History 1980-1990 Part 3

District 18-C

July 1,1980 – June 30,1990


Council State
Convention Chairman
District Governor 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District 18-C
Bainbridge (Noon)
District Governor, 18-C
Council Treasurer
District 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1980-81 1981-82
District Governor, 18-C
Council State
Convention Chairman
District 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-C
Council State
Convention Chairman
District 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1982-83 1983-84
District Governor, 18-C
Council State
Convention Chairman
District 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-C
Council Chairman
District 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1984-85 1985-86
District Governor, 18-C
Council Chairman 
District 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-C
Council Treasurer
District 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1986-87 1987-88
District Governor, 18-C
Council State
Convention Chairman
District 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-C
Council Secretary
District 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1988-89 1989-90

District 18C
1980 – 81

Don Sickman – District Governor
C. B. “Cotton” Hester – Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer

District 18C participated to a large extent in the Youth Exchange Program by hosting six youths from Japan. Several Lions families acted as hosts under the chairmanship of Lion Jack Dean from the Albany Club. Letters of appreciation were sent to each host family by the District Governor to express to each host family the gratitude felt for their part in this great program.

The annual Peach Bowl Princess Contest was held in October at the Downtowner Motel in Albany, GA with the largest number of contestants in our District’s history. Twenty-two girls from all over the district participated in the pageant. We also, for the first time, had Lions Clubs sponsor more than one girl from one town. Lioness Clubs were active in sponsorship and in the ad sales. The winner was Joan Chapman, sponsored by the Albany Lions Club.

The Peach Bowl Game was a success with District 18C participation on membership and ticket sales. The
District Governor was honored by selection on the Peach Bowl Committee through the efforts of Lion Carroll Cook, Thomasville Club as the Peach Bowl Committee Chairman.

The Care Committee Chairman, Lion B. I. Thornton brought before the Cabinet, the goal for care for their approval and sanction. The Cabinet voted to build a school in Peru at a cost of $1752.00 and through the efforts of Lion B. I. Thornton and the Lions of District 18C, our goal was met; thus, our Care Project was a success.

Lighthouse Chairman, Lion Jack Cromer, Cordele set as our goal 100% participation in contributions to the Lighthouse. Lion Jack Cromer passed away during this year; however, he had laid the groundwork for another successful year with our Lighthouse project. Lion Jack Wolffe, Bainbridge, was appointed as Vice-President to the Lighthouse to fulfill the unexpired term of Lion Jack Cromer and was elected as Vice-President to the Lighthouse for 1981-82.

Lions Club International Foundation – Immediate Past District Governor George Erwin, Jr., Americus served as chairman and set as our goal $1000.00 to be presented as a “Melvin Jones Fellowship” in honor of Lion Jack Cromer. The $1000.00 goal was reached and we obtained our “Melvin Jones Fellowship” through the dedication of Lion George Erwin and the Lions of District 18-C.

Leader Dog – Lion Gary Cullens, Thomasville, serving as the chairman and attending the school in
Michigan traveled throughout the District presenting programs and promoting the Leader Dog Project. Lion Gary has a library of films and information for use at the club level for promotion.

Eye Bank – Chairman Jack Wolffe, Bainbridge, attended meetings at the eye bank and secured funds, eye
donors and support for our eye banks at Emory and Augusta, while in the later part of the year he also served as Lighthouse Chairman.

White Cane Project – Lion Jack Fore, Leesburg, Chairman challenged each club to use this project as a
vehicle to assist the Lighthouse. Several clubs in the District participated in this project and turned those funds over to the Lighthouse.

Camp for the Blind – Lion Ivey Plain Chairman, reported to the Cabinet the needs of the Camp early in the year. The District responded by both monetary contribution and labor. The Camp for the Blind continues to be a vital part of our total sight conservation program.

Hearing Conservation – Lion I. E. “Rocky” McCall, Moultrie, Chairman – Although hearing conservation is a relatively new concept to this District, we have obtained several hearing aids to be repaired, catalogued and reissued through the Lighthouse. This is a growing part of our total program.

Lioness Clubs – Under the chairmanship of Lion Ivey Plair, Valdosta, our Lioness program continues to grow and become a vital part of Lionism in District 18C. Lioness Clyde Plair was appointed to the Cabinet as a Lioness representative and is the primary link between these two. We held our Second Annual Lioness Convention on February 28, 1991 at the Merry Acres Motel in Albany with successful participation. The eighth Lioness Club in the District was chartered on May 2, 1981 in Abbeville with 21 members. The Abbeville Lions Club was the sponsor.

Project CITE – A new project for the State Lions was introduced to the State Council early in the year and has as its three year goal to raise $1 ,l 00,000.00 to help finance a new facility for our eye bank at Emory University. The Council endorsed the project; however, set as our goal in 1980 – 81 to promote this project not as a commitment of dollars, but to educate the Lions of Georgia as to its purpose and
“spread the word.”

Lion Jack Morrison, Valdosta, Lions Information Chairman, was appointed to get this information out
to the clubs and act as communication link between the State and District. Lion Jack Morrison did a fantastic job of communicating to the clubs and as a result obtained a financial commitments from the Camilla Lions Club, which was the first, and the Cordele Lions Club.

Membership drives brought in approximately 150 Lions in our District, but our net gain is in the minus.
Membership and Extension is set as a number one priority for the coming year.

District Convention was held March 21, 1981 in Bainbridge, GA. New officers elected were as follows:

District Governor – Sinclair Shingler; Vice-President to the Lighthouse – Jake Wolffe; Vice-President to the Camp for the Blind -Joe Cox; and District Historian – E. W. Rhoden

The State Convention was held in Macon, GA May 15 17, 1981 at the Best Western Motel. The following
individuals and clubs received awards:

Lion of the Year – Gary Cullens, Thomasville
Outstanding Dep. Dist. Gov. – Raymond Sutton, Valdosta
Outstanding Zone Chairman – Frank Scharf, Camilla
Best Bulletin (Weekly) – Jack Comer – Cordele
Best Bulletin (Semi-MO. or Monthly) – Jake Wolffe, Bainbridge
Outstanding Secretary – R. Loyd Deaver Jr., Americus
Outstanding Tailtwister – Karl Kelley, Camilla
Outstanding Club Promoting Eye Bank – Americus
Outstanding Club Promoting Camp for Blind – Fitzgerald
Club Efficiency – Americus
Most New Members – Pulaski
Highest Average Attendance (Weekly) – Cordele
Outstanding Lioness Club – Americus
Best All Around Club – Camilla
The Outstanding Club (Comer Cup) – Americus


District Governor – Sinclair Shingler, III
Cabinet Secretary – Treasurer – Leon A. Barnes

All clubs remained intact during the year, and we added a new club at Lake Francis, below Valdosta, Georgia. A new Leo club was formed by the Pulaski Lions Club of Hawkinsville, and three new Lioness clubs were formed by Ivey and Clyde Plair of Valdosta.

All official visits were completed and all District, State, and International meetings were attended.

Dr. Jack Do Bush of Alberta, Canada was the speaker at our District Assembly here in Donalsonville
in March of 1982.

Ivey Plair and B. I. Thornton, Past District Governors, received the International Awards and were
presented the same by Kay Murakami at the Georgia Breakfast.

1982 – 83

District Governor – C. B. “Cotton” Hester
Cabinet Secretary – Lynford Cook

No further information available.

1983 – 84

District Governor – John Childree
Cabinet Secretary – William “Bill” Dorough

No further information available.

1984 – 85

District Governor – Dave O’Scott
Cabinet Secretary – W.A. “Bud” Hurt

No further information available.

1985 -86

District Governor – Walter Sealy
Cabinet Secretary – Robert H. “Bob” Jones

District Governor Sealy visited the Leader Dog School and the Georgia Eye Bank, as well as the Quest Seminar in Macon.

The Bainbridge Evening Club returned to full status. A new club was chartered in Ocklochnee.

100% Zone Chairmen included Weathersby, Dickey, McNatt, Stansell, and Williamson

100% Deputy District Governors were all from last year.

District Convention was held on March 29 at the Albany American Legion. The speaker was International Sec. Vice Pres. Judge Brian Stevenson who spoke on “Growth and Quality of
Membership in Lions Members Worldwide.”

As of the March 29 meeting, the following sums had been contributed to the various charities:

Lighthouse                                            $ 3,910.00
Lions Camp for the Blind                     $15,860.00
CITE                                                    $ 7,255.18
LCIF                                                    $ 5,018.00
Leader Dog                                          $ 4,144.00
White Cane                                          $ 1,050.00

Five hearing aids and over 1000 pairs of eyeglasses were donated.,

Important dates announced included:
White Cane Week – April 7 – 12.
Council of Governors Meeting, Macon – April 12
Lighthouse Seminar for Dist. Governors Elect, New Directors and Trusties – April 19 -20
Deadline for the PU 101’s in to International – April
Lions Journey for Sight – May 3-4
State Convention in Macon – May 23-25
International Convention in New Orleans – July 9-12
USA-Canada Forum, Calgary, Canada – Sept. 19-21

Tragically at the end of the March 29 banquet, Deputy District Governor Ed Dickey was stricken with a
heart attack and died. This extremely dedicated and much loved Lion will be missed by all who knew him. He will always remain an example of what a Lion can be and what Lionism means.


District Governor – James E. Ervin
Cabinet Secretary – David R. Underwood

No further information available.


District Governor – Meredith Y. Kelly
Cabinet Secretary – Jimmy E. Black


District Governor – Lamar Cromer
Cabinet Secretary – Steve Rentfrow


District Governor – Jimmy Black
Cabinet Secretary – Troy Pullin