions Club. The Macon Evening Lions Club was sponsored by the Centerville Lions Club. Largely through the efforts of Past District Governor Louis Holmes, the Macon Evening Club showed a net gain of 51 members at the close of the year, June 30, 1994.

Lions International reported that begining July 1, 1993, there was a toal of 1,461 members and 48 clubs. District 18E had a net gain of 27 members and a total of 1,489 members in 49 clubs as of June 30, 1994.

Clubs reporting net gains in membership for 1993-94 are:

Barnesvill-Lamar +5
Bonanza-Jonesboro +1
Byron +1
Carrollton Noon +1
Centerville +3
Columbus East +6
Crawford County +2
Ellaville +3
Fort Valley +2
Griffin +1
Harris County +3
Heard County +2
LaGrange +6
Macon Rutland +2
Manchester +1
McIntosh +2
Montezuma +2
Senoia +1

1. For the first time in history, a District Governor was elected from Warner Robins and Houston County. There will never be another 18E district governor from Houston county, since all five clubs-Centerville, Houston Peaches, Perry, Warner Robins and Waner Robins Noon-will join District 18F, July 1, 1995. The current District Governor, Cecil Daniels is from Macon.

2. For the first time in a decade, a District Directory was printed and distributed to every member of the district.

3. For the first time in years, the district showed an increase in membership, plus 27 for the year. It ranked 18th in the nation.

4. A district pin was distributed to key cabinet members, new members, charter members and others for the first time in several years.

5. District Governor Joseph A Molony received a District Governor Excellance Award, in addition to 100% District Governor Award, from Lions International, the first in years.

District Awards

The top three clubs in the District Governor’s Contest were Bonanza-Jonesboro (for the third straight year), Houston Peaches and Griffin.

The Centerville Lions Club was awarded the Clyde Rayburn Memorial Plaque. There were no entries for the Herb Reimer Memorial Plaque. The Centerville Lioness Club won the Jeanne Bennett Memorial Plaque.

The top 10 clubs in the District Governor’s Efficiency Contest were:

1 Bonanza-Jonesboro
2 Houston Peaches
3 Griffin
4 Centerville
5 Columbus
6 Warner Robins
7 Warner Robins Noon
8 Macon Downtown
9 Macon Rutland
10 Coulmbus Muscogee

State Convention

The 73rd annual Satae Convention was held May 27-29, 1994 at Savannah. The speaker was second Vice President William Wunder of Kansas.

District 18E clubs won two first and three second place awards.

One International Leadership Award was presented to State Leader Dog Chairman William B Craig of Warner Robins Lions club.


Lion Cecil Daniels was elected District Governor at the District Convention held in LaGrange on Febriary 26, 1994.

Serving on the District Cabinet were:

District Governor J Cecil Daniels Forsyth
Vice District Governor Donald L Norris Southside Community
Secretary/Treasurer Louie F Holmes Macon Evening
District Advisor Joseph A Molony Warner Robins
Librarian Judith McDaniels Bonanza-Jonesboro
Region 1 Lee Layton Carrollton
Zone 1 Donald Rogers Heard County
Zone 2 Perry E Amidon Villa Rica
Region 2 Arthur A Powell Barnesville-Lamar
Zone 1 Sid Sparks Bonanza-Jonesboro
Zone 2 William D Cliff Thomaston
Region 3 Don Pendleton Columbus-Muscogee
Zone 1 Ron Crooks Columbus-Muscogee
Zone 2 Jody Dillard Ellaville
Zone 3 Thomas H Porter Harris County
Region 4 A Lloyd Britt Centerville
Zone 1 Jack Felton Macon-Cross Keys
Zone 2 John Dennis Centerville
Lighthouse Vice President Charles E McDaniels Bonanza-Jonesboro
Camp vice President Francis W Barks Warner Robins Noon
Bulletin Editor G Todd Bowden Macon-Evening
Eye Tissues Eugene K Lindsay Warner Robins
Sight First Norman J Rowe Luthersville
Leader Dog Ronald “Dave” Knight Carrollton
Recording for the Blind Donald Snowden Pike County
LCIF Joseph A Molony Warner Robins

Lion Daniels was State Convention Chairman for the Council of Governors that year. The Convention was held in Columbus. Past District Governor, Louie Holmes was the Cabinet/Treasurer for the year. Many of the goals set for the District was met. The convention was held November 11-12 in Macon. International Director, George Hazelbaker and his wife, Ann were guests for the weekend. 18E was the first District to endorse the Candidancy of Jim Ervin for the position, 3rd Vice President of Lions International.

The top 10 clubs for the districtare 1st Bonanza; 2nd Macon Southside and 3rd Centerville. The other top ten clubs are Columbus, Barnesville-Lamar, Warner Robin, Houston Peaches, Macon, Fort Valley and Riverdale.

The Tallapoosa club had many projects including a Golf Tournament, awarding Scholarships to worthy students in the amount of $1200. The Tallapoosa Lions are responsible for bringing industry into the country. they erected a new building, 10,000 square feet, to attract new industry.

Warner Robins observed White Cane Day on April 8, 1995. Joe Musselwhite became the newest member of the Warner Robins club with Joe Musselwhite as the sponsor.

This year the District started a Lions Parade at the 1995 Georgia National Fair. Zone Chairman, John Dennis of the Centerville club, was the lead person in this project.

Lion Jack Felton of the Cross Keys club received the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award. The previous year he was adwarded the Lions Inetnational Certificate of Appreciation.

The Bonanza-Jonesboro club provided flags for the businesses to fly on special occasions.

There was one Leo club organized during the year.

Due to the passage of Redistricting, District 18E will lose five clubs. They are Centerville, Centerville Lioness, Houston Peaches, Perry, Warner Robins and Warner Robins Noon clubs. The clubs will be added to District 18F.

The Senora club established a scholarship in memory of long time member W C Adamson.

The Oglethorpe Lions Club provided flags for the business community to fly on special occasions. The Lions charge the business a fee for maintaining the flaga and placing them on special occasions. President Rodger Martin and Secretary Richard Martiny were instrumental in this project this year.

The multiple District Extension team held a one day workshop on October 22, 1994 to train Lions to head the Districts in Extension. Those District Representatives were from 18A, 18D, 18E and 18F. Gene Lindsey was the workshop coordinator.

The Columbus Lions Club was designated as the top club in Georgia in 1993-94 by the Georgia Industries for the Blind.

The Warner Robins club collected over 1664 pairs of glasses. Leading this project was Lion Jack Peck and Roy Bryan. Lion Bryan hosted an exchange student, Keiko Yosemann from Germany.

The Warner Robins club won 35 awards at the State Convention in Columbus.

The White Cane day project led by member Randall McDonald, Wright Smisson and Art Kiser had the highest per capita contributions with $109.53.

Lion Joe Molony won Honorable mention for the top Secretary Award.

Order of the Golden Chain Awards went to Lion Fountain, Lindsay Molony, Smisson and Donald Walker.

District 18E set a new record for giving to Leader Dogs for the Lind, according to State Leader Dogs Chairman, Bill Craig. A new MD18 total of nearly $60,000, which may be reached by the end of June.

The following clubs were part of the district total of $6,677. The district goal was to have all clubs participating in the giving process. These clubs gave from a low of $50 to a high of $800. Barnesviile, Buena Vista, Byron, Byron Lioness, Carrolton, Carrolton Lioness, Centerville, Columbus, Columbus Muscogee, Forsyth, Fort Valley, Greenville, Harris County, Haerd County, Houston Peaches, Macon, Macon Cross Keys, Macon Rutland, Manchester, Morrow Lioness, Riverdale, Villa Rica, Warner Robins, Warner Robins Noon, Waverly Hall Ellerslie, misc district.

Lion VP Hanks Barks wrote a note saying. “I think 18E did a real fine job of supporting the Camp for the Blind this past year.” 36 out of 49 lions clubs gave, all three Lioness clubs and one leo club gave to the GA Lions Camp for the Blind. The total as of May 31, 1995 was $23,760.54. I believe i will over $25,000 after June giving is inluded.

The nomination and endorsement of PID Jim Ervin of Albany for this candidacy of Internationa 3rd Vice President highlighted the recent Georgia State Convention in Columbus.

PID Jim recieved a huge ovation as he rode into the convention headquarters at the Iron Works on May 26. His offical nomination will come at the 79th International Convention in 1996 at Montreal, Canada.

Chairman Jim McMullen of Cloumbus East in 18E estimated the turnout at 950. District 18E has more than 125 attend each of its gatherings, the Saturday luncheon and Sunday breakfast.

On Saturday DG Cecil Daniels gave out 100% Certificates of Appreciation to various outstanding leaders of the district. He gave 100% Certificates and Governor’s medals to the following; Vice Governor, Don Norris, Region Chairmen, Elden Elzworth, Art Powell and Lloyd Brit; Zone Chairmen Jack Felton, John Dennis, Bill Cliff and Tom Porter. 100% Certificates went to Lionesses Susan Hubbard, Morrow; Paula Khuri, Byron and MAria Oros, Centerville.

100% Presidents awardees were Louie F Holmes, Macon Evening; Norman J Rowe, Luthersville; Jack Felton, Macon Cross Keys; Rneder Loftin, Carrolton Eveing; Earl Bogardus, Warner Robins Noon; Glenn Turner, riverdale; Bob King, Bonanza; Loretta Snowden, Pike county; Jasper M Moore, McDonough; James Trent, Manchester; Jimmy Fountain, Warner Robins; Terrell Green, Macon Rutland; Motley Adams, Macon Southside; Morris Kirvy, Centerville; billy Lancaster, Forsyth; Thomas C Tresco, Fort Valley, Ernest Hardy, Griffin; Gloria Wilkison, Houston Peaches; rick Mallory, LaGrange; robert Frye, Harris County; John Carledge, Columbus Muscogee; Robert Purvis, Barnesville; James Carter, Perry; Pete Leach, Byron; Bertha Harris, Buchanan and L K Sanders, Thomaston.

100% Secretary/Treasurer awardees were Chrys Watson, Connie Short, Byron Lioness; Gail Morris, Morrow Lioness; Judy Britt, Centerville Lioness; PDG Joe Molony, Warner Robins; Lloyd Britt, Centerville; Perry A Amidon, Villa Rica; Ron Crooks, Columbus Muscogee; Helen Vallarelli, Herman J miller, Bonanza; Al Milby, Pike County; Peggy A Nelson, Riverdale; James Chisholm, Charlie Short, Byron; James A Catellaw, McDonough; Sue Norris, Sammy J Dame, Macon Southside; Reggie Wilson, Andy Grubbs, Macon Rutland; Char Felton, J Walker Miller, Macon Cross Keys; Eileen Parker, Houston Peaches; Billy Wells; Griffin; Elmo Recick, Forsyth; John J Fatum,Columbus; George E Slappey, Centerville; Vedat Guney, Carrollton; James McLeod, Perry; Paul Miller, Carrollton Evening; Patsy Mobley, Buchanan; Joe Harney, Thomaston and Randy Smith, LaGrange.

Other cabinet members receiving certificates were Judy McDaniels, Librarian; Lee Layton, Region Chairman; Donald Rogers, Jody Dillard, Zone Chairmen; PDG Charles McDaniels, VP Lighthouse; Gene Lindsay, Club Treasurer, Extension Consultant; Hank Barks, VP Camp for the Blind; G Harris Satterfield, Leadership Development; Jim Huskey, Hearing and Speech; robert White, Youth Outreach; Otis Hand, Leo; Elis Daniels, Extension; Art Kiser, White Cane Day; Dave Knight, Leader Dog; PDG Jim McMullen, State Convention; PDG Vernon Glisson, International Cooperation and Understanding; James L roundtree, Youth Exchange; PDG Walt Wilson, Honorary Committee Chairman; Jerry Payne, District Awards; Pat Gilman, Golden Chain; Scott Bates, Journey for Sight; Bill Craig, State Leader Dog and David Cofield, Leader Dog user.

At the district breakfast on Sunday morning, more awards were given by DG Cecil and high awards by PID Jim Ervin and PIP Jim Coffey. Awardees were Jim McMullen, Certificate of Appreciation from the International President for the outstanding job with the State Convention; Gail Morris, Morrow, Outstanding Lioness; John Dennis, Centerville, Outstanding Lion, Herb Reimers Memorial Plaque; Warner Robins Noon, Clyde Rayburn Memorial Plaque for contributions to the Camp for the Blind.

Cabinet awardees were Scott Bates, Journey for Sight; PDG Joe Molony, LCIF; Doye Green, Consitution and By-Laws and State Awards; Norm Rowe, Sightfirst; Judy Britt, Lioness Susan Hubbard, Lioness, District Breakfast, Jim Huskey, Speech and Hearing, Art Kiser, White Cane Day; Dave Knight, Leader Dog and Pat Gilman, Golden Chain.

The top ten clubs were 1st Bonanza; 2nd Macon Southside; 3rd Centerville; 4th through 10: Columbus, Warner Robins, Barnesville, Houston Peaches, Macon, fort Valley and Riverdale. Top Lioness club was Centerville.


Lion Donald L Norris was elected District Governor at the District Convention on November 12, 1994 held in Macon.

Serving with him were:

District Governor Donald L “Don” Norris Macon Southside
Vice District Governor G Elden Elzworth Columbus
District Secretary Sue Norris Macon Southside
District Treasurer James A “Jim” Huskey Macon Southside
District Librarian Pat Gilman Bonanza-Jonesboro
District Advisor J Cecil Daniels Forsyth
Region ! Tom Jackson Carrollton Evening
Zone 1 Bill Webb Carrollton
Zone 2 Steve Sampler Bremen
Region 2 Arthur Powell Barnesville-Lamar County
Zone 1 William D Cliff Thomaston
Zone 2 Norman J Rowe Luthersville
Region 3 Jesus P “Val” Valenzuela Columbus
Zone 1 J Allen McMullen Columbus East
Zone 2 Mitchell E Ellis Ellaville
Zone 3 James Trent Manchester
Region 4 Jack Felton Macon Cross Keys
Zone 1 E Morley Adams Macon Southside
Zone 2 Jimmy Marable Crwaford County
Lighthouse VP Ken L Lowery Senoia
Camp VP Robert W King Bonanza-Jonesboro
Eye Tissue Services J Allen McMullen Jr Columbus East
Leader dog Ronald “Dave” Knight Carrollton
LCIF J Cecil Daniels Forsyth
Recording for the Blind Don Snowden Pike County
Canine Companions Ernest A “Al” Hardy Griffin

Desiree Dawn Reonas, an eigth grade student at Mundy’s Mill Middle School in Clayton County, was sponsored by the Bonanza Lions Club. She was chosen to represent multiple District 18 in the Lions International Peace Poster Contest.


Lion G Elden Elzworth of the Columbus Lions Club was elected District Governor on February 24th at Zebulon Depot in Zebulon.

Serving with him were:

District Governor G Elden Elzworth Columbus
Vice District Governor James A “Jim” Huskey Macon Southside
Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer Mitchell “Mitch” Watts Columbus
Cabinet Advisor Donald L “Don” Norris Macon Southside
Region 1 Chair Tom Jackson Carrollton
Zone 1 Bill Webb Carrollton
Zone 2 Scott Bates Villa Rica
Region 2 Norman J Rowe Luthersville
Zone 1 Henry O “Chuck” Phillips McDonough
Zone 2 Lorretta Snowden Pike County
Region 3 Jesus “Val” Valenzuela Columbus Mucogee
Zone 1 J Allen McMullen Columbus East
Zone 2 Mitchell “Mitch” Ellis Ellaville
Region 4 Doye E Green Sr Macon Evening
Zone 1 Jack Coombs PDG Macon Evening
Zone 2 James W Webb Forsyth
Lighthouse VP Ken L Lowery PDG Senoia
Camp VP J Cecil Daniels PDG Forsyth
Librarian/Historian Pat Gillman Bonanza-Jonesboro
LCIF/SightFirst Donald L “Don” Norris PDG Macon Southside
Children Eye Care Center J Allen McMullen Jr Columbus East
Newsletter Ralph King Columbus Muscogee
Leader Dog Ronald D “Dave” Knight
Canine Companions Ernest A “AJ” Hardy Griffen

The first Cabinet meeting was held in Columbus at the St Luke United Methodist Church. Dr John Pearce, past international director was the speaker. The theme for the year was “Love can build a bridge.”

The Fall Rally and Cabinet Meeting was held in Thomaston on October 25-26. Lion Floyd miller Jr of Twin Falls, Idaho was the speaker. 18 clubs attended.

There were 41 clubs in the district this year.

The Barnesville club participated in the Georgia College Health Fair.

The Buena Vista club participated in the 1996 Rural America Festival in conjunction with the Garden Club and Chamber of Commererce. The club did a barbeque and realized $1500 profit.

The Columbus club sponsored the International Peace Poster Contest in November of 1996. The grand prize winner was 12 year old 7th grader, Tavik Owens from the Baker Middle School.

The Heard County club put out over 500 flags over Veteran’s graves.

The Macon Rutland club sponsored Boy Scott Troup 225 and held a pancake breakfast that netted $1200 profit.

The Manchester club participated in the Annual Round Up Days and Thanksgiving Turkey Cooking.

Vice District Governor, James A Huskey announced he is a candidate for Governor for Lion year 1997-98. Also Lion Loretta Snowden of the Pike County Lions club is a candidate for Vice district Governor for the Lions year 1997-98.

The Lions of District 18E contributed some $41,57882 for the Lions year 1995-96.

Lion Charles F Gilbert was awarded the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award. Lion gilbert is a member of the Columbus club.

Thirty five Lions from Georgia, including Vice District Governor, Jim Huskey of the Southside Lions club were among the nearly 3200 attending the 20th Annual USA/Canada Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin held on September 26-29. The theme song was “Love can build a Bridge.”

The Riverdale club collected 805 pairs of glasses and 338 loose lenses for the year.

The Lighthouse Mobile Clinic was toured by Lions, Jim Huskey and Don Norris. The mobile clinic was located in Columbus operating from a location near the Health Department.

Joseph Oldham, last charter member of the Southside club, passed on November 7, 1996.

The LaGrange Noon Lions club held their fourth annual live and silent auction. The auction supported the charities for the Boys and Girls club of LaGrange, Camp Viola for underpriviledged children, scholarships for LaGrange College students as well as Lions International Sight for Blind program. The club raised some $15,000 from the event.

The top five clubs in the District 18E Contest were 1st Columbus, 2nd Southside Community Lions club, 3rd Bonanza-Jonesboro Lions club, 4th McDonough Lions Club, 5th Forsyth Lions club. The Morrow Lioness club did an outstanding job. It placed No 1 in the Lioness category.

Lion Zone Chairman, Scott Bates, winner of the Herb Reimers Memorial Award, Lioness President Ginger Morris was the winner of the Jeone Bennett Memorial Award.

Lion Sue Norris and Lion Sammy Davie of the Southside club in Macon were leaders in hosting the MD 18 State Convention this year.

Many of the clubs in the district conducted Broom and Mop sales for sight conservation. Lion Gladys Wright, widow of Past District Governor, Homer Wright, member of the Columbus Muscogee club, received the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award.

Lion Governor Elden Elzworth completed his one year tenure with a barbeque Cabinet Meeting at Warm Springs and noted that the district had a net loss of 26 members. One Lions club, Luthersville and one Lioness club, Carrollton, discontinued operation. Vice District Governor, Lorretta Snowden was given a special award for having sponsored a umber of exchange students during the year.

Leader Dog Chairman, Dave Knight reported that 19 of 40 clubs donated to the Leader Dog program.

The Macon Southside had 9 of its 13 members present.


Lion Jim Huskey was elected District Governor at the 18E Convention held in Thomaston on October 26, 1996.

Serving with Jim Huskey were:

District Governor James A Huskey Macon Southside
Vice District Governor Loretta Snowden Pike County
Cabinet Secretary J Cecil Daniels Forsyth
Cabinet Treasurer Ron Crooks Columbus Muscogee
Cabinet Advisor G Eldon Elzworth PDG
Region 1
Zone 1 Bill Webb Carrollton
Zone 2 Scott Bates Bremen
Region 2
Zone 1 Pat Henry Riverdale
Zone 2 Joe Richardson Thomaston
Region 3
Zone 2 Mitchell Ellis Ellaville
Region 4
Zone 1 Reggie Wilson Macon Rutland
Zone 2 Wayne Lettice Byron
Lighthouse VP Ken L Lowery Senoia
Camp VP J Cecil Daniels Forsyth
Librarian/Historian Pat Gillman Bonanza-Jonesboro
LCI/SightFirst G Elden Ezworth Columbus
Newsletter Pat Gilman Bonanza-Jonesboro
Canine Companions Ernest A “Al” Hardy Griffin
Leader Dog Ronald D “Dave” Knight Carrollton

A major organizational change was made by eliminating the post of Region Chairmen and creating a new position of Assistant Vice District Governor. These AVDG were assigned committees which formally reported to the District Governor. Assistant Vice District Governors were: Tom Jackson, Bob King, Art Powell and Scott Bates.

Sixty five Lions and their guesta attended the first Cabinet meeting on August 9 at Thomaston. Tresurer Ron Crooks noted that the key to making the budget work was more members. The Thomaston club with Pressident Bill Cliff welcomedthe Lions of 18E. Lion Charlie and Lioness Connie Short of Byron and Vice District Governor, Loretta Snowden brought for members of the Youth Exchange as special guests to the Cabinet meeting. The young people were from Norway and Japan. Also these exchange students were in attendance at the Warnet Robins 50th Anniverary celebration. Special guest Lion Bob Herman gave an interesting presentation on canine companions.

The Columbus Lions club celebrated their 75th Anniversary November 7, 1997 at the Fort Benning Officers club. International Second Vice President, Jim Ervin was the speaker. District Governor Huskey encouraged the clubs to have joint meetings with other organizations in the community, not just Lions clubs but with church groups, other civic and service clubs, PTA’s, professional groups and AARP areas.

Many clubs held various service projects during World Service Day. The McDonough Lions Club sponsored the 20th Annual Geranium Festival. It drew more than 30,000 people. It was the largest in the history of the event. There were 325 exhibitions and vendors.

The Bonanza Lions club joined up with the Fulton County Dept of Family and Children Services and Len Crafters to provide free exams and glasses for the needy.

Lion J B Hawkins of the Crawford County Lions club was honored with a Liftime Achievement Award at the Atlanta Tip-Off Banquet in Atlanta.

Members of the Crawford County Lions club assisted the Roberta-Crawford County clean and Beautiful Committee in decorating a downtown park.

Members of the Southside Lions club sponsored 30 boy scouts and their teachers from the Georgia Academy for the Blind on a weekend trip to the Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind at Waycross.

The two day Winter Rally was held in Columbus on February 20-21, 1998. The high point of the rally was the Saturday night Banquet address by International Director Gene Vogel of Kansas. There were 85 present to hear his address. Also in attendance was Past International Director Myers Bannister, Council Advisor Beverly Roberts, Council Chairman Larry Starr and State Lion Tamer Curly Bross of the Thomson club. Lion Past District Governor Elden Elzworth and Zone Chairman Don Pendleton were presented Certificates of Appreciation from International President Pat Patterson for their outstanding service to Lionism. The clubs of Columbus, Columbus East, and the Columbus Muscogee Lions clubs were complimented on the good job they had done. Past District Governor Elden Elzworth was chairman of the event.

Lion Loretta Snowden of the Pike County Lions club was elected District Governor for 1998-99 Lions year. Lion Norman Rowe of the Greenville Lions club was elected Vice District Governor.

Lion Past District Governor Cecil Daniels was elected to another term as Vice President of the Camp for the Blind and Past District Governor Don Norris was elected 18E Vice President of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse. suceeding Past District Governor Ken Lowery.

A new Leo club was formed at Lovejoy on October 28, 1997. Sponsored by Bonanza Lions, the club charterd with 32 members. Pictured below 1st row, left to Right, Laura Ricks, Natalie Davies, Michelle Dawson-Treasurer, Dan Koommoo-Vice President, Rachel Henry-President, Christen Brook-Secretary, Lawren Steedley-Director, Evelyn Wheeler-Sponsor. 2nd row, Vicki Dyer-Sponsor, Dar Johnson, Shannon Steedley, Lacy George, Evan Miller, Carl Stotz-Director, Joey Durmire. 3rd Row, Eric Soto-Director, Zach Kirk, Chad Becker.

The Lions of Columbus sponsored a trip to Washington DC for teenagers in the community. They have been involved with this some 60 years, under the leadership of Lion Allan McMullen.

During the year Columbus East, Greenville and LaGrange Lions clubs had outstanding membership drives that have added many members to 18E.

Peace Poster contest winners for 1998 were 1st Courtney Ann McKay age 12 of the Monroe Academy sponsored by the Forsyth Lions Club; 2nd Celia Packer sponsored by the Columbus Lions club and 3rd Lance Lamar sponsored by the Manchester club; Suzanne Clark sponsored by the Bonanza Lions club and O’Ryan Hill sponsored by the Talbolton Lions Club.

The Southside club of Macon spent $2335.40 on glasses during the year.

Warren Pyce and Ralph King President of the Columbus Muscogee club was also active in giving eye glasses for the needy.


District Governor Loretta Snowden Pike County
Vice District Governor Norman Rowe Greenville
Cabinet Secretary Mary Ann Dawes
Cabinet Treasurer Robert King Bonanza
Cabinet Advisor James A Huskey Macon Southside
Bulletin Editor Patricia V Gilman Bonanza
Assistant Vice District Governors
Joseph Lacy
Robert W King
Art Powell
Scott Bates
Region 1 Zone 1 Bill Webb
Zone 2 Scott Bates
Region 2 Zone 1 Patrick Henry
Zone 2 Mary Lyn Faress
Region 3 Zone 1 Don Pedleton
Zone 2 Mitcell Ellis
Region 4 Zone 1 Reggie Wilson
Zone 2 George Gontero
Lighthouse VP Donald L Norris Macon Southside
Camp VP J Cecil Daniels Forsyth
District Librarian/Historian Patricia V Gilman Bonanza
LCIF/SightFirst James A Huskey PDG Macon Southside
Canine Companions Mac Osburn Riverdale
Leader Dog Ronald D Knight Carrollton Noon

Lion Loretta Snowden of Zebulon has been active in her club, Pike County, in the Lions International Youth Exchange program and in Pike County Community affairs since she joined the club in 1991. Served as President from 1993 to 1995, Zone Chairman in 1996-97 Lions year, she was a 100% PResident, Zone chairman and Vice Governor. Loretta has won the Golden Chain award and received 2 International Presidents Certificates of Appreciation.

President Elect Jim Ervin was the principal speaker at a testimonial dinner for Mason Zuber, member of th Macon Lions club for more than 60 years, on September 17 at the Georgia Children’s home. This meeting was to honor Mason Zuber for his outstanding service to the Lions and community around Macon.

Alice H Stagg became President of the Columbus Lions club. The club claimed two unique firsts in its 76 year history. Not only did Lion Alice become the first female President but she was the first child of a former President of the club to be elected to the same office. Her father, H M Herin was President of the club in 1929. Heron was only 26 years old with 5 years experience in the business world when he became President. District Governor Loretta Snowden, the first female Governor in 18E, inducted Lion Alice to the office of President..

The Macon Southside Lions Club Bulletin, edited by Shirley Husky, wife of Past District Governor Husky, has been named top bulletin and newsletter in the state of Georgia for the past two years.

Lion Joe Harney of the Thomaston club received the International President’s Appreciation certificate.

The new club of Yatesville Lions Club was chartered. Past Extension Chairman, Past District Governor, Don Norris, Past District Governor Jim Huskey, Guiding Lion and Extension Chairman Cecil Daniels were instrumental in getting this club organized. There were some 100 people in attendance. Freedy Butts is the new president and since he runs a restaurant, he will cater the meals for the club. The program included Daniel Jackson, a Carrollton Lion as Master of Ceremony. Past District Governor Harris Satterfield of the LaGrange club was the main speaker. There were 24 of the 28 charter members present, including seven members of the Gassett family.

District 18E held another charter night for the Macon Tri-City club. The club will be devoted to addressing health problems in the minority community. This is a new concept in Lionism. The Macon Evening club was the sponsor. Lion Joe Lawson was the guiding Lion.

District Governor Snowden held the 2nd Cabinet Meeting on November 14, 1998 at the Youth building in Riverdale. Lion MArley Adams, a long time member and former president of the Southside Lions club, was recognized in Central Georgia for outstanding volunteerism.

18E held its cabinet meeting and banquet in Columbus on February 20, 1999. The theme was built around St Patricks Day. International Director Jack Stuart of Jacksonville, Florida was the speaker for the weekend. International Director presented Certificates of Appreciation to Alma Johnson of the East Columbus club; Gus Furlong, Bonanza Lions Club; Alice Stagg, President of the Columbus club and Val Valenzuela, Nominations and Elections Chairman of the Columbus Muscogee club.

District 18E elected Norman Rowe of the Greenville club as District Governor and Tom Jackson of the Carrollton Evening clubas Vice District Governor. Past district Governor Elden Elzworth agreed to finish out Past District Governor’s year as Vice President of the Lighthouse. International Director Stuart presented his personal Lions club Banner to Carol P Spain, President of the Districts newest club, the Tri-City club in Maco; Past District Governor Terry Rowe, Council Chairman; District Governor, Loretta Snowden and Zone Chairman, Scott Bates.

It was announced that the incoming Cabinet Secretary would be Mary Ann Dawes and the Cabinet Reasurer would be PDG Bob King.

At the District E’s final meeting at Manchester, Merle Freeman of the Forsyth Lions club was introduced as an honorary member of the club and widow of Bill Freeman, Charter President (1936) of the club.

The Carrollton club donated $1939 to Leader Dog honoring the year it was founded 1929. The District total for Leader Dog from District E was $7600.


Lion Norman J Rowe was elected District Governor at the 18E Rally and Cabinet Meeting held in Columbus on February 20, 1999. Tom Jackson of the Carrollton club was elected Vice District Governor.

Serving with Norman Rowe were:

District Governor Norman J Rowe
Vice District Governor Tom Jackson
Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer Robert W King PDG
Bulletin Editor J Cecil Daniels PDG
Cabinet Advisor Loretta N Snowden PDG
Assistant Vice District Governor Alice Stagg Columbus
Carol Spain Macon Tri-Cities
Arthur Powell Barnsville-Lamar
Scott Bates Bremen
Region 1 Zone 1 Bill Webb Carrollton Noon
Zone 2 Scott Bates Bremen
Region 2 Zone 1 Patrick Henry
Region 3 Zone 1 Shelia Standridge Columbus East
Zone 2 Mitchell Ellis Ellaville
Region 4 Zone 1 L Tal Day Macon Southside
Zone 2 George Contero Crawford County
Lighthouse VP G Eldon Elzworth PDG Columbus
Camp VP J Cecil Daniels PDG Forsyth
LCIF Loretta Snowden PDG Pike County
District Historian Patricia V Gilman Bonanza
Canine Companions Mack Ozburn Riverdale
Leader Dog Ronald D Knight Carrollton Noon

Past District Governor Cecil Daniel of the Forsyth Lions club received an International Leadership Award from President Jim Ervin at the convention in Athens.

The Carrollton Lions club raised $4431 for local State Lions projects at its annaul barbeque. Lion R I Bittich was reconginzed for 51 years of service and perfect attendence at the Forsyth Lions Club.

The first Cabinet meeting of the year was held at Zebulon on August 7, 1999.

Mark Ozburn of the Riverdale club received a Life Membership in the Canine Companion for Independence.

The Southside Lions club rang bells for the Salvation Army on December 11 and 18. An appreciation dinner was given for C V Glisson in Americus where he has moved from his previous home in Fort Valley.

The Macon Tri-City club sponsored a prostate cancer awareness day in March.

The Yatesville club held a second barbeque and raised more than $5,000.

Three names were engraved on the Southside Lions club Memorial Plaques in Third Street Park in downtown Macon. They were Atis Hard, Billy Oldham and Millie Sodler.

The following were elected to District 18E offices at the Cabinet meeting. District Governor, Tom Jackson, Vice District Governor, Sheilia Standridge; Lighthouse Vice President Val Valenzuela; Camp for the Blind Vice President, Charles Gilbert and District Historian.

The Columbus Tri-Community club was chartered encompasses the community of Columbus, Fort Benning and Phoenix City, Alabama.