History 1980-1990 Part 5

District 18-E

July 1,1980 – June 30,1990


Council Treasurer
District Governor, 18-E
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District 18-E
District Governor, 18-E
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District 18-E
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1980-81 1981-82
District Governor, 18-E
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District 18-E
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District Governor, 18-E
Council’ International
Convention Chairman
District 18-E
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1982-83 1983-84
District Governor, 18-E
Council International
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District 18-E
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-E
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Convention Chairman
District 18-E
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1984-85 1985-86
District Governor, 18-E
Council secretary 
District 18-E
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-E
Council State
Convention Chairman
District 18-E
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1986-87 1987-88
District Governor, 18-E
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Projects Chairman
District 18-E
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-E
Council State
Convention Chairman
District 18-E
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1988-89 1989-90

District 18E

Approximately ten years ago, Lion Past District Governor, C. Vernon Glisson, wrote the history of Lions District 18E for the Decade of the seventies. He did a wonderful job. The history he wrote was thorough and complete. We are grateful to Past District Governor Glisson, who was then serving as Librarian – Historian. I only wish I could have turned out a product comparable to his. 

I have read Lion Glisson’s work covering the Decade of the Seventies more than a dozen times, and I have benefited from it very much.

In my effort to write our District’s story for the Decade of the Eighties, you will find some rather noticeable omissions. I was not able to obtain all the information I really needed, and, of course, space limitations made it impossible for me to include all of the good information I did have. I have made a special effort to include the names of Lions who served in 18E from 1 July, 1980 – 30 June, 1990. I apologize for all oversights and errors.

1980 – 81

The Lions of 18E traveled to Columbus for their second annual district convention on March 29, 1980. District Governor Freddie Horton’s term of office was winding down. The delegates to the convention held in Columbus elected Harris Satterfield as their District Governor for 1980 – 81.

The mood and spirit of this convention was excitement and anticipation. All who were in attendance seemed to have a renewed dedication to Lionism.

Others elected or appointed include: Cabinet Secretary – Treasurer Jay Wilds (Julie), LaGrange; Cabinet Advisor Freddie L. Horton, Southside, Macon. Lion Richard H. Mallory was chosen to serve as District Vice President of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, and Lion Charles King was called upon to serve as District Vice-President for Georgia’s Lions Camp for the Blind.

Region Officers – Region One:

Deputy District Governor – Guy Atkinson (Clyde), Franklin.

Zone Chairman, Zone One – Frank Jones (Betty), Carrollton,

Zone Chairman, Zone Two – J. Harrell Hardy (Wilma) LaGrange

Zone Chairman, Zone Three – Jim Mabon (Sally), Greenville

Region TwoDeputy District
Governor – Bee H. Brown (Gloria), East Point

Zone Chairman, Zone One – Joseph Young (Pat), Stockbridge

Zone Chairman, Zone Two – Charles Bentley (Myrtle), Zebulon

Region Three

Deputy District Governor – Dr. Homer Wright (Gladys), Columbus

Zone Chairman, Zone One – Don Pendleton (Shirley), Columbus

Zone Chairman, Zone Two – Patrick Lee McCullough (Susan), Oglethorpe

Region Four 

Deputy District Governor – Jerry M. Payne (Faye), Macon

Zone Chairman, Zone One – Carl Bechtel (Bonnie), Macon

Zone Chairman, Zone Two – Charlie T. Smisson (Ada), Fort Valley

Important Dates from the year:

August 3, 1980 – Cabinet Meeting – LaGrange, Georgia

August 16, 1980 – State Council of Governors Meeting – Macon

October – Membership Month and International Relations

October 4 – State Council of Governors Meeting – Macon

October 8 – World Service Day

October 26 – 2nd Cabinet Meeting – Griffin

November 8, 1990 – Peach Bowl Princess Contest

January 2, 1981 – Peach Bowl

March 28 – District Convention and Cabinet Meeting – Macon

April 3 – White Cane Day

May 14 – State Council of Governors Meeting – Macon

May 15 – 17 – State Convention – Macon

May 24 – Incoming Officers School and Cabinet Meeting – Columbus

District Governor G. Harris Satterfield presided at this meeting. A word of welcome was given by Donnie Hodges and Julian Hurst.

Upon a motion offered by Homer E. Wright, the rules were suspended and the following resolution was duly approved: Resolution: Posthumous award of the Rutland plaque to deceased Lion, John Keel, submitted by the four Lions Clubs of Columbus, Georgia, August 3rd, 1980. (Copy of resolution was attached to minutes)

This is an exact quote from the minutes of the meeting: “At this time, Governor Satterfield announced the passing of past District Governor, William E. Bizzcll, on July 5, 1980. Governor Satterfield announced that as a living memory to Lion Bill, the Lions of 18E will build a school through CARE in Peru, dedicated to his years of service.”

A period of silence in remembrance of Lions John Keel and Bill Bizzell was observed. At the end of the period of silence, Governor Satterfield offered a prayer and thanksgiving for these fine two Lions.

Many reports and announcements were presented to the Cabinet. Governor Satterfield reported that Ted Cline had asked to be excused as Lioness Chairman of the year. Marge Christopher had expressed an interest in carrying on the work that she had started the year before. At this point, Marge Christopher gave an in-depth on Lioness’ work within the district.

Lion Jim McMullin was not present at this meeting. Lion Ted Cline reported on the Peach Bowl Princess Pageant scheduled November 8, 1990, in Thomaston, Georgia and Lion Bob Campen reported that World Service Day was scheduled for October 8, 1980. Other reports provided the Cabinet with needed information and plans.

October, Membership Month

Again, this year, Lions International observed Membership Month in October. From all documents, articles and data which are available from this period indicate that Lions were greatly concerned about problems of membership and retention. It needs to be pointed out that this concern had been present in the mind of our past District Governor, Freddie Horton. In a sense, Lions, not only of this district, but throughout the world were struggling with this problem. As we move forward, we will find that this was a continuing and constant concern.

Council of Governor’s Meeting

Governor Satterfield visited the Riverdale for his first visit during his year as District Governor. On February 23rd 1981 he visited the Heard County Club. In between this first and last visit, he visited 53 other clubs. His visits were always inspirational and informative.

World Service Day

This significant event was held on October 8, 1980. Lion Gordon Haslett was World Service Day Chairman for Lion Satterfield. Many of the clubs participated and special help and service was provided people with various needs. This was a good program under the leadership of Lion Haslett.

The Second Cabinet Meeting

This meeting was held in Griffin, Georgia, on October 26,1980. Governor Harris urged all members of his Cabinet to be present by means of a letter sent to all Cabinet members. In his letter, he had emphasized the fact that October was Membership and Retention Month.

At this October cabinet meeting, the matter of membership and retention continued to receive special attention. The problems in this area seemed forever to linger. The difficulties involved in getting and keeping members seemed to be an ever increasing problem with Lions everywhere. At this second Cabinet meeting, progress reports from many program chairmen were given. A special feature of this meeting held in Griffin was a report given by Lion Y. T. Abernathy, Chairman of the Trustees of the Emory Eye Bank. His report furnished Cabinet members with significant and needed information.

Peach Bowl Princess Contest

This gala event, arranged and planned by Chairman Jim McMullin, was, as usual, an outstanding event. A cabinet meeting of significant importance was announced for Saturday, January 3 1,198 1 in Franklin, Georgia. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss and make plans for an international youth camp for the state of Georgia. Past District Governor, Tom Eden, of the Montgomery Youth Camp, was to be a special speaker and answer any questions Cabinet members might have. The Annual District Convention was held in Macon, Georgia on March 28, 1981. Governor Harris, by this time, was nearing the end of his time as District Governor. The meeting was well attended, and the convention selected Lion Jerry Payne as its District Governor for 1981-82. The featured speaker for the banquet dinner program which was held in connection with the regular convention meeting was International Director, William W. (Bill) Thames of Jackson, Mississippi, who was at that time serving a two year term as International Director.

White Cane Day was held on April 3,198I. Our White Cane Day Chairman was Robert (Bob) Campen (Frances) of Lizella, Georgia. White Cane Day found many clubs participating and enthusiasm was high:

The Last District Cabinet Meeting was held on May 24, 1981 in Columbus, Georgia. At this meeting, Lion Donnie Hodges offered a resolution of special significance to the District and Governor G. Harris Satterfield.

The Resolution was as follows:


This resolution presented herewith to an official Cabinet Meeting of District 18E of the Lions of Georgia, convened in Macon, Georgia on this the 24th day of May, 1981.


THAT WHEREAS the International Youth Exchange Camp is a Project adopted and sponsored by the International Association of Lions Clubs in furtherance of the international Objective, viz. “To create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the worlds.: and

WHEREAS Lion G. Harris Satterfield, District Governor of District 18E, has concluded, after investigation and study that this Youth Exchange Program has tremendous merit and would be a great asset to Lionism in Georgia; Governor Satterfield having spent considerable time, thought and effort in furtherance of its adoption by the Lions District of District 18E and throughout Georgia, and

WHEREAS through the actions and efforts of Governor Satterfield, the Cabinet of District 18E and the Council of Governors of the Lions Districts of Georgia have, by appropriate actions, adopted the establishment of the International Youth Exchange Camp as an official and approved Lions Project and Program.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that District Governor G. Harris Satterfield be recognized with great appreciation and acclaim for his efforts in this initial introduction and adoption of the Lions International Youth exchange Camp into the programs of Lionism throughout District 18e and the State of Georgia.

We lovingly remember the following fine Lions who passed on to their eternal reward during the 1980-81 Lion year:

Fred Adams – Luthersville
J. Frank Green – Villa Rica
Gus D, Hinson – Muscogee
H. W. Barrett – Hogansville
Walter G, Hollingsworth – Griffin
William E. Bizzell, PDG – Griffin
Joseph Parham – Macon
Robert D, Brawner – LaGrange
Denman Phillips – McDonough
Earl Caldwell – Manchester
William L. Sanders – Lizella
Carl H. Edwards – Columbus Evening
T. Leonard Trite – Columbus

Contributions and Membership Trends

As of 1 September 1980 – 18E membership was 1,890
As of 1 September 1981 – 18E membership was 1,985

18E Lions contributed $1,506.00 to LCIF during 1980-81. The chairman for 18E was Lion Clyde D. Rabum. Lions of 18E contributed $1,473.00 to Leader Dogs for the Blind. 18E Chairman was Lion Bill McBerry.

18E Lions contributed $2590.50 to the Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind. I8E Chairman was Lion Charles Ray King.

18E Lions Clubs contributed $28,489.08 to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation. 18E chairman was Lion Richard H. Mallory.


Lion Jerry Payne (Faye) of Macon-Southside Lions Club was elected to serve as District Governor of this Lion year. Others elected or appointed included:

Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer – Tom Can; Southside

Cabinet Advisor – PDG G. Harris Satterfield, LaGrange

Bulletin Editor – Don Norris, Southside

District VP, GA Lions Lighthouse – Richard A. Mallory, La Grange

District VP, GA Camp for the Blind – Otis P. Hand, Southside

Region Officers

Region One

Deputy District Governor -J. Harrell Hardy (Wilma), La Grange

Zone Chairman, Zone One – Frank Jones (Betty), Carrollton

Zone Chairman Zone Two – James N. Walker (Beth), Newnan

Zone Chairman, Zone Three – Willis Hall (Phyllis), Manchestcr

Region Two

Deputy District Governor – Harold Ethredge (Vivian),Thomaston

Zone Chairman. Zone One- Gordon Haslett (Pauline), Riverdale

Zone Chairman, Zone Two -James D. Turpin (Betty), Zebulon

Region Three

Deputy District Governor – Ted Kline (Gloria)
Zone Chairman, Zone One – Hugh G. Kennedy (Charlotte), Columbus
Zone Chairman, Zone Two – Leroy Webb (Wanda), Ellaville

Region Four

Deputy District Governor – Karl Bechtel (Bonnie), Macon
Zone Chairman, Zone One – Lee Rister (Carolyn), Lizella
Zone Chairman, Zone Two – Earl F. Auchmutey (Stella), Warner

Dates to Remember

August 2, 1981 – 1st Cabinet Meeting, Thomaston
August 15, 1981 – State Council of Governors, Macon
October, 1981- Membership and Retention Month
October 8, 1981 – World Service Day
October 17, 1981 – Council of Governors Meeting, Macon
October 25, 1981 – 2nd Cabinet Meeting, Macon
November 7, 1981 – Peach Bowl Princess Contest, Thomaston
December 31,198l – Peach Bowl
March 27, 1982 – District Convention, Macon
April 3, 1982 -White Cane Day
May 14-16, 1982 – State Convention – Macon
May 23, 1982 – Fourth Cabinet Meeting

The First Cabinet Meeting was held in Thomaston, Georgia on August 2, 1981 with 104 Lions and Lionesses, and one guest in attendance. The Invocation was led by Gordon Haslett, and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was led by James Turpin. Foy Bentley, President of the Thomaston Club welcomed the cabinet.

It was announced that between July 6,1981 and October 25, 1981 Governor Payne visited 25 Lions Clubs. Membership and Retention were stressed with Governor Payne calling for a 10 percent increase in membership.

World Lions Service Day – Lion Charles Bentley of Pike County, Chairman, reported that many fine, worthwhile projects were accomplished on this significant day with interest and participation increasing yearly.

The Second Cabinet Meeting was attended by 58 Lions and 7 Lionesses. Governor Payne called the meeting to order at 2 p.m. on October 25, 198 1 in Macon, Georgia. A time of silent prayer was observed for Lion Lee Brown who died on October 16, 1981. The upcoming Peach Bowl was stressed and new Lioness Clubs starting in Pike County, Perry, Stockbridge and Butler were noted.

Peach Bowl Princess Contest: Chairman Jim McMullen and his cochairman Ken Reeves planned and promoted a great contest and most delightful time of food and fellowship. This event was held in Thomaston on November 7,1981. Libby Land, sponsored by the Warner Robins Noon Lions Club, was crowned as Princess. Andrea Marie Dixon, sponsored by Bonanza Lions Club, was First Runner-Up. Jeanie Braswell, sponsored by Cusseta, was voted Miss Congeniality.

In 18E a total of 403 memberships and 332 tickets were sold for the Peach Bowl. In the game itself, West Virginia defeated Florida 26-6.

Governor Payne’s Holiday Newsletter featured holiday messages from Governor Payne, Deputy District Governor J. Harrell Hardy, Deputy District Governor Karl T. Becktel, and Cabinet Secretary Tom Carr.

Between October 26, 1981 and March 23, 1982 Governor Jerry Payne visited 29 Lions Clubs in 18E. The total number of visits during his year as District Governor was 54.

The January Newsletter – Emory Research Center

The newsletter, edited by Don Norris reported that Georgia has the “number one eye bank in the world” and that “Lions International has made a motion picture about it. . . . In 1980 a record was set with a total of 609 cornea1 transplants. . . . In 1981 that record was broken with a total of 825 cornea1 transplants.”

In this issue of the newsletter, Gov. Payne observed that the results of the October membership drive were “very good.”

District Convention and Third Cabinet Meeting

The meeting, held March 27, 1982 in Macon, Georgia, was attended by 75 Lions and 10 Lionesses. Various reports addressed problems and successes. Freddie Horton, Luau chairman and Cabinet Advisor, announced that plans for the Banquet/Luau were all in order. All indications are that this was a most successful and joyful occasion.

Lion Homer Wright was elected District Governor for 1982-83. All delegates were asked to stand in order to express their support for Governor-Elect Wright and his cabinet.

The Fourth Cabinet Meeting was called to order in Macon, Georgia and minutes of this meeting are available in the files of 18E Librarian-Historian.

District Governor’s Contest Winners were: Morrow Lions Club – First Place; Southside Community Lions Club – 2nd place; Newnan Lions Club – 3rd place.

Past District Governor’s Top Ten Clubs in order were: Bonanza, Carrollton Evening, Centerville, Columbus Evening, Greenville, Lizella, Morrow, Newnan, Southside Community, Thomaston.

Plaque Winners: Hershel1 F. McElroy – Morrow; Stuart Dyer Memorial – Southside Community; Herb Reimers Memorial – Freddie L. Horton, Centerville.

District Governor’s Contest for Lioness Clubs: Columbus Evening Lioness Club – 1st place; Warner Robins Lioness – 2nd place; The Jeane Bennet Memorial Plaque was won by Ruth Connell of Griffin. A new Lioness club was organized in Perry, and ground work has been laid for several additional clubs. Three Lioness Presidents and three Secretaries were 100% 


Twenty-one of our Lions Clubs donated $1,667.00 to Leader Dog. Three Lioness Clubs donated $210.00. Forty Lions Clubs donated $19,275.00 to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse. Five Lioness Clubs donated $I,0 19.00. Our White Cane Day collection for the Lighthouse totaled $6,203.00. Nineteen Lions clubs donated $14,000.00 to the Emory research facility. Twenty-two Lions Clubs donated $1,844.00 to LCIF. Five Lioness clubs donated $337.00. Seventeen Lions clubs donated $2,596.00 to the Camp for the Blind. Six Lioness Clubs donated $515.00. State Convention Awards
were as follows: Award # 4, Murrah Award – Morrow Lions Club 1st place; Award # 30, GA Federation of the Blind Award – Morrow Lions Club 1st place; Award # 25, Smith/Raiford Award – Morrow Lions Club 2nd place; Award # 16, LaGrange Award – Macon Southside Lions – 1st place; Award # 3, Laurel Ridge/Monroe – Macon Southside Lions 2nd place; Award # 22, Moultrie Award – Macon Southside Lions 2nd place. Lions Lighthouse Foundation Plaque for District with the Largest Per Capita Increase i n White Cane Day Collections was awarded to District Governor Jerry Payne for District 18E. Georgia Factory for the Blind Award to Club with the Highest Per Capita Sales in Brooms and Mops – Winner Fort Valley Lions Club.

The following Lions who died during the 1981-82 year are lovingly remembered and appreciated:

Jack H. Akridge, Perry
Bee H. Brown, Riverdale
Jimmy Carter, Stockbridge
Johnny Davenport, Buchanan
T. E. Gardner, Griffin
Michael Gavin, Manchester
Charles W. Greene, Jr., West Point
Max Harper, Macon
Jerrell H. Haynes, Carrollton Evening
Lee Johnson, West Point
Ernest A. Ortenberg, Temple
Jack R. Pilkenton, Pike County
W. C. Pilkenton, Pike County
Ocie P. Roberts, West Point
W. T. Shepherd, Warner Roberts Noon
J. C. Shippey, West Point
Dewey L. Shirley, Sr., Morrow
E. L. Taylor, Pike County
Robert M. Thibadeau, Macon Vine-Ingle
G. L. Williams, Oglethorpe
PDG Noel Haskins, Manchester
PDG Ray King, Columbus

As of September 1, 1981 District 18E membership was 1,985

As of September 1, 1982, District 18E membership was 1,884

Supporting records and documents from which this report was written are on file with the I8E Librarian-Historian.


Lion Homer E. Wright was elected District Governor on March 27, 1982. Others elected or appointed included: Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer James P. McGrotha, Columbus; Cabinet Advisor – FUG Jerry Payne; Librarian Historian – C. Vernon Glisson, Fort Valley; DVP Lighthouse – A. Goldsmith; DVP Camp for the Blind – Otis P. Hand – Southside

Regional Officers were as follows:

Deputy District Governors – Calvin L. Moore
Bill Mcberry
G. E. Elzworth
Earl Auchmutey

Zone Chairmen
Nathan Price
James Walker
Willis Hall
Robert King
Johnny Edwards
David Rodriquez
Mitchell Ellis
Robert Campen
Francis Barks

The first Cabinet Meeting was held in Griffin on July 25, 1982 with a moment of silence being observed for deceased Lions Ray King and Neal Haskins. All items on the agenda were duly noted and acted on.

The District newsletter was ably edited by A. Goldsmith.

World Service Day, October 8, 1982 was a success. Governor Wright commended Chairman Harrell Hardy for an exemplary job and noted LaGrange Noon, Perry, and Southside Community for their diabetes screening programs.

The Second Cabinet Meeting was held October 10, 1982 in Carrollton. All reports and agenda items indicate Lionism in 18E is heading in the right direction.

The Peach Bowl Princess Contest under the chairmanship of Jim McMullen (Pageant) and Ken Reeves (Princess) was also successful. Winners: Princess – Shanie Helton, Newnan; First Runner Up – Adrianne Gordillo, Morrow; Second Runner Up – Cynthia Green, LaGrange Noon; Third Runner Up – Jill Oakly, Griffin.

The Third Cabinet Meeting, February 20, 1993 in Macon was treated to a musical program by the Academy of the Blind. 62 Lions and 9 Lionesses attended. All items on the agenda were acted on.

The District Convention in Columbus was March 19, 1993. 67 Lions and 9 Lionesses attended. District officers were elected, with Robert Campen elected as District Governor.

White Cane Day, April 9, 1983 totaled $3,940.00 in donations under the chairmanship of Lion Harold Etheridge of Thomaston.

Contributions to Charity

$ 3,860.18 GA Camp for the Blind
450.00 CARE
1565.00 LCIF
22,357.54 CITE
25,297.26 Lighthouse Foundation
3,940.00 White Cane Day
1,337.00 Leader Dog Program
584.00 AEB
993.00 Ga Lions Youth Camp
2,670.50 Peach Bowl, Inc.
34,425.68 Other Contributions (Local)
$77,998.96 Total Funds Raised

Two Lions clubs were chartered and one Lioness club was certified this Lion year.

Centerville Lions Club reported Materials and Equipment of a Lifeline Unit with Maintenance Upkeep @ $500.00 and a Recording System for the Blind @ $372.00

The winners of the District Governor’s Contest were Columbus – 1st place; Lizella – 2nd Place; Warner Robins Evening – 3rd place

The winners of The Past District Governor’s Contest for top ten clubs in order were: Columbus, Lizella, Warner Robins Evening, Newnan, Southside, West Point, Greenville, Columbus Evening, Centerville and Columbus Muscogee.

As of September 1, 1982 membership was 1,884

As of September 1, 1983 membership was 1,892

The following Lions who died during the Lion year are lovingly remembered and appreciated:

M. H. Adcock, Senoia
J. L. Barnes, Tallapoosa
F. M. Chalker, Carrollton
Claude R. Collier, Columbus Evening
Mark H. Crowder, Hogansville
Cobb Edwards, Pike County
Noel Haskins, PDG, Manchester
W. T. Jolly, Oglethorpe
Charles R. King, PDG, Columbus Evening
L. K. Moss, Buena Vista
Roland Neel, Macon
C. H. Orrick, Sr., Thomaston
Clifford G. Parker, Griffin
Bryan Patrick, Harris County
Russell B. Smith, West Point
Douglas Wilson, Senoia
William M. Wolfe, Thomaston
James T. Young, Rutland Macon


Lion Robert “Bob” Campen of Lizella Lions Club was elected District Governor for the 1983-84 Lion year at the convention held in Columbus on March 19, 1982.

Others elected or appointed were as follows:
Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer – W. Lee Rister, Lizella
Cabinet Advisor – PDG Homer Wright, Columbus
Bulletin Editor – Tom Carr, Southside
VP – GA Lighthouse Foundation – J. E. Oldham, Southside
VP-GA Lions Camp for the Blind – Otis P. Hand, Southside

Region Officers:

Deputy District Governors   Charles Hodges
Robert King
G. E. Elzworth
Francis Barks

Zone Chairmen
Reuben Work
Jeffrey Lasester
Claude Harmon
David Sparks
Daniel Bolduc
Hugh Pharis
Mitchell Ellis
Donald Norris
Russell Nelson

The First Cabinet Meeting was held on July 31, 1983 in Griffin and was attended by 97 Lions and 8 Lionesses. The motto, “Join Hands in Service” was announced and all items and issues on the agenda were duly addressed.

World Lions Service day was held October 8, 1983.

The Second Cabinet Meeting was held in Macon, GA on October 16,1983. 88 Lions and 10 Lionesses attended. Homer Wright received the Lioness Club Sponsorship Certificate. All items and issues were duly addressed.

The Third Cabinet Meeting was held on March 10, 1984 in LaGrange. 106 Lions, 6 Lionesses, two Leos attended. The usual reports were presented and approved. Officers were elected for 1984-85. They were District Governor – Homer Wright; VP – Lions Lighthouse – Billy Oldham; VP Camp for the Blind – Charles Shepard; Historian-Librarian – Guy Atkinson

Contributions were as follows:

Georgia Lions Lighthouse – $17,099.55
White Cane Day $5,961.35
Ga Camp for the Blind $6,109.88
Lions Club International Foundation – $1,840.00
Leader Dogs for the Blind – $1,846.00

Winners of the District Governors Contest were Macon Southside – 1st place; Newnan – 2nd place; Greenville – 3rd place

Past District Governors Top Ten Clubs in order were; Macon Southside, Newnan, Greenville, Lizella, Morrow, Macon-Rutland, Columbus Evening, Columbus, Centerville and Griffin.

Those winning plaques were:
Hershell G. McElroy – Morrow Lions
Stuart Dyer Memorial – Columbus Lions
Herb Reimers Memorial – Raymond Johnson
Lioness District Governors Contest:
Morrow – 1st place Warner Robins Noon – 2nd place Jeanne
Bennet Memorial Plaque – Lioness Susan Hubbard


District Convention Held March 10, 1984 – Lion Homer Wright elected District Governor for the second time within a three year period.

Others elected or appointed:

Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer – James McGrotha
Cabinet Advisor – PDG Robert Campen
Bulletin Editor – O. Street Dendy
VP – GA Lighthouse Foundation – J. E. Oldham, Southside
VP-GA Lions Camp for the Blind – Charles B. Shepard

Region Officers:

Deputy District Governors   Jeffrey Laseter
Bill McBerry
G. E. Elzworth
Francis Barks

Zone Chairmen
Tom Graham
David Granroos
Gordon Tyrrell
Gordon Haslett
Johnny Edwards
Robert Parker
Mitchell Ellis
Bill Thornton
Russell Nelson

The first Cabinet Meeting was held July 15, 1984 in Carrollton. There were 82 Lions and 12 Lionesses in attendance. The proposed budget had not yet been completed. All other items and issues were duly addressed.

October 8 was World Service Day

The Second Cabinet Meeting was held October 14 in Griffin. 59 Lions, 12 Lionesses were in attendance. Almost every program promoted and sponsored by the Lions of 18E was discussed and reports were received concerning all programs.

The Peach Bowl Princess Pageant was held October 27, 1984 in Thomaston. Princess – Angie Stewart, Villa Rica; First Runner Up – Rhonda Bartlett, Carrollton Lioness; Second Runner Up – DiDe Crisp, Columbus Evening, Third Runner Up and Swimsuit Winner – Tonya Anderson, Newnan; Miss Congeniality – Jana Pressley, Thomaston

Third District Cabinet Meeting, March 23, 1985 in Columbus was attended by 93 Lions and 4 Lionesses. Elected officers – District Governor – Jeffrey Laseter; VP GA Lions Lighthouse – Homer Wright; VP GA Camp for the Blind – Charles W. Shephard.

Stewart Dyer Memorial Plaque – Macon Southside
Herb Reimers Memorial Plaque – Otis P. Hand, Macon Southside
Centerville Plaque – Macon Southside
Lion of the Year – Francis “Hank” Barker, Warner Robins Noon
Secretary of the Year Award – Francis Barker, Warner Robins Noon; James M.
Bentley, Warner Robins Evening; and James P. McGrotha, Columbus

Contributions were as follows:

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Regular Contributions $18,595.32; other contributions $416.90; White Cane Day collections $5,966.27; Building Contributions $1.695.00 Total Contributions: $37,112.11

Ga Lions Camp for the Blind total Contributions $9,941.13

Lions Clubs International Foundation contributions $2,493.00

Leader Dogs for the Blind Contributions $1,550.00

Membership as of 1 September 1984 was 1879

Membership as of 1 September 1985 was 1845

The following Lions who died during the Lion year are lovingly remembered and appreciated
Guy Atkinson, Heard County
Jim Baswell, Morrow
Bert Blackstock, Thomaston
W. T. Cooksey
O. R. Coppage, Columbus
Robert Davis, Luthersville
Roy Dobson, Bowdon
Coylee Dyson, Senoia
W. Carl Garrett, Jr., Greenville
H. O. Harpe, Greenville
William I. Hudson, Columbus
Dr. William Jenkins, Jr., Macon
Millard T. Johns, Cusseta
Carl E. Lancaster, Macon
Dr. Charles Logue, Columbus Muscogee
George W. Maddox, Barnesville
Walker McGarity, McDonough
Hugh W. Mercer, Forsyth
R. O. Moss, West Point
Hulett Nation, Heard County
John E. Palmer, LaGrange
W. R. Perry, Macon
James Shurley, Morrow
Palmer Slack, Macon
Hal Steed, Bowden
Tim Thames, Byron
S. W. Ware, Woodbury
J. B. Warren, Carrollton
George A. William, Sr., Luthersville


The Lions of District 18E selected Jeffery Laseter of the West Point Lions Club to serve as District Governor for this Lion year. There were 59 clubs in the district at the beginning of the year. Governor Laseter provided the Librarian Historian with the information from which this particular year’s history is comprised. Others elected or appointed are as follows:

Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer – Robert K. Dickinson
Cabinet Advisor – PDG Homer Wright
Bulletin Editor – Billy W. Kelton
VP – GA Lighthouse Foundation – Homer Wright
VP-GA Lions Camp for the Blind – Charles B. Shepard

Region Officers:

Deputy District Governors    Fao
N. Akers
Gordon Haslett
Robert Parker
Russell Nelson
David E. Granroos

Zone Chairmen
Don Amann
R. W. Miller
Harvey Nelson
Bob Heaberlin
H. Morris Pruitt
Andrew Baldwin
Thomas E. Adams
Bill Thornton
Harold W. Holley
Willis Hall

Governor Laseter held four cabinet meetings during his year as the leader of 18E. On July 28, 1985, the cabinet met in Carrolton; Macon was the site of the second cabinet meeting, which was held October 29; the third cabinet meeting held during the year was on March 28 in LaGrange; the fourth and final gathering of the cabinet was on June 22, 1986 in Thomaston, Georgia.

At the close of his year as Governor, Lion Jeff Laseter submitted the following financial reports, indicating the condition of the district at the close of the year.

Received from previous administration –     $928.08
Receipts $10, 487.89
Total to be Account for $11,415.97
Expenditures $10,310.87
Transferred to Incoming Administration – $1,105.10

The 1985-86 year began with 1,858 members in District 18E. These belonged to the 59 clubs existing at that time. The records show there was a net loss of 68 Lions during the year, and it should be noted that 27 of those losses were by the deaths of loved and honored Lions who had served the cause of Lionism to the best of their ability. We will always remember them with gratitude and appreciation. There were 60 clubs in District 18E at the year’s end, with a total membership of 1,790 Lions. As of June 30, 1986, there were 8 Lioness Clubs in existence.

Clubs with a net gain in membership during the year were as follows: Columbus – 5, LaGrange Noon – 5, Senoia – 5, Bremen – 5, Macon – 4, Perry – 4, Centerville – 3, Oglethorpe – 3, Columbus Evening – 2, Columbus Muscogee Warner Robins – 2. Each of the following clubs gained one member during the year: Bonanza, Fort Valley, Griffin, Luthersville, Macon vine Ingle, Montezuma, and Stockbridge.

Governor Laseter noted, “The extension effort in the District paid dividends. Two new Lions Clubs and on new Leo Club were formed. The Riverdale Noon Lions Club sponsored the Riverdale Lions Club, which was chartered with 21 members on October 7, 1985, in Riverdale Georgia, with Lion Arch M. “Mac” Osborn as charter president. The Jonesboro Noon Lions Club was chartered with 22 members on February 20, 1986 with Lion Robert Lewis, Jr. as Charter President. The Leo Club of Central High School, Newnan, Georgia was organized with 39 members. Miss Amy Walker, daughter of James N. “Jimmy” Walker, President of the sponsoring Newnan Club, was elected President.”

Concerning 1985-86, Governor Laseter said, “History was made as the last year of sponsorship of the Peach Bowl Classic by the Lions of Georgia matched Army and Illinois on December 12, 1985. District 18E (16 clubs) sold 325 tickets out of a total Lions sale of 6,947. Our statewide goal was 10,000 tickets.

Many Lions and friends of Lions traveled to Thomaston, Georgia to attend the eighth annual Peach Bowl Princess Pageant, win which twenty-six beautiful and talented ladies were contestants. The Thomaston Civic Center was filled with excited, happy people.

Every participant was an outstanding person that night. Every sponsoring club was proud.

Miss Keli Amelia Jerles was named as the first place winner. She was awarded a $500.00 scholarship, roses, and a very beautiful trophy. Miss Jerles represented 18E in the Peach Bowl Queen Contest in Atlanta, and was chosen as first runner up. Past District Governor William H. Heule of Thomaston and Miss Kimberly Kennedy of television station WRBL in Columbus served as Master and Mistress of Ceremonies. Lion Jim McMullen, PDG, served as Chairman of the pageant. Lioness Susan Hubbard served as Princess Chairman from the host club. This pageant was attended by 364 persons. “A great night for the Lions of 18E.”

Chairman J. Harrell Hardy of the LaGrange Noon Lions Club, reported that 23 Lions Clubs, 5 Lioness Clubs and one Leo Club participated in the International World Service Day.

Contributions to our state and international projects were, generally, at the same levels as last year; however, one significant improvement was in the area of Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). Chairman G. E. “Elden” Elzworth contacted every club in the district and contributions were up over 38% over the previous year.

The Lions, Lionesses, and Leos made the following contributions:

LCIF $ 3,440.00
GA Lions Camp for the Blind $14,083.00
CITE (Emory University) $ 9,953.00
GA Lions Eye Bank at Emory 438 donor cards
Leader Dogs for the Blind 2,648.00
GA Lions Lighthouse Foundation 52,040.00

The eighth annual District Convention was held at the Ramada Inn, LaGrange, Georgia on March 8, 1986. The District Officers elected for 1986-87 were: District Governor Robert W. King, Bonanza Lions Club; GA Lighthouse VP, Dr. Homer E. Wright, Columbus-East; GA Lions Camp for the Blind VP, Jimmy Walker, Newnan; District Librarian, Robert E. Sistrunk, Greenville.

The speaker at the evening banquet was International Director Lawrence A. “Larry” Emerton, of Goffstown, New Hampshire. Two hundred seventeen persons attended.

The winners of the District Governors Contest were: Columbus-Muscogee, Centerville, and Newnan. Morrow Lioness Club was the top club in the Lioness competition. Woodbury received the Hershel McElroy Plaque. Donald Norris was awarded the Herb Reimers Plaque. Centerville Lions won the Clyde Rayburn Award. The outstanding Lioness of the district was President Maurine Willis of the Columbus Evening Lioness Club, who was presented with the Jeanne Bennett Memorial Plaque.

The 65th State Convention was held in our District in Macon on May 23-25, 1986. Speaker was International Vice-President Austin P. Jennings, from Woodbury, Tennessee. District 18E collected eleven State Awards on May 25, Southside Lions Club of Macon received the most awards from our District.

The following Lions who died during the 1985-86 year are lovingly remembered and appreciated:

Robert L. Anderson,
Columbus Muscogee
Hilliard Arenowitch, Columbus
James A. Baswell, Morrow
J. Roy Baxter, Temple
J. R. Blankenship, Stockbridge
Solon Boggus, LaGrange
Arthur G. Cook, Thomaston
William M. Fambrough, Columbus Muscogee
Julius Gholson, Macon
R. W. Harrell, West Point
Robert J. Hinson, Macon Southside
Edgar P. Hoard, Griffin
John Hutto, Crawford County
Ellis Jacobs, Columbus Muscogee
Douglas Kelley, West Point
H. G. Langford, Pike County
Henry Lumpkin, Carrollton Noon
Mike Murray, Buena Vista
Paul Patton, LaGrange
John Pigg, Forsyth
Horace E. Richter, LaGrange
L. L. Strewn, McDonough
J. L. Turner, Ideal
Raymond Waid, LaGrange
C. Cody White, Columbus
Morris Williams, Tallapoosa
Joe Young, LaGrange


Lion Robert W. “Bob” King of the Bonanza Lions Club, was elected as 18E’s District Governor for 1986-87 at the District Convention which was held in LaGrange, Georgia on March 8,1986.

Others who were elected or appointed include:
Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer – Charles E. McDaniels
Cabinet Advisor – Jeffrey Laseter
Bulletin Editor – Harold Queen
VP – GA Lighthouse Foundation – Homer E. Wright

Region Officers:

Deputy District Governors    Fao N. Akers
Harold Etheridge
H. Morris Pruitt
Donald Norris
Willis Hall

Zone Chairmen
Donald Duncan
Larry Croft
Bon Haeberlin
Ron Crooks
John McCary
Charles B. Greer
Lee V Peterson
Luther M. Young
Joseph Lyttle, Sr.

The First District Cabinet Meeting was held August 3, 1986 in Jonesboro with sixty Lions representing 38 clubs and seven Lionesses representing five clubs in attendance. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Deputy District Governor Donald L. Norris. The invocation was given by Lion Floyd Carmak who also extended greetings on behalf of Chairman Charlie Griswell, Clayton County Commissioner.

PDG Laseter extended his sincere thanks to the outgoing Cabinet members and encouraged the incoming Cabinet to strive for an increase in membership this year.

Lioness Susan Hubbard was appointed by DG King as Tail Twister. $61.00 was collected in TT Fines and a motion was made, seconded, and approved to send the $61.00 to the Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind.

Many reports were presented and announcement made. DG King addressed the issue of the Princess Pageant now that we no longer have sponsorship of the Peach Bowl. It was generally felt that the pageant was a good fund-raiser in the past; however, there was much discussion as to what the princess would be princess of. One idea mentioned was to have Miss Georgia Lions Princess and her court involved in some way with the Pepsi Senior Challenge. DG King advised he would take this to the Council of Governors meeting for further discussion.

The Fourth Cabinet Meeting was held June 7, 1987 in Columbus and District Governor- Elect Bob Campen said that in the strive for excellence in 1987-88, membership would be a priority. District Governor Campen acknowledged that the zone chairmen would have as an additional responsibility the duty of emphasizing the extension of Lionism with 18E . . . for World Lions Service Day in October 1987, District Governor Campen encouraged that each club adopt a program above and beyond their current calendar for this event and report these functions on their M&A’s.

PDG Jeff Laseter told the district of his pleasure of having been Cabinet Advisor for the year and thanked the district for their cooperation and support. Some of the District’s monetary contributions are as follows: GA Lions Lighthouse regular contributions – $19,960.16; memorial contributions $365.00; White Cane day contributions – $12,430.30; Private Contributions $4.00 and ASSOC., contributions $500.00.

Total Lighthouse Contributions – $36,352.28. 18E’s total contributions to the Georgia Lions Camp

LCIF were $5,455.00 and contributions to Leader Dogs for the Blind &as $2,048.00.

As of September 1, 1986, 18E’s membership was 1,790. As of September 1, 1987, 18E’s membership was 1,695.

The Following Lions who died during the 1986-87 year are lovingly remembered and appreciated.

Ross C. Bateman, Macon Vine-Ingle
Raymond E. Baugh, Bonanza
Willis A. Biggers, Jr., Greenville
James W. Bronson, Warner Robbins
J. Douglas Carlisle, Macon
Kenneth Carswell, PDG, Macon
Dr. William Chambless, Harris County
Grady C. Cox, Riverdale
T. Roy Crouch, Hogansville
Claude Daniel, LaGrange Noon
Allan D. Dodson, Hogansville
Hugh Findley, Hampton
Marlin Freeman, LaGrange
Barney Lee Garrett, Carrollton
Walter G. Gossett, Luthersville
C. J. Hansard, Temple
Alcee F. Maxfield, PDG, Macon Vine-Ingle
James Maxwell, Carrollton
James W. Melton, Morrow
J. C. Murphey, West Point
Cullen R. Paton, Luthersville
Thomas Stutts, Heard County
Richard Taylor, Buena Vista
Woody Thornhill, Centerville
Abraham L. Tipton, LaGrange
Wade H. Tomlinson, Jr.,, Columbus Muscogee
J. F. Williams, Oglethorpe
J. T. Williams, Buchanan


Past District Governor Robert Campen was called upon for the second time in four years to serve 18E as District Governor. Others who were elected or appointed include:

Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer – Warren Beddingfield
Cabinet Advisor – Robert King
VP – GA Lighthouse Foundation – Homer E. Wright
VP-GA Lions Camp for the Blind -James Walker

Region Officers:

Deputy District Governors   Fao N. Akers
Bob Haeberlin
H. Morris Pruitt
Walter Fowler, Jr.
Willis Hall

Zone Chairmen
Charles Blackstock
David Nysewander
Hanion T. Johnson
Jack Hunter
H. O. White
John McCary
James A. Huskey
Jerry Grimsley
Sidney Michael Gay
James L. Mayborn

The First Cabinet Meeting was attended by 84 Lions and 13 Lionesses. All items and issues were appropriately addressed.

Lion David Granroos served as Chairman of World Lions Service Day which was successful.

The Second Cabinet Meeting was attended by 45 Lions and 7 Lionesses. The meeting was held in Thomaston on November 7, 1987. Various reports were presented and all items on the agenda were addressed.

The Miss Georgia Lions Princess Pageant was held November 7, 1987 in Thomaston and Miss Denise Daniels,
sponsored by the Columbus Lions Club, was crowned winner. Lions Jim McMullen and Ken Reeves, cochairmen, did their usual wonderful jobs.

The Third Cabinet Meeting was held in LaGrange on March 12, 1988 with 74 Lions and 13 Lionesses present. Past International Director Mike Butler was a guest. Reports were given, items on the agenda were addressed and election of Cabinet Officers for the coming year was held. Among those elected were: Lion Fao Akers, DG; Don Norris, Lt. Gov,; Francis Barks, VP GA Camp for the Blind; PDG Jeff Laseter , District VP GA Lions Lighthouse, Warren Bedingfield, Librarian-Historian.

White Cane Day, E.B. Trigg Perry Lions Club-Chairman, yielded $14,134.50 in contributions with 31 clubs participating.

As of September 1987, 18E had 1,695 members.
As of September 1988, 18E had 1,704 members.

Contributions include:
Ga Lions Lighthouse Foundation $38,234.80
GA Lions Camp for the Blind $15,418.99
Lions Club International Foundation –    $15,283.00
Leader Dogs for the Blind- $  2,107.48

Based on available pertinent information of the accomplishments of 18E Lions Clubs during 1987-88, DG Campen decided to present a special award to the Columbus Lions Club. This award was over and above the regular DG’s awards to the top three clubs.

The winners of the DG contest were:
Bonanza Lions Club – 1st place; Columbus Evening Lions Club – 2nd place;
Columbus Lions Club – 3rd place

The winners of the PDG’s
Top Ten Club were: Bonanza, Columbus Evening, Columbus and 4-10 (listed alphabetically) are Centerville,
Columbus Muscogee, Macon, Macon Southside, Warner Robins, Warner Robins Noon, West Point

The following Lions who died during 1987-88 are lovingly remembered and appreciated:

Olen Arnett, Macon
Cecil Baldwin, Greenville
C. Edward Berry, Columbus
James R. Carter, Tallapoosa
Joseph E. Chapman, Jr., Columbus
Dr. W. E, Cm-ran, Columbus
Ernest Flitter, Thomaston
Hugh M. Glidewell, Jr., Butts County
Larry Jales, LaGrange
H. E. Hobbs, Cusseta
Wiley Hutchenson, Sr., Macon Rutland
W. I. Lanier, Tallapoosa
Brown McDowell, Heard County
W. D. Pool, Ideal
Paul R. Pope, Columbus
Joe Psalmond, Manchester
R.J. Simanton, Tallapoosa
Early Smith, Talbotton
William G. Spencer, Columbus
Harry R. Spikes, LaGrange
Darden Spradlin, Bowden
William G. Thomas, Macon Vine-Ingle.


The District Convention held on March 12, 1988 in LaGrange, Georgia was presided over by Governor Robert Campen. Lion Fao Akers was elected District Governor. Others elected or appointed were:

Don Norris, Lieutenant Governor (the first to be elected to this office); Francis Barks, VP GA Camp for the Blind; PDG Jeff Laseter , District VP GA Lions Lighthouse, Warren Bedingfield, Librarian-Historian.

Region Officers:

Deputy District Governors    Charles Blackstock
Charlie McDaniels
H. Morris Pruitt
Virgil Peterson
Willis Hall

Zone Chairmen

Daniel Jackson
Daniel Hutcherson
David Sparks
Jack Hunter
Forrest Hobbs
James C. Brooks
Robert R. Robinson
Timothy Hawkins
Clark W. Stevenson
Weyman Owen

The First Cabinet Meeting in Jonesboro was held on July 31,1988 was attended by 86 Lions and 4 Lionesses. All items and issues were duly addressed.

The Second Cabinet Meeting was held on October 16, 1988 with seven Lionesses and 51 Lions in attendance.

Many reports were presented. A crowded agenda was duly accounted for.

Morrow Lioness Club installed its first male member during the month of October 1989. Barnesville Lions Club installed seven new members recently and in so doing doubled their membership. Also note that Fort Valley recently five new members.

The Princess Pageant was held on February 11,1989 with Kimberly Clark Eason, who was sponsored by the Columbus Lions Club, winning the pageant.

The Third Cabinet Meeting, District Convention was held March 18, 1989. Guest Speaker was International Director James Cameron. Donald Norris was elected District Governor and Robert Robinson was elected Lieutenant Governor.

As of September 1, 1988, District 18E had 1,695 members.

As of September 1,1989, District 18E had 1,704 members.

Contributions GA Lions Lighthouse Foundation $33,523.09
GA Lions Camp for the Blind $21,779.84
LCIF $ 7,702.00
Leader Dogs $ 5,307.00

The following Lions who died during the 1988-89 year are lovingly remembered and appreciated:

Samuel C. Allison, PDG, Muscogee
B. J. Arrington, Heard County
Gilbert P. Burdick, Vine-lngle Macon
Willard E. Cagle, Rutland Macon
R.D. Crawford, Pike County
K. B. Hardwick, Cross Keys Macon
Dr. Joseph M. Hawley, Columbus
Dr. G. C. Holroyd, Hogansville
Joe Huckabee, Hogansville
Harry Jones, PDG, Columbus
P. H. Jossey, Sr., Forsyth
Lloyd A, Kirkland, Byron
Clarence D. Leverette, Perry
George Markwalter, Macon
Charles Matthews, Talbotton
C. W. McMahon, Cross Keys Macon


Deputy District Governor Donald Norris were elected to serve as 18E’s District Governor for the Lion year. Robert Robinson was elected Lieutenant Governor.

Others who were elected or appointed include: Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer – James A. Husky
VP – GA Lighthouse Foundation – Jeff Laseter
VP-GA Lions Camp for the Blind – R. W. King

Region Officers:

Deputy District Governors   Charles Blackstock
Charles McDaniel
James P. McGrotha
Robert Heaberlin
Wyman Owen

Zone Chairmen
Edwin Harman
Bill Miller
Bill Pitts
Bob Heaberlin
Weldon Adams
Tommy Martin
Robert Edwards
Joseph Maloney
Fred Thompson
Joseph F. Lyttle, Sr.

The First Cabinet Meeting was held in Macon, Georgia in July 23, 1989 and was attended by 74 Lions and Lionesses.

The Chairman of World Lions Service Day was Frank Jones of Carrolton.

A special cabinet meeting was held October 15, 1989 in Macon. Governor Norris called this special meeting to elect a new District Vice President for the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation to fill the vacancy created by PDG Laseter’s recent resignation. Lion Ronald W. Crooks was elected

The Second Cabinet Meeting and Rally was held in LaGrange on November 4. The items and issues of the agenda were duly addressed.

The Third Cabinet Meeting was held in Thomaston on March 10,1990 with 70 Lions and Lionesses in attendance. Lion Charles McDaniel was elected to serve as District Governor for the upcoming year.

The Princess Pageant was also held March 10 in the evening following the Cabinet Meeting. More than 200 people attended the dinner held in connection with the pageant. Karla Gardener, sponsored by the Lizella Lions Club, won the pageant.

Contributions for the year include

Ga Lions Lighthouse Foundation $30,106.79
GA Lions Camp for the Blind $16,980.10
Lions International Foundation $15,523.00
Leader Dogs for the Blind $ 6,519.00

The Top Ten Clubs:

Columbus – 1; Warner Robins -2; Columbus Muscogee – 3; Southside – 4; Macon – 5; Bonanza – 6; Warner Robins – 7; Griffin – 8; Carrollton – 9; McDonough – 10

The Number One Lioness Club was Morrow. The Stuart Dyer Plaque Winner was Southside. The Herb Reimers Plaque went to Lamar Christopher. The Clyde Rayburn Plaque went to Southside. The Jeanne Bennet Plaque went to Gail Morris.

The following Lions who died will be lovingly remembered and appreciated:

Ridley Bell, PDG, Columbus
Theodore Bowen, Waverly Hall-Ellerslie
Thorns E. Campbell, Griffin
Ralph Cribb, Macon-Southside
Robert Bass Edge, Columbus Muscogee
F. Emory Green, Macon Southside
Henry C. Ivey, Columbus Muscogee
J. Alan Jones, Villa Rica
Carl Mays Kennedy, Byron
Ruth Mock, East Columbus
Claude Parrish, Temple
Henry Persons, Talbatton
Robert R. Robinson, Macon-Rutland
Jess Walters, Senoia