History 1980-1990 Part 6


District 18-F

July 1,1980 – June 30,1990


Council International
Convention Chairman
District Governor, 18-F
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District 18-F
District Governor, 18-F
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District 18-F
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1980-81 1981-82
District Governor, 18-F
Council International
Convention Chairman
District 18-F
Cabinet Sec.-Treas. 
District Governor, 18-F
Council Treasurer
District 18-F
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1982-83 1983-84
District Governor, 18-F
Council Secretary
District 18-F
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-F
Council Vice Chairman
District 18-F
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1984-85 1985-86
District Governor, 18-F
Council Vice Chairman
District 18-F
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-F
Council international
Convention Chairman
District 18-F
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1986-87 1987-88
District Governor, 18-F
Council Treasurer 
District 18-F
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-F
Council Vice Chairman
District 18-F
District 18-F

District 18F


Theme: “Touch a Life With Hope”

District Governor – Jim D. Kay, Dearing Lions Club

During the Annual Convention on Jekyll Island on May 5, 1980, Jim D. Kay was elected District Governor. The first Cabinet Meeting was held in Adrian, GA on July 22, 1980. The following cabinet officers were elected.
Darrell Wells – Cabinet Secretary / Treasurer
Cabinet Advisor was C. W. Edwards, Jr.
Region I Deputy District Governor -P. Allen Walker, Lincolnton Club
Zone 1 Chairman – Elwood Free, Covington Lion Club
Zone 2 Chairman – Willard Lance, Washington Lion Club
Region II Deputy District Governor – Robert P. Lyons
Zone 1 Zone Chairman – C. B. Comb Jr., Louisville
Zone 2 Zone Chairman – Joe Reese, Swainsboro
Region III Deputy District Governor – Gary Wilkes, Forest Hill Club
Zone 1 Chairman – Charles E. Irvin, National Hill
Zone 2 Chairman – John M. Harrison, John M. Hanison, Harlem
Region IV Deputy District Governor – John W. Lee,
Zone 1 Chairman – Ralph Harris, Sandersville
Zone 2 Chairman – Wade Clark, Soperton

There were 38 clubs in the District. There were 5 Lioness clubs in the district. There were Masters (Augusta, Milledgeville, Swainsboro, Thomson and Washington).

The second Cabinet Meeting was held at Waynesboro, GA with the Waynesboro Club serving as Host.

The Third Cabinet Meeting was held at Glasscock Co. Lions Club in Gibson.

The fourth Cabinet meeting was held in Thomson with the Thomson Lions and Thomson Lioness Clubs serving as Host.


At the last Cabinet Meeting in May 1981 in Thomson, Robert P. “Bob” Lyons of the Swainsboro Club was elected
District Governor of 18F. Phil Jones served as Secretary-Treasurer. The regional officers were:

Region I Deputy District Governor – Melvin Lee Harter, Covington
Zone 1 Chairman – Elwood Free, Covington
Zone 2 Chairman – Michael E. Pullen, Sylvania
Region II Deputy District Governor – Joe Reese,
Zone 1 Chairman – Philip I. Gambrell
Zone 2 Chairman – Michael E. Pullen
Region III Deputy District Governor – Dr. Gary Wilkes
Zone 1 Chairman – Charles E. Irvin, Garden City
Zone 2 Chairman – Paul C. Randolph, Mortivey Evan
Region IV Deputy District Governor – Mac Johnson, Milledgeville
Zone 1 Chairman – William Darrell Bowden, Macon
Zone 2 Chairman – Duren Payne, Dublin

The first cabinet meeting was held at the Lions Club Building in Louisville, GA on July 18, 1981. The Second Cabinet Meeting was held in Augusta. The third Cabinet Meeting was held at Milledgeville on February 28, 1982. The fourth Cabinet Meeting was held in Sylvania Lions Club, Sylvania, GA with this one being the incoming Officers School.


At the last Cabinet Meeting in Sylvania, Charles E. Church Irvin of Garden City Lions Club was elected District Governor. The Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer was Robert Whithe.

The Regional Officers were as follows:

Region I
Deputy District Governor – Melvin Lee, Harter
Zone 1 Chairman – Robert Deon, Covington
Zone 2 Chairman – Dr. Arthur Strickland, Worlyton
Region II
Deputy District Governor – Joe Reese, Swainsboro
Zone 1 Chairman – Phil Gombell, Milledgeville
Zone 2 Chairman – Richard Jersey, Waynesboro
Region III
Deputy District Governor – Dr. Walter Smith III, Forest
Zone 1 Chairman – John Pittman Jr.
Zone 2 Chairman – James C. Hampton
Region IV
Deputy District Governor – Mac Johnson, Milledgeville
Zone 1 Chairman – Wade Hodges, Milledgeville
Zone 2 Chairman – J. Brachen Palmer, Dublin

The District had a total of 38 clubs for the year. This year the District had 6 Lioness Clubs, including Dearing, Masters, Milledgeville, Swainsboro, Thomson, and Washington. All clubs were active.

The Best Secretary for the year chosen by the District was Cecil G. Rodgers of the Twin City Club. The winner of the Washington Plaque was Garden City. The Millen Plaque was won by Sylvania Lions Club. The Madison Plaque was won by the Madison Lions Club. The most eye donor forms were collected by Covington Lions Club. The highest percentage increase in members was given to Garden City. The clubs winning awards were:

1st Place – Garden City
2nd place – Augusta
3rd place – Swainsboro
4th place – Twin City

The Augusta Club hosted the State Convention this year.


After some encouragement from various members in the district, Albert B, McClure was elected District Governor of I8F. Lion McClure is a member of the Conyers Club. He selected as his Cabinet Sec./Tress. Lee H. Cronan Jr., also of the Conyers Club.

The Region I Deputy District Governor was Robert Deon of the Covington Club and Claude Phillips of the Oxford Club and Olin Newby of the Washington Club serving as Zone Chairmen of Zones I and 2, respectively. In Region II, Michael Pullen of the Sylvania Club served as Deputy District Governor with Travis W. Taylor of Louisville and Donald P. Toole serving as Zone Chairmen of Zones 1 and 2, respectively. IN Region III, William S. Bross served as Deputy District Governor with Leslie C, Gotschall of the Augusta Club and Jerry M. Sineath of the Dearing Club serving respectively as Zones 1 and 2 Chairmen. In Region IV, Mac Johnson of the Milledgeville Club served as Deputy District Governor with Ed Bzdyk of Milledgeville and A.D. Joyner serving as Zone Chairmen of Zones 1 and 2, respectively. There were 38 clubs in the district. The second cabinet meeting was held on November 5 in Conyers. The District Convention was held in Milledgeville, GA with Williams S. Bross of the Thomson Club elected as District Governor. The Lioness officers for the year were Mac Johnson of the Milledgeville Club. Lioness Committee Chair: Lioness District Associate, Ruby Johnson, Milledgeville Lioness; Region I and II Associates Idell Hawkins and Rosemary Newby of the Thomson and Washington Lioness Clubs.


William G. Brass was elected District Governor at the April Cabinet Meeting in Milledgeville, GA. He also served as Council Secretary for that year. Wilton A. Hinton served as Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer. The Regional Officers were in Region I : Robert Kelley Deputy District Governor of the Conyers Club.

William G. Adair of the Madison Club serving as zone chairman of Zone 1 and Jerry Stover of the Washington Club serving in Zone 2. Region Two had as its Deputy District Governor Michael Pullen of Sylvania and Harvey L. Sapp of Waynesboro as Zone Chairman of Region and George H. Evans of Milledgeville serving as Zone Chairman of Zone 2.

Region 3 had as its Deputy District Governor Jerry Sineath of Dearing with Walter L. Dupree of Augusta serving as Zone 1 Chairman and Charles Hawthorne of the Thomson club as Zone 2 chairman.

In Region 4, J. B. Deal of the Milledgeville Club served as Deputy District Governor with Fred Todd of the Sandersville Club as Zone 1 Chairman and Cliff Crews as Zone 2 Chairman.

span class=”auto-style3″>The first cabinet meeting was held in Sylvania GA on July 24 with 19 Lions Clubs and 3 Lioness Clubs in attendance. Miss Tammie Tesch of District 18 won the state contest and was crowned Queen of the Peach Bowl. The second cabinet meeting was held in Milledgeville along with the 21st Annual District Rally and Peach Bowl Princess Contest. The Third District Cabinet Meeting was held at the Fleming Club in Augusta on January 19, 1985. The winners in the District Governors Contest were Thomson – first; Conyers – 2nd and Sylvania 3rd. The winners of the Augusta Plaque was Secretary L. H. Morris of the Garden City Club. The winner of the Madison Plaque (Highest % gain in members) was the Martinez Evans Club. The winner of the Washington Plaque (highest % attendance) was the Garden City Club. The Millen Plaque (highest % attendance for clubs meeting bispan class=”auto-style3″>monthly) was awarded to the Sylvania Club. Harvey Sapp was elected District Historian. Contributions to Leader Dog amounted to $3638 for the Lions Club and $414 for the Four Lioness Clubs.

There was a total of 37 Lions clubs and 4 Lioness Clubs.


In April 1985, Olin C. Newby, past District Governor, was asked by District F Cabinet to consider serving as District Governor for the year 1985-86. After consideration, he accepted the job as District Governor of 18F for the year 1985-86. He and other officers were elected at the April Cabinet Meeting. District Governor William G. Brass had great influence on Newby’s decision to serve again as District Governor. Newby had served previously in the 1968-69 year. Newby attended the International Lion Convention in Dallas, Texas in July 1985. This was the first time that a previous Governor had offered to serve as Governor for a second term.

The First Cabinet Meeting was held in Thomson, GA on August 11, 1985. Cabinet Officers elected were:

District Governor – Olin Newby

Cabinet Secretary – Treasurer – Mark Harrison;

Cabinet Advisor – William G. Bross

Region Officers

Region 1 Deputy
District Governor – Edwood Free, Covington
Zone One Chairman – Robert Stanton, Jr., Covington
Zone Two Chairman – Jerry Stover, Washington
Region II Deputy District Governor – Donald P. Tool, Sylvania
Zone One Chairman – Harvey L. Sapp, Waynesboro
Zone Two Chairman – Glenn Cl. Fennell, Swainsboro
Region III Deputy District Governor – Herb Ashline
Zone One Chairman – Johnny Bogwell
Zone Two Chairman – E. L. Wall, Thomson
Region IV Deputy District Governor – Cliff Crews
Zone One Chairman – Ed Megar, Milledgeville
Zone Two Chairman – John Lee, Soperton

Newby served as Vice Chairman of the Council of Georgia. Newby was also instrumental in moving the State Office to Milledgeville from Macon. This was also the year that the Peach Bowl was played for the last time for moneys for the Lions Lighthouse.

The other cabinet meetings held on November 1, 1985 were held in Swainsboro with that being the District Rally. The elections and district convention was held in Twins City Georgia and the club Officer School and last cabinet meeting was held in Washington Georgia. The convention was held on May 23-25 of 1986 in Macon Georgia with the International Convention in July 9-12, 1986 in New Orleans.

There were 105 Lions and Lionesses to attend the state convention in Macon.

The following Clubs were presented awards:

Augusta Dr. Domecan Plaque
Walher Dryree Washington Plaque
Garden City Millen Plaque
Matting Evans Madison Plaque
Covington Covington Plaque
Thomson Sylvania Plaque

Jimmy Newman of the Fleming Club was presented the 100% Treasurer award.

One new club was chartered. This club was the Sardis Club. The income for the district was $7131.08. The expenses were $5898.40, leaving a balance of $1232.68 to be turned over to the 1986-87 cabinet.

Total contributions to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse amounted to $10,817.70 in regular contributions; $485.00 in Memorial Contributions; $8288.08 in White Cane Day Contributions; $1460.00 in Building Funds and Corporation 250 for a total of $21,300.98. Leader Dog School received $4544.00.

The following were 100% presidents:

James T. Williams Covington
Gerald M. Treadway          Conyers
Kenny D. Fuller, Sr. Milledgeville
Vincent P. Broderich Fleming


Berta Hartzell

The following are 100% Secretaries

Walter Dupree Augusta
L.R Brooks Jr. Thomson
Randall McBride Sylvania
James K. Maddox Dublin
Pete F. Henderson Wadley
Cecil G. Rogers Twin City
Keith L. Stewart Louisville
Lamar B. Gay Nullis
Charles Blyrd National Hills
William G. Adair Madison

Five Clubs contributed to the CITE program for an amount of $1254

The Clubs of Fleming, Covington, Grovetown, Harlem, Madison, Milledgeville, Oxford and Sandersville contributed $63.00 Recording for the Blind-Athens, during the year..

A total of 69 eye donor cards were turned over to the Medical College of Georgia Eye Boothe. Representing 8 clubs a total of 161 eye donor cards from 9 clubs were turned into the Lions Eye Bank at Emory in Atlanta.

A total of 4 clubs contributed $1300 to Lions International Foundation. These donations included an amount to Mobc Mac Johnson a Melvin Jones Fellow.

At the District 18F Rally and Peach Bowl Princess, Marty Glenn Fennel1 of the Swainsboro Club and the members did an outstanding job in hosting the event.

lnternational Director Kenneth E. Lautzenheiser from Jerome, Michigan spoke at the banquet. Kathleen Elaine Rice of Augusta sponsored by the Fleming Club won the contest.

Winners in the Governors contest are as follows:

First place
Second place
Third place
Fourth place

The Lioness Club standings are:

First place
Second place
Third place
Fourth place
Masters of Augusta


Johnny Bagwell

Johnny Bagwell was elected District Governor for the 1986-87 Lions Year. Serving with him was Jimmy Newman of the Fleming Club of Augusta, GA. The regional officers were: in Region I Gerald Treadway, Conyers, and Richard Ward, Union Point.

Serving in Region 11 was Glenn H. Finnel of the Swainsboro Club with William R. Spears, Jr. serving as Zone Chairman of Zone 1 and Robert P. Lyons of Swainsboro serving as Zone chairman of Zone 2. In Region III, Walker Dupree of the Augusta Club served as Deputy District Governor and Joe T. Jordon, J. of the Garden City Club served as Zone Chairman of Zone one. Ben Deitz of Grovetown Club served as Zone Chairman of Zone II. Ed Menger, Jr. of the Milledgeville Club served as Deputy District Governor with J.B. Deal of Milledgeville serving as Zone Chairman of Zone 1 and Gary Campbell of Dublin served as Zone 2 Chairman. Lion Governor Bagwell set up criteria for the District 18F Lion Of the Year Award. This was voted on by the Lions and Lionesses at the breakfast held at the state Convention. William G. Bross of the Thomson Club was elected Lion of the Year. The average attendance for the District Club attendance was 80%

The following received the Melvin Jones Fellow during the year: Dave Jarrow of the Garden City Club, Johnny W. Bagwell of the Fleming Club, Bill Adair of the Madison Club, A.D. Jocker of the Soperton Club, Rod Stroder of the National Hills Club, Jimmy H. Newman of the Fleming Lions Club, William G. Bross of the Thomson Club, Lioness Rubye Johnson of the Milledgeville Lioness Club, J. B. Deal of the Milledgeville Club, Bob Lyons of the Swainsboro Club and Al McClure of the Conyers Club.

District 18F had a Beauty Pageant. The following clubs had contestants:

Conyers Lions Club – Princess Kim Shue
Conyers Lions Club – Princess Lee Tyner
Covington Lions Club – Princess Jacquelyn Kristie Wood
Fleming Lions Club – Princess Laura Latice Mundy
Garden City Lions Club – Princess Sandra Homer Smith
Greensboro-Union Point Lions Club – Princess Kay Elizabeth Ellenburg
Madison Lions Club – Princess Jodie Lunn White
National Hills Lions Club – Princess Angela Christine Maietta
Swainsboro Lions Club – Princess Mary Kathryn Kent
Waynesboro Lions Club – Princess Melissa Shannon Bumell

Winner – Princess Jacquelyn Kristie Wood
1st Runner Up – Princess Sandra Homer Smith

The following school systems in 18F adopted the Lions Quest Skills for Adolescents Curriculum for next year: Wilkes County – thanks to Lion Olin Newby of the Washington Lions; Screven County – thanks to Lion Don Toole and the Sylvania Lions; Evans Middle School thanks to Lion Pat Jackson and the Martinez Evans Lions and Emanuel County – thanks to Lion Glen Fennel1 and the Swainsboro Lions as well as Twin City and Adrian Lions.

I would like to commend PDG Road Strader, National Hills Lions Club, PDG Olin Newby, Washington Lions
Club, PDG Bill Bross, Thomson Lions Club; Lion Keith Steward and Lion Bill Hat-rod, Louisville Lions Club for your untiring efforts in getting two new Lions Clubs started at Sardis and Wrens, Georgia. These two new Clubs allowed District 18F to win President Sten Akestam Presidential Award. These two new clubs were the first new Clubs formed in District 18F since 1976. Thanks again to the above Lions for their dedication to Lionism. 

White Cane Day was a great day and the greatest year ever for District 18F. Chairman Lion Bill Bross again set a record by receiving the largest contributions ever and the largest number of Clubs participation in District 18F. We collected $12,405.30 and 29 Lions Clubs and 3 Lioness Clubs joined together to support this drive.

Camp for the Blind – Many thanks to Vice President Lion Ed Menger, Jr. for the greatest year we have ever had in the support and contributions to this wonderful State Project. My special thanks to every Club and every member in District 18F whom made this an outstanding year for this project.

Each club had a fair and equal chance to win in the District Governor’s Contest. Every club was automatically entered into the contest and graded according to the rules set forth in our Multiple District Directory. The contest was a total of points scored during the year ending May 3, 1987.


Division 1 – Swainsboro 1st place

Forest Hills 2nd place
Division 2 – Garden City 1st place

Covington 2nd place
Division 3 – Augusta 1st place

Thomson 2nd place
Division 4 – Milledgeville 1st place

District Award Winners:

Augusta – Dr. Damem Plaque – Walker Dupree, Augusta
Washington Plaque – Garden City Lions
Millen Plaque – Martinez Evans
Madison Plaque – Grovetown
Covington Plaque – Thomson
Sylvania Plaque – Martinez Evans

Matinez Evans Plaque – C. H. Stephens (5) Grovetown

Leader Dog Program – Thanks to chairman Lion Bill Bross for another outstanding year with our Leader Dog Program. We are real proud of this project. In the Leader Dog program there were 28 Lions Clubs and 3 Lioness Clubs that made contributions to this great humanitarian project. total amount of $8146.37 was contributed in District 18F. this was the greatest amount raised by any District in 18 for the year 1986-87. It also enabled District F to lead the state in contributions to Leader Dog for the year. In the beginning of the year I set a personal goal of $6,000.00 for Leader Dog. All of you can readily see that this goal has been surpassed by 33%. So, again, thanks to each of you for making this happen.


 Ray Peters District Governor

Ray Peters Sr., of the Fleming Lions Club was elected District Governor. Serving as Cabinet Secretary Treasurer was Joseph 1: Jordon, Jr. Others serving as Regional Officers were Region One – Gerald Treadway of Conyers with James T. Williams of Covington serving as Zone Chairman for Zone one and Thomas Campbell of Union Point serving as Zone chairman for Zone two.

Harvey L. Sapp of Waynesboro served as Region II Deputy District Governor and William Harrord of the Louisville Club served as Zone one Chairman and Roy Cook of the Mitten Club served as Zone two chairman. In Region III, J. I. Teasley of Fleming served as Deputy District Governor with Norman L. Daniels of Garden City as Zone Chairman of Zone one and Rile Shirling of Thomson as Zone Chairman of Zone two. In Region IV, Ed Menger of Milledgeville served as Deputy District Governor with Mac Johnson serving as Zone one Chairman and Randy Hester of Dublin as Zone two chairman.

At the suggestion of DG Ray Peters, and the initiative of Lion Tamer Curly Bross, our District Has broken new ground that will help every Georgia lion and may eventually bring us International attention. Briefly, what Lion Bross did was go through the catalogue and pick out those items that he felt would be most helpful and attractive to local Lions. From this list he chose items that he felt would actually sell well. These selected items were ordered and displayed at our 18F District Rally. At International’s suggestion, Lion Bross tacked on ten percent to cover handling and transportation costs which we had paid. The response was so good, he began taking the material around to other district meetings and has sold about two-thirds of the original approximate $1500.00 amount. The overall idea gained such good acceptance that the Council of Governors voted to take over the whole project as a means of making these Lions items more readily visible and accessible to Lions who probably have never seen the catalog, and the thousands of attractive items it contains. We, in the sense of comic relief, like to think of the whole thing as “Curley’s Little Red Country Store.”

At the District Rally held in Augusta, Past District Governor Mac McClure was awarded the Melvin Jones Plaque. Past District Governors Olin Newby, Johnny Bagwell, Rod Strader and William G. Bross were each awarded the Lions International Certificate of Appreciation by 1st Vice President Austin Jennings for Lions International President Judge Brian Stevenson.


At the 18F Cabinet Meeting held on February 7,1988 at Milledgeville Georgia, J. B. Deal of the Milledgeville Lions Club was elected District Governor for the year. William Harod of the Louisville Club was elected Lieutenant Governor. This was the first Lieutenant Governor elected for the District. Past Governor William G. Adair of the Madison Club was elected Vice President for the Camp for the Blind. Johnny Bagwell of Fleming was elected Vice President of the GL Lions Lighthouse. Olin Newby of Washington was elected 18-F Historian. Others elected were Ed Menger of the Milledgeville Club was elected Cabinet Secretary, and Morris Hutcheson of the Milledgeville Club was elected Cabinet Treasurer. Serving as Region I Deputy District Governor was James T. Williams of the Oxford Club. Ben B. Poole of the Conyers Club served as Zone one chairman and Robert Drake, Jr. served as Zone two chairman. In Region III Floyd Montgomery of the Augusta Club served as Deputy District Governor with Gary Wilkes of the Forest Hill Club serving as Zone Chairman of Zone one and Patrick R. Johnson serving in Zone two. Gary Campbell of the Dublin club served as Zone Chairman of Region IV with Theron Johnson of Sandersville Club serving as Zone one chairman and Wade Clark of Soperton serving as Zone 2 chairman.


Billy E. Shurling of the Thomson Club was elected District Governor for the year 1989-90. Serving with him as regional officers were: Chip Jernigan of the Conyers Club as Region Chairman with James E. Dear Jr., of Covington as Zone One Chairman and Dr. Don W. Schmidt of Lincolnton as Zone Two Chairman.

Robert P. Lyon of the Swainsboro Lion Club was elected Regional Chairman of Region II with William B. Miller of the Wadley Club serving as Zone One Chairman and Donald P. Toole of Sylvania as Zone two Chairman. In Region III, Patrick R. Jackson of the Martinez Evans Club served as Regional Chairman with David Adams of Augusta serving as
Zone one Chairman and Alpha Peeble of the Thomson Club as Zone two Chairman. In Region IV Theron Johnson of the Sandersville served as Regional Chairman with Clayton Kitchen of the Jones County Club as Zone one Chairman and John Popovich of the East Dublin Club as Zone two Chairman.

One Lioness Club remained in the District, that being the Thomson Lioness Club. This club has been a very active club both in the local and state level. Joyce Shurling served as President and Mattie Peebles served as Secretary. Ben Poole from Conyers was elected to serve as Lieutenant Governor. Robert Lyon was elected to serve as District Librarian.


History of The Decade

July 1,1980 – June 30,1990


(by: Marlene Lague, Executive Director)

The Georgia Lions Lighthouse began the eighties decade with a call to commitment by Lion Ken Massingale, president. “Commitment means more than talk, it requires positive action and sometimes a little sacrifice”, said Massingale. During the 1980-81 fiscal year, the Lighthouse helped 693 people receive vision and hearing care, supported the Augusta Eye Bank with $21,226, the Emory Eye Bank with $55,871, the Camp for the Blind with $12,500, and corneal research at the Medical College of Georgia with $10,200. Total receipts for the year were $396,478.15 and expenditures were $323,973.24. $50,000 of the income was received from the Peach Bowl.

Lion Massingale finished a three-year term as president in 1981-82. Lion Massingale began the District Governor-Elect seminar in 1982-83. It was designed to provide Lighthouse information and education to newly elected state leadership. During the year, sight and hearing was provided to 611 Georgians, White Cane Day brought in $57,000, the Peach Bowl generated the highest income ever–$89,000, and 252 hearing aids were dispensed. Total income for the year was $428,296.35 and disbursements, $277,600.60.

The next year brought a new president, Lion Marion McTyre of the South Cobb Lions Club. This year the Peach Bowl generated $100,000 for the Lighthouse, making it possible for a new dimension to be added to the Lighthouse program. The board of directors approved a $45,000 grant to Emory for the purpose of establishing the “Georgia Lions
Hearing Research Laboratory” for the study of the ear and hearing disorders. Executive Director Nancy Belch reported that 1,180 requests for sight and hearing services were received. A record was set in the used eyeglass recycling program as it generated $21,468 in income. A Radio Shack TRS-80 computer was purchased for the office as the Lighthouse joined the age of technology. The market value of the trust fund held at C & S Bank climbed to over $657,000.00.

Under President McTyre’s leadership in 1983-84, the board made an exciting decision. They committed to a building program and voted to purchase a lot on Clairmont Road in Decatur, just north of the VA Hospital. Total receipts for the year were $396,278,57 and expenditures were $396,278.57. Over 1,500 patients applied for services.

The building fund program gained momentum during President McTyre’s last year in 1984-85, and groundbreaking was held on June 8, 1985. The Georgia Lions Hearing and Ear Research Laboratory at Emory began clinical training for the cochlear implant surgical techniques. This implant enables people with profound hearing loss to hear for the very first time.

Two new leaders came to the Lighthouse in 1985-86 with Lion T. G. Crosby as president and Mrs. Marlene Lague as executive director. Lion Crosby, Mrs. Lague, and the building committee worked together in overseeing the construction of the new building which was occupied in April of 1986. During this fiscal year, the staff focused on getting hospitals to give discounts to Lighthouse patients and $15,522.00 was written off. Over 2,000 people applied for vision and hearing care. 1985 was the last year of the Peach Bowl for the Lighthouse. A total of $740,942.05 was received from Peach Bowl contributions from 1968 to 1985. White Cane Day income climbed to an all time high of $144,225 with 52% club participation. Total support and revenue for the year was $612,169 and expenditures totaled $399,231. The trust fund, now managed by Montag and Caldwell, had a total market value of $1,014,143.

The Lighthouse continued to grow in 1986-87 and the first Senior PGA golf tournament was held in Roswell to help meet the demand for services. Some of golf’s greatest players, including Arnold Palmer, Billy Casper, Miller Barber, and Chi Chi Rodriguez, competed for the Pepsi Senior Challenge’s first prize check of $37,500.00. Senator Pierre Howard spoke at the sixth annual District Governor-Elect seminar. 566 roaring Lions and Lionesses attending the Lighthouse Day with the Braves on June 21, 1987. The Board of Trustees devised a strategy for increasing the value of the trust fund and making our future secure. The driving force behind this new Ten Million Dollar Club was Lion Tom Williams of Savannah. Twenty-one people joined the Club with $100 donations as the program began.

Dancing his way into the presidency with humor and enthusiasm was Lion Charles Pickell of Dalton who took office on July 1, 1987. President Pickell danced on a table to raise money for the Lighthouse. The most important venture of the year was the decision to join with the American Diabetes Association, Georgia Affiliate in a diabetic eye disease project called Fight for Sight. Lions Clubs International Foundation supported Fight for Sight with a $50,000.00 grant. The research conducted in the Georgia Lions Hearing Lab received attention from researchers around the world. 1,934 patients applied for services, courtesy discounts from hospitals and anesthesiologists climbed to $55,484.33, and 418 patients received hearing aids. Total support and revenue for the year was $600,444 and expenses were $552,770.

40 colorful balloons were released during the pregame ceremonies at our Day with the Braves in June of 1989 to commemorate our 40th anniversary. Lion Tom Bingham, a blind member of the Atlanta Lions Club founded the Lighthouse in 1949 with $3,000. 1988-89 had some disappointments. The PGA cancelled the Pepsi Senior Challenge after its third year, and White Cane Day was rained out causing the first drop in White Cane donations in 10 years. On
the positive side, attendance at board meetings reached over 300 and several thousand diabetics were screened for eye disease in the Fight for Sight project. In addition, 2,050 patients applied for services. 75% of the patients had total
household incomes of $900 a month or less. Total revenue was $590,526 and expenditures were $532,982.

Lion Pickell completed the decade of the eighties with his third and final year as president. This was a year of unsurpassed growth. Applications increased by 45% over the previous year as 2,972 patients asked for help. Discounts reached a high of $85,904 from hospitals and anesthesiologists and an estimated additional $400,000 was donated by eye doctors. To help with the growth, the Georgia Health Foundation, Inc. made a $50,000 grant to the Lighthouse in honor of Dr. Morgan Raiford, one of the first ophthalmologists to participate in the Lighthouse program. A multi-user computer system was purchased for the Lighthouse office to replace the Radio Shack TRS-80. The trust fund continued to increase as it reached a fair market value of $1,495,461 on June 30, 1990. Total support and revenue in this last year of the decade was $583,417 and expenditures were $649,931.

Georgia Lions Lighthouse


Activities of Georgia Lions Lighthouse


Diabetes Eye Disease screening

White Cane Day

Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind, Inc.


1980 – 1989

Written and compiled by:
Robert L. Yaun
Executive Director

May 1995


The 1980’s covered a period of exceptional growth for the Georgia Lions Camp. During this developmental time, the idea and promotion as a statewide project: eventually reached all 330+ clubs. A steady increase in campers fueled the needs of facility expansion as well as the funding thereof. Slowly but surely, the vision was becoming a reality.

During this time, summer attendance nearly tripled, rising from 52 to 153, and the operating budget climbed from $25,000 to over $130,000. Additionally, nearly l/4 million dollars of improvements were added to the camp’s property including a 48 capacity dormitory; a new pick-up; a dining hall and kitchen extension; a utility building with bathrooms and laundry facilities; a fishing pond; director’s residence; a 12 passenger van, and modern office equipment including
a computer, printer, and copier.

Organizationally, the Board grew into a well rounded representation of the entire multiple district (statewide). With average board meeting attendance increasing from 15 to a resounding 75. Associate Director appointments were begun and involvement by each club. which encouraged representation and involvement by each club.

Administratively, two full-time positions were created to operate and manage the camp, an Executive Director and an Office Secretary.

Collectively thru the 80’s, the camp earned its right as a major service project of the Lions of Georgia. A project that  has touched the lives of over 700 of Georgia’s youth with visual disabilities by giving them confidence in themselves, a touch of independence and the dignity to say “yes I can”.


1980 –  Catfish pond constructed near back of property. Received a grant from Lighthouse $12,500. Trust Fund Committee established. 52 blind & visually impaired campers attend camp.

1981 –  Camp Director hired to operate camp during Summer for his college internship. Participated in newly formed National Conference of Lions Camps. Established rates for leasing the facilities. Total club contributions at end of 1980-81 FY $32,072. 53 campers attended summer camp.

1982 –  Addition of Associate Directors positions begun to create statewide representation. Executive Director hired on a full time basis. 94 campers attend summer sessions.

1983 –  Annual income and operational expenditures reach the $50,000 mark. Summer program expanded to 9 weeks, including a session for blind young adults. 92 campers attend summer sessions. A Light at the End of the Tunnel* slide program was developed by North Georgia Vocational/Tech School. Year round secretary added to camp staff. TV raffle started as a statewide fundraiser. Regular board meeting location moved to Milledgeville. Average board meeting attendance approximately 20 people. Upgrade to exterior walls on gazebo completed

1984 –  Ground breaking for new 4500 sq ft dormitory, Dr. John Pierce, International Director is speaker. 400 meter track added / adventure course started. Needs list: published. 113 campers attend summer program. Don Anderson, Past President and one of the camp’s Founding Fathers, dies in motorcycle accident. First quarterly “Lion Gator”, camp newsletter distributed to all clubs. First set of policies developed for camp operations. Information & promotional packets sent to every club. Camp receives an $18,000 grant from Lighthouse to furnish new dormitory. Received $16,000 bequest from Orkin Smith Estate. Received $7560 grant thru Government Emergency Funds.

1985 –  Camper attendance climbs to 130. New dorm dedicated. Perched owl logo with wording, “Vision For A Brighter Tomorrow”, officially adopted as camp logo. Offices moved into older cabin which was converted to Administration Building. First Diabetic Youth Retreat held by Southeastern Health District at camp with 19 campers.
Joined membership into ACA. Received $6,500 from Don Surrency Estate. Received $20,000 building grant from DNR for new dormitory construction.

1986 –  New Dining Hall and kitchen addition opened for use and named “Lioness Hall” in recognition of their extensive support. 139 campers attend summer program. The Century Club, a capital improvements fundraiser, was started under the direction of Camp President, Don Lynch. Received $10,000 grant from DNR budget for dining hall construction and renovation.

1987 –  GLC hosted Annual Conference of Lions Camps in fall – – 65 attendees from 16 Lions Camps. New camp video available entitled “Visions of Summer”. 152 campers attended 1 of 5 sessions during summer. First Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) camp held for 1 week session 25 kids attend. Began weekend outings for adult blind during fall & Spring. Annual income and operational expenditures exceed the $100,000 mark. Purchased 12 passenger van to help transport campers.

1988 –  157 campers attend camp during summer. Questionnaire sent to parents revealed positive results. Directors residence completed. Camper designed Christmas cards used as a fundraiser. MDA camp continues, most of kids in wheelchairs. Regular Board Meeting moved to Dublin, and adopted 2 day format.

1989 –  Started 100% Banner Patch Awards for clubs giving $25+/member. North Florida MDA Camp leases camp for 1 week summer session. Number of Century Club membership reaches 100 mark. Grant application for $24,000 submitted to LCIF for Arts & Crafts building. (Approved in 1990) Plans accepted to get underway with first Azinger Pro-Am to benefit camp. Camper sponsorships raised to $150/camper/week. Trust Fund balance at $47,700. Building block fundraiser begun to finance Director’s residence. Average Board Meeting Attendance between 75 and 90. Total annual club contributions (at end of 1989-90 FY) have increased to $138,000.

from District A plan District Convention Hospitality Night

District B


District B Governor Jack Hanbury with International President Austin Jennings in 1989 meeting.

International President William Woolard congratulates Inman Davis of District 18-B

Lonnie Roberts prepares for response to speaker – 1989

(Left to right) Inman Davis, District Governor; John Knox, Mayor of Waycross; Clarence Billups, President of the Waycross Chamber of Commerce; the speaker; and Jim Tucker, President of the Waycross Lions Club. (Ted Walden, Superintendent of Waycross Schools, was present but as a member of the Waycross Lions Club was hosting one of the students and Family.)

(Left to right) Jim Tucker; J.D. McLean, Principal of Waycross High School; Mrs. Williamson; Mr. Williamson, Principal of Ware County High School; Alex Peavy, Chairman of the Wart County Board of Education; Mrs. Dial; Dr. Dial, Superintendent of Ware County Schools.