History 1990-2000 01 Intro

Foreword – PDG Olin Newby MD 18 State Historian
History of the Lions of Georgia – 1990 – 2000

Lionism of the 1990’s started with a ‘long’ Lion past District Governor, C. L. ‘Chuck’ Wilson of the White County Lions club serving as Chairman of the Council. District Governors serving with him were Charles E. McDaniels 18E; Ben B. Poole, Conyers Bonanza, Jonesboro club; Wayne O’Neal 18A, Jasper club; M.C. Stowe, Toccoa club; Terry Foreman, Dougherty Lions club, Robert H. Bovee 18B, Port City club and Council Advisor, Lonnie V. Roberts, Hazlehurst club; Olin Newby of the Washington club was the Historian and William D. Bross was State Lion Tamer. Linda Selby served as Office Secretary.

It should be note the Lion Olin Newby served as State Historian for the entire decade of the 1990’s as did William D. Bross serve as State Lion Tamer. Linda Selby served as State Office Secretary during the decade of the 1990’s

During the nineties, the Lions of Georgia saw many accomplishments which will be mentioned later in the Historical Information presented.

The Lions of Georgia saw a decline in membership but with great anticipation the projects would be carried out to serve the people of Georgia. With the local projects that clubs carry out, the continued expansion of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, The Camp for the Blind, The Children’s Eye Care Center at Emery University, as well as other outstanding projects as Recording for the Blind, Leader Dog and others.

The decade of the nineties saw the Lions of Georgia endorsing Lion Jim Ervin of the Albany club to be a candidate for 3rd Vice President of Lions International. Lion Jim was elected 3rd Vice President at the Lions International Convention, July 12, 1997 at Montreal, Canada. Serving on the Advisory Committee were PID Myers Banister, PID John Pearce, PID George Crumbley, PID Don Schmidt. District coordinators were PDG Bill Manner, District A; PDG Stan Bazemore, District B; District Governor Clark Lamb, District C; Bobby Reynold, District D; PDG Charles McDaniel, District E and District Governor Bill Shurling, District F.

The 1995 Council Vice District Governor Joe Reynolds, Roy Godwin, Herbert Hughes, Jim Porter, Don Morris and Beverly Roberts. Everyone was overjoyed that Lion Ervin was elected 3rd Vice President.

The nineties saw the moving of the State Office from Milledgeville to Eatonton near Linda Selby’s home. This was done in 1991. Also the end of the nineties saw the election of Lion Jim Ervin as International President in San Diego on July 2, 1999. His theme was “A new Century of Service and Action”.

As you can see in the following pages, the Lions of Georgia have been busy promoting Lionism and Serving their fellow man.

James E “Jim” Ervin

International Director 1992-1994

3rd International Vice President 1996-1997

2nd International Vice President 1997-1998

1st International Vice President 1998-1999

International President 1999-2000

Jim Ervin “Road to the Top”

Past District Governor James E. “Jim” Ervin received his endorsement as a candidate for International Director on Tuesday May 14, 1991 by the Albany Lions club. Lion Jim has served the Albany Lions club Director for 5 years, as Tailtwister, as Vice President and two terms as President.

He was Chairman of various committees and projects. He installed and oriented many new Lions members into the Albany Georgia Lions club.

He served the Albany club as General Chairman for two multiple District Conventions held in Albany, GA (1985 and 1989).

The Albany Lions club honored him a Lion of the Year two times for his hard work and dedication to Lionism.

Lion Jim Ervin has served District 18C as Zone Chairman, District Convention Chairman for 3 years. He served District 18C as District Governor in 1986-87. He was Cabinet Advisor in 1987-88. He has been associate Director for the Camp for the Blind and served on the Camp for the Blind Award Committee.

He has served as a USA/Canada Lion Leadership Chairman. He has been a Lighthouse Director and a Lighthouse Trustee. He served on the Lighthouse employee and group donations Committee as well as the Lighthouse Golf Committee. He was a Director for the Pepsi Senior Challenge, and an International Convention Chairman. He served on the International Understanding and Cooperation Committee. He is a member of the Speakers Bureau, AARP/Lions Pilot Project, as well as Georgia Lions Eyebank District Vice President.

Lion Jim served multiple District 18 as Council Chairman, Council Advisor, Chairman of the Long Range Planning Committee. He served as Campaign Chairman for past International Myers Bannister’s campaign at the time of this endorsement as a candidate for International Director. He had attended 5
International Conventions, 6 USA/Canada Lions Leadership forums to increase his knowledge of Lionism and Leadership ability.

He was named Lion of the Year in 18C. He has received Extension Awards, Guiding Lions Awards, two International Certificates of Appreciation Awards, International Presidents Awards and is a Melvin Jones Fellow.

From this resume, one can see that Lion Jim Ervin prepared himself to be the next International Director.

Lion Jim Ervin received the endorsement of Multiple District 18 for International Director and was elected International Director at the International Convention in Hong Kong, June 22-26, 1992.

Lion Jim served with distinction, doing what he could to promote Lionism where ever he went. International Director Ervin and his wife, Betty, served as the official host for President Professor Dr. Giuseppe “Pino” Grimaldi to Georgia on July 26, 1994.

President Grimaldi spent 2 days in the Atlanta area visiting the Carter Center and meeting some 150 Lions at a banquet at the Atlanta Hilton Hotel. President Grimaldi presented past International Director George Crumbly and his Leadership medal to past International Director Dr Don Schmidt. Presidential Appreciation Certificates were presented to past District Governor George Haney and Lion Elizabeth Dixon of the Atlanta Lions club in which she has served as Secretary for many years.

Lion Jim was a special appointee to the Board after his term as International Director.

In the spring of 1995, the early stages of the campaign to elect past International Director Jim Ervin as third Vice President, with the appointment of a campaign Chairman past District Governor Buddy Outzs of Winder, GA, 18C District Governor Clark Lamb served as the campaign Secretary/Treasurer. The advisory committee consisted of the past International Director Myers Banister, John Pearce, George Crumbley and Don Schmidt. The District coorindators were past District Governor Bill Tanner (A) past District Governor Stan Bazemore (B) District Governor Clark Lamb (C) Lion Bobby Reynolds (D) past District Governor Charlie McDaniels (E) and District Governor Bill Shurling (F). Lion Ervin was endorsed by District C for 3rd Vice President on March 11, 1995 in Americus, GA.

Then the 74th Annual Convention of the Lions of MD18 in Columbus, GA on May 26-28 endorsed past International Director James E. “Jim” Ervin as Georgia’s candidate for 3rd Vice President of Lions International.

Everyone was encouraged to join the “Peach Brigade” for a donation of $25.00, a Lion could receive a green shirt with Lion Jim Ervin’s campaign logo on it. Those marching in the parade did also.

A lot of hard work by many people in Lionism was put forth in Montreal, Canada for the campaign of Jim Ervin for third Vice President of Lions International. This would be a first for Georgia, a Georgia Lion being set up to be the President of Lions International.

Past District Governor Stan Bazemore helped in the campaign in many different ways.

Each year many Lions attended the International Covention in Philadelphia, Penn in 1997: Birmingham, England in 1998; and San Diego, California in 1999, where Lion Jim went in as President of Lions International.

At the Convention in San Diego, California there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Some 17,000 Lions led by 266 roaring Georgians and the colorful Georgia All State Band, cheered on as Jim Ervin became the first Georgian ever to serve as President of Lions Clubs International.

Lion Jim’s family was in attendance. His granddaughter, Carrie, gave on of the most impressive introductions ever at an International Convention. Her heartfelt words drew tears from most of the crowd. In his acceptance speech, Lion Jim stressed his theme of “a new century of Service and Action”, and said his mission to accomplish this with four “ships” of Lionism; Membership, Fellowship, Leadership and Partnership.

He appointed as one year Director, two friends who helped greatly in his campaign for President, past International Director George Crumbley and past Council Chairman Buddy Outzs.

Lion James E. “Jim” Ervin of Albany traveled to many countries on his quest to lead and help humanity and make the world a better place to live. He has great influence of the program in Lionism even 6 years as he served the great association of Lionism.

Accompanying pictures illustrate and show the happy moments in Jim Ervin’s campaign to become Georgia’s first International of Lionism’s President.

Chairmen of the Council of Governors

C. L. (Chuck) Wilson
Bill E. Tanner
Charles E McDaniels
J. Stan Bazemore
Buddy Ouzts
M. Clark Lamb, Jr.
Dr. Beverly A. Roberts
Larry Starr
Terry Rouse
Dan Stuart

State Officers – Lions of Georgia

William G. “Curly” Bross
State Lion Tamer
Olin C. Newby
State Historian

Multiple District 18

Past District Governors Association

Presidents 1990-2000

Jerry M Payne
Southside Macon
Bill E. Tanner
Lonnie V Roberts
Walter P. Sealy, Jr.
Dr. John F. Pearce
Robert W. King
Ben B. Poole
Haynes H. Townsend
Dalton Noon
Phillip S. Hurd
Joel D. Goings