History 1980-1990 Part 2

District 18-B

July 1,1980 – June 30,1990


Council Secretary
District Governor 18-B
Waycross Okefenokee

Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District 18-B
Waycross Okefenokee

District Governor, 18-B
Council Secretary
District 18-B
Cabinet Secretary
1980-81 1981-82
District Governor, 18-B
Council Vice-Chairman
District 18-B
Cabinet Secretary
District Governor, 18-B
Council Chairman
District 18-B
Cabinet Secretary
1982-83 1983-84
District Governor, 18-B
Council Treasurer
District 18-B
Cabinet Secretary
District Governor, 18-B
Council Treasurer
District 18-B
Cabinet Secretary
1984-85 1985-86
District Governor, 18-B
Council Treasurer
District 18-B
Cabinet Secretary
District Governor, 18-B
Council Secretary
District 18-B
Cabinet Secretary
1986-87 1987-88
District Governor, 18-B
Council Vice Chairman 
District 18-B
Cabinet Secretary
District Governor, 18-B
Council International
Convention Chairman
District 18-8
Cabinet Secretary
1988-89 1989-90

District 18B
1980 – 81

The District Governor for District 18B was T. G. Cosby. W. L. “Bill” Barber was Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer. Important dates for the 1980-81 Lion year were:

August 3, 1980 – District Cabinet Meeting, 3 P.M. Jesup High School, Jesup, Georgia.

October 5, 1980-Lighthouse Meeting, 10 A.M. Ramada Inn, I-475 & U.S. 80, Macon, Georgia.

October 8, 1980-World Service Day. October 17, 18,19,1980

USA Lions Forum “80,” St. Louis, Missouri. November 1,1980 –

District Cabinet Meeting, 2 P.M. Holiday Inn, Jekyll Island, Georgia.

District Peach Bowl Princess Pageant 7:00 P.M., Aquarama Jekyll Island Georgia.

January 2,198l Peach Bowl Football Game, Atlanta, Georgia.

February 15, 1981 – Lighthouse Meeting, 10 a.m. Ramada Inn, I-475 & US 80, Macon, Georgia.

 February 21, 1981 – District Cabinet Meeting and Convention 1:30 p.m. Bradwell Institute, Hinesville, GA.

 April 3,198l White Cane Day. May 3,1981 – District Cabinet Meeting, 3 p.m. Jesup High School, Jesup GA. 4:00 p.m. Incoming Officers School.

 May 15 – 17 – State Convention, Macon, GA.

 June 17 – 20 International Convention, Phoenix, AZ

As of March 1981, District 18B had contributed $586.00 to the Lighthouse Foundation.


Forcial A. Hilton was District Governor and Richard Vaughn was Cabinet Secretary.


W. L. “Bill” Barber was District Governor and Lewayne Dalton was Cabinet Secretary.

Important dates for the 1982-83 Lion year were:

July 1982

1-3-International Convention, Atlanta, GA
10-1l-Leader Dogs for the Blind, Rochester Mich
18-Cabinet Organizational Meeting Jesup, GA

August 1982

1-District Cabinet Meeting, 3 p.m. Jesup, Ga
9-Brantley County Club, 12 noon
9-Woodbine Club, 7:30 p.m.
12-Blackshear Club, 6:30 p.m.
14-Council of Governors Meeting, Augusta
17-Claxton Club, 7:30 p.m.
23-Lyons Club, 12 noon
23-Vidalia, 6:30 p.m.
24-Jesup Club, 6:45 p.m.
26-Montgomery County Club, p.m.

September 1982

2-Golden Isles, 7:30 p.m.
7-Bulloch County, 7:30 p.m.
9–Long County, Ludowici, 7:30 p.m.
13-Alma, 7p.m.
14-Kingsland, p.m.
16-Odum, 7:30 p.m.
20-McRae, 12 noon
20-Milan, 7:30 p.m.
24-26-US Forum “83”, Louisville, Ky.
27-Brunswick, 1 p.m.
27-Darien, 7 p.m.
28-Bloomingdale, 7:30 p.m.

October 1982

4-Baxley, 7 p.m.
5-Waycross, 1 p.m.
7 -Savannah, 1 p.m.
7-Port Wentworth, 7:30 p.m.
1 l-Jacksonville, 7:30 p.m.
12-Screven, p.m.
16-Council of Governors Meeting, Macon
I7-Lighthouse Meeting, Macon
19-Douglas, 12:30 p.m.
19-Hazlehurst, 7 p.m.
23-District Cabinet Meeting, Jekyll Island, 2 p.m.
23 – Peach Bowl Princess Pageant, 7 p.m., Acquarama, Jekyll Island
27-Richmond Hill, 7:30 p.m.

The Goals for District 18B were as follows:

1. To serve our community in Lionism in such a way as to make our motto “We Serve” have a renewed meaning and to bring deserved credit and recognition to our Lions Club and International Association of Lions Clubs with frequent use of local news media releases.

2. To attain an average attendance in each club of 75%.

3 To again have an outstanding Peach Bowl Pageant that all clubs will attend and support.

4. For each club to sell a minimum of $100.00 in ads for the Peach Bowl Pageant Magazine.

5. To have each club schedule at least six of the following list of programs:

Lions Lighthouse Hearing Conservation
Leader Dog                           Peach Bowl
Camp for Blind                      LCIF-CITE
Eye Donor Program
Membership Development and Retention
Leo Clubs
Youth Exchange
Lioness Clubs

6. To have each club represented by an Associate Director at the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Meetings in October and February and during the State Convention.

7. For each club to visit the Camp for the Blind at least once during the coming year.

8. To increase District Membership of the existing clubs at least 10% with quality Lions.

9. For all clubs to be represented at the following: a) All Zone Meetings b) All Cabinet Meetings c)
Peach Bowl Pageant d) District Convention e) State Convention

10. To sponsor and continue to assist, if needed, at least one new Lions Club in the District.

11. To organize two new Leo Clubs.

12. To organize two new Lioness Clubs.

13. To have as many members as possible to attend the International Convention in Hawaii.

14. For each club to have at least one inner-club visitation.

15. To donate a minimum of $10 per member in money, material, or service to the Georgia Camp for the Blind.

16. To donate a minimum of $10 per member to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation.

17. To donate a minimum of $3 per member to each of following: a) LCIF; b) CITE; c) Leader Dog.

18. To secure a total number of eye donors equal to 3 times the District membership as of August 1, 1982.

19. For all clubs to support the Peach Bowl with 100% Peach Bowl Memberships.

20. To sell a minimum of 1000 Peach Bowl Football Tickets

2 1. To continue an effective used eye glass collection program.

22. To collect a minimum of 100 used hearing aids.

23. To have each club participate in each of the following: a) October Membership Drive b) World
Service Day c) White Cane Day

24. Send tear sheets to the District Librarian on a minimum of two major service activities.

1983 – 84

At its District Convention in February 1983, District 18B elected Thomas B. Williams of the Savannah Lions Club to the position of District Governor. On July 1,1983, the District was comprised of 50 clubs with one on status quo to be dropped early in the Lions’ year, leaving 49 clubs with 1,642 members.

Governor Williams selected the following District officers:

Region 1 – D.D.G. – Edwin W. Silas; Zone 1 Chairman – John P. Hanbury (later to become District Governor); Zone 2 Chairman – Ernest Grizzard.

Region 2 – D.D.G. – Elbert E. Alberson; Zone 1 Chairman – Harold McNure; Zone 2 Chairman – Price Chapman, Jr.

Region 3 – D.D.G. -James A. Arblaster; Zone 1 Chairman – F. Wade Odum; Zone 2 Chairman – James O. Ray (later to become District Governor)

Region4 – D.D.G. – Claude D. Roberson; Zone 1 Chairman – Robert P. Walzak, Zone 2 Chairman – Douglas Morgan

Also selected was Gus J. Pappas of his home club as Secretary-Treasurer and P.D.G. W. L. “Bill”
Barber as Cabinet Advisor.

The honors bestowed on the above were as follows: all 4 D.D.G were 100%; 5 of the 8 Zone Chairmen were 100% – John P. Hanbury, Harold McNure, F. Wade Odum, James 0. Ray, and Douglas Morgan. There were 14 100%  presidents, 10 100% secretaries, and 2 100% treasurers.

The 49 clubs in the district contributed to their charities $114,38 1.25. Of this total, funds were distributed as follows: $30,873.69 – Local eyeglasses; $21,846.90 – Camp for the Blind; $17,337.65 – Georgia Lions Lighthouse (including $6,675.15 White Cane Day); $5,243.00 – Leader Dogs for the Blind; $1,490.00 – LCIF; $6,716.00 – CITE; $30,874.01 was donated to local projects. The clubs had an average attendance of 73% for the year.

Though the first four months on Governor Williams’ year was lost due to his having a heart attack, he made the last eight months count for Lionism. Three new clubs were chartered with 86 new Lions. There was a net gain of two members in the existing clubs for a total gain of 88, bringing the District total to 1,730 members – the first gain for District 18B in five years. For this, Governor Williams received the International President’s Certificate of Appreciation for a 15% reduction in membership losses for 1983-84. He was 100% District Governor and received the International President’s Commendation Award for exceeding goals set for the 1983-84 governors. He was later presented the International President’s Award for Outstanding Service to Lionism. Governor Williams served as Council Chairman, and including his club visits, he attended 110 Lion functions and traveled 20,037 miles.

Governor Williams later served three years as vice president and two years as president of the Georgia
Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc.

1984 – 85

District Governor – Kimball A. Warnock, Sr.
Cabinet Secretary – Lynn D. Oxford

No other information was available.

1985 – 86

District Governor – James O. Ray
Cabinet Secretary – Robert Hendricks

No other information was available.

1986 – 87

District Governor – Larry G. Taylor
Cabinet Secretary – James “Chip” Beal

No other information was available.

1987 – 88

District Governor – Lonnie V. Roberts
Cabinet Secretary – Richard B. Vaughn

No other information was available.

1988 – 89

District Governor – J. P. “Jack” Hanbury

The following list of officers and chairpersons supported this term and made it possible to achieve District goals:

Inman Davis – Lt. Governor, Jon Lichner – Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer, Lonnie Roberts, PDG – Cabinet Advisor

Duty District Governors and Zone Chairmen:

Paul Ganem – Region 1 l00%, Welby Stayton – Zone 1 l00%, Frank Stokham – Zone 2 100%; Horace Shewmaker – Region 2 l00%, Brad Brisard – Zone 1 l00%, Riley Martin – Zone 2 100%; Billy Newton – Region 3 100%, Arch Lobrovich – Zone 1 100 %, Roger Nye – Zone 2 100%; James Dickerson – Region 4 1 00%, Terry Hughes – Zone 1, Robert Setser – Zone 2


(This was the first year that Lady Lions chaired committees and served as directors.)

Tom Williams PDG – Lighthouse Vice President; Larry Taylor PDG – Camp for the Blind Vice President;
Harvey Jones -District Steering Committee; Lonnie Roberts PDG – Constitution and
By-Laws Committee; Jon Lichner – District Credential; Richard Vaughn – District
Credentials Member; Tom Williams PDG – Club Extension; Preston Edwards PDG – District Librarian; Steve Bellmoff – Sergeant-at-Arms; Jackie Ricks – District Breakfast; R. C. Cunningham -Nominations and Elections; Jon Lichner – Nominations and Elections Member; Lonnie Roberts PDG – Honorary Committee; Chris Barbieri PDG – Tail Twister; Bill Gassaway PDG – Membership Development; Frank Stokham – Assistant Tail Twister; Billy Newton – Song Leader; Jerry Ney PDG – Leadership and Development; Charles Overstreet PDG – Public Relations; Bill Gassaway PDG – Long Range Planning; Jackie Ricks – Youth Exchange; Forcial Hill PDG – State Awards; Bill Barber PDG – Outstanding Blind Award; Claude Roberson – State Uniforms; Edwin Cook PDG – Outstanding Deaf Award; Kim Warnock
PDG – International Candidate Committee; Chris Barbieri PDG – International Convention; Jack Allagood – LCIF; Larry Winters PDG -Leader Dog; Pat Pignataro – Used Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids; T. G. Crosby PDG – White Cane Sale; Jon Lichner – Eye Donor; Kim Warnock PDG – Eye Bank; Bill Barber PDG – Sight Conservation/C.O.R.N.E.A.; Pat Pignataro – Princess Pageant; Jimmy Wilcox – Lions Quest; Larry Taylor PDG – Rules Committee; Vance McSwain – District Pin/State Pin Committee; Bill Barber PDG – Resolutions Committee; Forcial Hilton PDG – State Convention; Dot Henderson – Lighthouse Director; Steve Bellmoff – Lighthouse Director

District 18B was made up of fifty clubs with Savannah Hostess City Lions being our first all Ladies Lions
Club. All clubs were visited and records reported to Lions International. Twenty-five clubs showed membership growth. The Lions Quest program, being sponsored by thirteen clubs in their local schools, was a big step for Lions servicing the communities.

Governor’s Goals for the 88-89 year:

“I would like to serve the Association loyally, faithfully and diligently, complying with the constitution and bylaws. I would make all the required efforts and deadlines to International Lions to inform them of all changes within my district. I would visit all clubs, cabinet meetings, district functions as requested and report any problems and assist any club when needed. The objective is to grow membership and bring Lionism to everyone in the community while serving the Sight Impaired Programs our Association supports. In addition to this, 1 would like to complete all the requirements for 100% District Governor Award as per the International Lions guidelines.

I also want to personally continue the outstanding job Lonnie Roberts has done and keep a positive upbeat within the district and state. The district programs were working together and the majority of the clubs are on the upswing with more joining on.”

Top Accomplishments During the Term:

Being able to attend Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind in Waycross, GA, Lions Leader Dogs in
Rochester, Michigan; International Lions Convention in Denver; Georgia Lions Eye Bank and Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia. This laid a very good base to promote Lionism.

Having the International Peace Poster Contest entry, from Kingsland Lion Club, be the state winner.

The printing and editing of the monthly District 18B Governor’s Newsletter for all clubs and officers.

Having one of the best District Princess Pageants which showed a profit of $1,276.03. This was a first
for a new location Hartly Auditorium, Jekyll Island and a new chairman. It was shown on local TV with scholarships given to first, second, third, and fourth place winners. Regina Lynn Thrift sponsored by Waycross Lions was District 18B Princess. .

With Jackie Ricks, First Lady Lion to chair the Youth Exchange Program. She was able to arrange the
exchange for Sandra Christmann from Germany to stay with a host family in Savannah.

On Christmas I was able to play Santa Claus for the Savannah Lions Children Christmas Party for the under privileged.

William L. Woolard First Vice President accepted the invitation to speak at our District Cabinet meeting
February 25, 1990. Becoming ill, Mr. Woolard was unable to attend, but International Director Freddie A. Joyce from Arkansas stood in for him and did a very fine job. With the printing of the first “Lions of Georgia” newspaper, I managed to have something on all of 18B’s Lions in print.

1989 – 90

The leader, District Governor Inman Davis, came to the office after having served as the District’s
first Lt. Governor. His dynamic leadership was evidenced by recognition of many clubs and individual Lions in 18B during the year. He received the 1007 District Governor’s Award from Lions International.

The year ended with a membership of 1175 which represented a 4% net increase over the preceding year A new club consisting of 54 members was chartered in Alma, Georgia. This, the Queen City Lions Club, composed of women only, chose Lion Sybil1 Lee as their Charter President. The following ten clubs (listed by scoring) won the district Governor’s achievement contest during 1989-90.

1. Baxley Lions Club
2. Savannah Hostess City Lions Club
3. Statesboro Lions Club
4. Savannah Chatham South Lions Club
5. Brunswick Lions Club
6. Savannah Lions Club
7. Hinesville Lions Club
8. Golden Isles Lions Club
9. Waycross Lions Club
10. Alma Lions Club

Each of these clubs received a beautiful plaque at the State Convention in Columbus, GA May 25, 1990. Of the many outstanding Lions in the district, 10 received Honor and Recognition from Lions International during the year. Listed via protocol, they are:

PDG Lonnie Roberts, Chairman Council of Governors – Special Commendation for Leadership

PDG Thomas Williams – commendation for Leadership (5th) Extension Award

Lion Inman Davis – 100 Percent District Governor

PDG William Gassaway – commendation for Leadership as Chairman of Membership Development Committee

PDG Larry Winters – Leadership Certificate for work with Leader Dog program – state wide

Reg. Chm. James Dickerson – commendation for Service and Leadership as District Convention Chairman

Past Cabinet Secretary Richard Vaughn – Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation

Past Reg. Chm. and LCIF Chm. Jack Allgood – Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation

Past Reg. Chairman and District Song Leader William “Billy” Newton – Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation

Lion (DR.) Jose Castro – Guiding Lion for newly chartered
Queen City Lions Club – Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation

Over 100 Lions were recognized and appropriately honored by District 18B at the State Convention for
creditable service and/or superior achievement in leadership. Thirty-five percent of the clubs had 100 percent Presidents. Fifty-five percent had 100 percent Secretaries and/ or Treasurers. Ninety-eight percent of the Executive Committee members were 100 percent honor recipients.

Working from a projected annual budget of twenty-eight thousand, two hundred twenty-three dollars for the District, an abundance of high quality services were provided. Notwithstanding the same dues structure, the $5400 ending balance was 20 percent greater than the ending balance the preceding year.

District 18B continued their long-standing support of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation during
1989-90 with contributions totaling more than $43,597 from the clubs during the year.

The Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind owes much of its success to the Lions in District 18B. Excluding in
kind services, the clubs in 18B contributed $30,370.98 to the camp during 1989-90. More than $204,373 has been provided by 18B clubs during the past six years. The following clubs deserve special recognition during this six year period:

Savannah Lions Club – $20,322.80
Waycross Okefenokee Lions Club – $17,907.60
Baxley Lions Club – $13,977.00
Jekyll Island Lions Club – $13,766.10

Fourteen blind persons in District 18B have received a Leader Dog over the past ten years. Four of these
are in Statesboro, Georgia. Three of the fourteen have received a second dog. A comparable interest in funding has been demonstrated by the clubs in District 18B.

Meritorious Programs and Events

Item 1 – Miss Deanna Rose Harper from Brunswick was winner of the District 18B Beauty Pageant

Item 2 – International Director Gil Quintal made an official visit to Brunswick for the District 18B

Item 3 – Annual program to recognize and honor select high school students in Waycross and Ware County

Item 4 – Special awards banquet to recognize Okefenokee Lions Club members with twenty or more years of continuous service

Item 5 – Davis served as District Convention Chairman, honored by International Director Howard Erickson and District Governor Lonnie Roberts

Item 6 – Davis inducts first ladies in (male and female) club in state – Bellville Lions Club, and Davis installs first lady as president of a male and female club – Bellville Lions Club – in state.