History 1970-1980 Part 5 18D

By Hugh Inglis


International Directors

Joe B. Davis, Decatur
Edwin C. Daniel, North DeKalb

1970-1980 State Officers:

Secretary Alcee F. Maxfield, Vine Ingle
Secretary Eugene K. Lindsey, Warner Robbins
Historian Eugene Sanders, Decatur
Lion Tamer Rupert Gay, Millen
Olin C. Newby, Washington
Don H. Anderson, Rincon
William Gibson, North Decatur
James B. Zittrauer, Henry Grady
1970-71 Don K. Enzmann, Henderson Mill Bill Zieburtz
1971-72 Irving D. Hellenga, Toccoa Loyd Prewett
1972-73 Edwin C. Daniel, North Dekalb Herb Gable
1973-74 B. Edward Page, Hartwell Bob Jolly
1974-75 William Gibson, North Decatur Bob Scott
1975-76 Ray Eastmoore, Dunwoody Walt Lyttle
1976-77 Vance L. Cecil, Jr., Classic City, Athens Sammie B. Parksman
1977-78 Kenneth R. Massingale, Decatur Dick Dorsey
1979-80 John F. Pearce, Dahlonega Jim Walden
1980-81 Don Hardigree, Winder Tommy Lee

District Librarians
Sam B. Wilson, Carnesville
Robert A. Holbrook, North Decatur
Hugh A. Inglis, Athens

Clubs in District 18-D

Carnesville Towns County Forsyth County
Hartwell Commerce Gainesville
Lavonia Jefferson Lanier, Gainesville
Martin Oconee White County
Royston Winterville Auburn-Carl
Toccoa Decatur Loganville
Bowman Dekalb Central Monroe
Comer Druid Hills Social Circle
Colbert LaVista West Jackson
Elbertson North Decatur Winder
Clarksville Southwest
Clayton Union County Athens Classic City
Cornelia Dahlonega North DeKalb
Tallulah Falls Dawsonville Rehoboth
Bethesda Snellville Laurel Ridge
Buford Duluth Northlake
Lawrenceville Lithonia Stone Mountain
Lilburn Brookhaven Executive Park
Norcross Dunwoody Tucker

In 1970 District 18-D had 54 and in 1980 the District Directory listed 57 Clubs.

Membership in District 18-D

July 1970 1,947
July 1971 2,067
July 1972 2,094
July 1973 2,110
July 1974 2,089
July 1975 2,030
July 1976 1,977
July 1977 1,936
July 1978 1,816
July 1979 1,852
July 1980 1,945

Lioness Clubs in District 18-D

Brookhaven Dunwoody
Cornelia LaVista
Decatur Norcross
North Dekalb Winder

Leo Clubs in District 18-D
One sponsored by Towns County Lions Club
One sponsored by Snellville lions Club


Location Dates International Speakers
Macon June 14-16, 1970 W. Richard Bryan, Int. Pres.,
Doylestown, Ohio
Jekyll Island June 6-8, 1971 Dr. Robert D. McCullough, Int. Pres.
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Savannah June 11-13, 1972 Robert Uplinger, Int. Pres.
& Jimmy Carter, Governor
Macon June 17-19, 1973 Don W. Schmidt, Int. Director
Columbus June 9-11, 1974 Tris Coffin, Int. President
Rosemere, Quebec, Canada
June 8-10, 1975 Edward Kosjer, Int. Director
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Savannah June 6-8, 1977 Harry J. Aslan, Int. President
Albany June 10-12, 1977 Karov Munakasum, Int. Director
Kyato, Japan
Marietta June 9-11, 1978 U. S. Senator Sam Nunn
Savannah June 1-3, 1979 Dr. Don Schmidt, Int. Director, Cedartown
Jekyll Island May 16-18, 1980 Earl Maddox, Int. Director, Colorado


Locations Dates International Speakers
Gainesville Civic Center October 24, 1970

Rohit C. Mehta, Int’l Director
Ahmedobad, India

Gainesville Civic Center October 9, 1971
E. B. “Tex” Mayer, Int’l Dir.
LaGrange, Texas
Gainesville Civic Center November 3, 1972
Aubrey Greene, Int’l Past Pres.
York, Alabama
Gainesville Civic Center November 3, 1973
Paul E. McCrary, Int’l Dir.
Stillwater, Oklahoma
Gainesville Holiday Hall October 26, 1974
Bob McCullough, Int’l Past Dir.
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Gainesville Civic Center October 25, 1975
Don A. Buckalew, Int’l Director
Gainesville Holiday Hall November 13, 1976
Joseph M. McLaughlin, 1st V-Pres.
Stanford, Conn.
Gainesville Holiday Hall November 19, 1977
Joseph L. Wroblewski, Int’l Dir.
Ashley, Pennsylvania
Gainesville Holiday Hall November 11, 1978
Lloyd Morgan, 1st V-Pres.
New Zealand
Gainesville Holiday Hall November 10, 1979
Dr. Jim Fowler
Little Rock, Arkansas
Gainesville Holiday Hall 1980 Dr. L. Keith Gates, “Int’l Dir,
Logan, Utah

The attendance was about 700 persons each year.


1940-41 (18-A) Hugh A. Inglis, Athens
1944-45 (18-A) Eugene Sanders, Atlanta
1947-48 (18-A) Joe B. Davis, Atlanta
*1947-48 W. J. Andrews, Toccoa
*1948-49  R. M. Mathews, Gainesville
*1949-50  C. R. Clegg, Young Harris
*1950-51  W. B. Caldwell, Greensboro
1951-52  Kenneth Carswell, Downtown Macon
*1952-53  W. Neal Whitworth, Lavonia
1953-54  Robert C. McAloney, Toccoa
*1954-55  Forrest M. Runnels, Gainesville
1955-56  H. O. Carlton, Clarkesville
1956-57  Ed M. Dyer, Roswell
1957-58 R. E. Cross, Clayton
1958-59 Willard Kimsey, Toccoa
1959-60  Dr. William F. Mosher, North DeKalb
1960-61  Dr. Carlos A. Shaw, Winder
*1961-62  Charles R. Marchman, Clayton
1962-63  J. Ralph Hampton, Gainesville
1963-64  Roland K. Weekley Decatur
*1964-65  Sam B. Wilson, Carnesville
1965-66 Edgar P. Faulkner, Tucker
1966-67 Ed L. Owens, Norcross
1967-68 Joe H. Hutcherson, Toccoa
1968-69  Carl L. Donaldson, Atlanta
1969-70  Robert A. Holbrook, North Decatur
1970-71  Donald K. Enzmann, Henderson Mill
1971-72  Dr. Irving Hellenga, Toccoa
1972-73  Edwin C. Daniel, Chamblee
1973-74 B. Edward Page, Hartwell
1974-75 William C. Gibson, North Decatur
1975-76 Ray A. Eastmoore, Dunwoody
1976-77 Vance L. Cecil, Jr., Athens
1977-78 Kenneth Massingale, Decatur
1978-79  David Sargent, Gainesville
1979-80  Dr. John F. Pearce, Dahlonega
1980-81  Donald R. Hardigree, Winder


Name, Purpose, Trust Fund, Membership

The name of the corporation is “Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc.” referred to hereafter as “Lions Lighthouse” and the designated phrase to be used with this name is “A Sight Conservation Project of Georgia Lions Clubs.”

The purpose of this corporation is to foster Sight Conservation and restoration and shall be administered as set forth in the powers given in the Constitution and By-Laws.

Primary emphasis will be directed toward the Youth of Georgia who are not eligible for any specified government or employer program; but within resources available, assistance will be rendered to any citizen of Georgia not otherwise eligible or capable of obtaining assistance.

To help those already blinded through a program of counseling and guidance in their period of rehabilitation.

To encourage and participate in eye research programs through direct grants to such agencies as are designated by the Board of Directors.

To operate such eye banks in the State of Georgia may be approved by the Board of Directors.

Trust Fund

A “Trust (or Endowment) Fund” shall be maintained to insure a permanent and continuing program of the Lions Lighthouse Foundation, ministering to and assisting needy citizens of Georgia requiring ophthalmological and/or optometric care, and to promote the Sight Conservation Program.


Each member of an active Lions Club in Georgia Multiple District 18, is automatically a shareholder in the Lions Lighthouse and, as such, is privileged to give it his wholehearted support, both morally and financially. He has official representation on the Board of Directors through the Associate Director from his local club as appointed by his Club President. Also, his attendance is urged and desired at all Lions Lighthouse Meetings, particularly at the Meeting held
annually in conjunction with the part of the State Convention.

Past Presidents of Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc.

3/49-6/50 Lion Ollie Reeves*, Atlanta
6/50-2/52 Lion Ancel Leake, Atlanta
2/52-6/54 Lion George Rankin*, Atlanta
6/54-6/56 Lion J. D, Carithers, Moultrie
6/56-6/58 Lion Bob Matthews*, Gainesville
6/58-6/60 Lion Gen. A. Lester Henderson, Savannah
6/60-6/62 Lion W. T. Cooksey, Hamilton
6/62-6/64 Lion Joe B. Davis, Decatur
6/64-6/66 Lion F. Hughes Willingham, Lincolnton
6/66-6/69 Lion S. N. Manning, Alpharetta
6/69-6/71 Lion Willard Kimsey, Toccoa
6/71-6/73 Lion Maurice Newman, Rome
6/73-6/75 Lion Frank Hollberg, III, Senoia
6/75-6/77 Lion Edwin C. Daniel, Chamblee
6/77-6/79 Lion Don W. Schmidt, M.D., Cedartown
6/79-Current Lion Ken Massingale, Decatur


The official location is: 1711 Tully Circle, N.E., Suite 116,
Atlanta, Georgia 30329; Telephone (404) 325-3630

The officers are: President, Treasurer, Secretary and Administrator. The Vice Presidents: One from each of the Districts (A, B, C, D, E &F) From each of the Multiple Districts are: Six Directors; Three Trustees from each of the six districts is one Lion member on committees as follows:

Constitution and By-Laws

Eye Bank

White Cane Sales

Club Program and Education

Sight Conservation


Hearing Conservation

Public Relations

The Lighthouse also has the District Governor and Cabinet Advisor from each District.

Two Lion Members from each District to represent the Hearing Aid Bank Board of Directors.

The Georgia Lions Eye Bank, Inc., Executive Director and Technician.

The Georgia Lions Eye Bank, Augusta–Executive Secretary

The Peach Bowl, Inc.–Executive Director


Year Regular Memorial White Cane
1970-71 $18,961.83  *
1971-72   24,233.96  *
1972-73   26,854.80  *
1973-74   38,479.53 $   899.50
1974-75   32,587.06   1,086.50
1975-76  45,516.00  3,002.00 $10,500.00
1976-77  42,496.00  1,593,00  10,588.00
1977-78  50,958.00   1,448.50  8,889.15
1978-79  46,194.44  915.67   10,690.42
1979-80  47,829.16  1,972.52  11,868.24
*Included in the “Regular” Account

District Governor Ray A. Eastmoore is responsible for the launching of the White Cane Sale in 1976.

Trust Fund

The Citizens and Southern National Dank is managing the Lighthouse Trust Fund. Fund Balance June
30, 1980 — $663,369.84.


Founded in1939 by a group of Michigan Lions, the purpose is to train dogs to lead blind persons and provide facilities and means whereby blind persons may obtain leaders. The non-profit organization is served by a National Board of 30 trustees. The training school and executive offices are located in Rochester, Michigan.

There is no charge for a Leader Dog or any part of the four weeks training program. It costs the school about $4,500 for each team.

See District 18-D
Contributions in the table.

By the end of June 1980, 68 Georgians had received 89 Deader Dogs; and the total number of dogs furnished to date, including replacements, was 5,451 dogs to 3,532 Deader Dog Graduates (people).


District 18-D has located in it at Athens, Georgia one of the few units in the Nation. Here volunteers read textbooks into recorders and the tapes are furnished blind students.

For about10 years, Athens Lions Club and Classic City Lions Club have supported Recording for the Blind as a club project. For the past three years, the President and a special committee have worked with the District Governors publicizing the services and the need of this chapter. The response in District 18-D has been good and the District Governor lists it for the 100% Goals for local clubs. The Athens Lions Club contributes $500 to $800 per year. See table for District 18-D.

Other Districts have begun to respond to the letters the from the President of the Athens Lions Club.


Purpose of Eye Bank: (1) Provide corneal tissue for anyone who can have vision restored with corneal transplant, (2) continue our research and, (3) educational program for public hospitals, doctors and others.

Lion Y. T. Abernathy, Chairman Board of Trustees, Georgia Lions Eye Bank, Inc. Emory University and a member of North DeKalb Lions Club has done an excellent job of promoting and expanding the services of the Georgia Lions Eye Bank. Because of his good work he was named Vice President of the Eye Bank Association for the Southeastern Region.


A letter sent out to supporters of the Eye Bank by Y. T. Abernathy, Chairman Board of Trustees and Ms. Janie
Benson, Executive Director, reported the 1980 total transplants through October stands at an all time high of 485.

Janie Benson gave a report for the Eye Bank (not by Districts) for transplants as follows:

1973 – 25 1977 – 244
1974 – 64 1978 – 423
1975 – 100 1979 – 475
1976 – 160 1980 – 607


Years Eye Donors Used Eye Glasses Collected Used Hearing Aids Collected
1970-71  213
1971-72  209
1972-73  220
1973-74  524
1973-74 1,508
1974-75 1,794 11,680
1975-76 1,465   2,926 20
1976-77 3,261   5,725 44
1977-78 2,537   6,398
1978-79 3,238   9,106 44


Leader Dog
Recording for the Blind Camp for Blind
1970-71 1,375.00
1971-72 1,187.00
1972-73 909.00
1973-74 2,262.00
1974-75 1,447.00 1,849
1975-76 1,603.00 2,450
1976-77 1,698.00 1,595 595
1977-78 1,884.75 2,881 1,840 1,834.60
1978-79 2,166.00 2,338 2,098 2,600.28
1979-80 2,241.00 2,225 4,038 2,339.00 3,413.00







Lions International Foundation

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) grants are available to Lions Clubs and Districts seeking to provide services in three areas: major disaster relief, such as floods and earthquakes; vocational assistance for developing countries to improve living conditions through agriculture and nutrition training; humanitarian services, such as eye surgery and other medical support.

The grant applicant must justify the need and have the ability to insure the success of the project.

Contributions from Lions, Lionesses and Leo Clubs and other individuals are sources of the funds.

Projects for Raising Funds

Sales of Brooms, mops and lightbulbs Birthday Calendars
Sale of Fruit Cakes Paper Drives
Sale of Christmas Trees Annual Auctions
Pancake Suppers Chicken Frys
Barbecues Flea Markets
White Cane

Hearing Aid Bank

In 1972-73, Athens Lions Club inaugurated a Hearing Aid Bank in cooperation with the University of Georgia. In 1973-74, it was expanded to the District level in 18-D. In 197&-75, the Athens Lions Club bought an audiometer.

At the State Convention, 1974 in Columbus, Frank Hollberg, President of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, appointed Ed Synder, Chairman of Hearing Conservation in Georgia. The work spread rapidly throughout the state.

During the year 1975-76, a grant of $1,000 from the lighthouse was given to the University of Georgia for a study to determine the hearing needs and the projected costs to conduct a program of aid through the Lighthouse.

The Hearing Aid Bank is located in the office of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Atlanta, Georgia. It is under the guidance of Chairman Ed Snyder, Athens, and his excellent leadership in hearing conservation. Other civic clubs and other states are asking for information about the Georgia Lions Hearing Conservation Program.

Rosa’s Van

Rosa’s Van valued at $14,185.46 in the U.S.A. and purchased by Lions for crippled children in VITRA School, Buenos Aires, Argentina, was made possible by the work of Lion Sam Hale during 1978.

Lion Sam Hale, a member of Athens Lions Club, has been a Lion since August 1935. On October 19, 1979, Lions International made him a Life Member.

This humanitarian act was made possible by funds from sources as follows: (1) Lion San’s own club made a contribution; (2) about half the members of his Club made a personal donation; (3) many Lions Clubs in District 18-D made contributions; (4) some business people made donations; (5) a check for $5,000 was received from L.C.I.F. (Lions Club International Foundation); and (6)Lion Sam Hale paid the balance and made the trip to Buenos Aires to see the Van come off the boat and being delivered to the School for crippled Children.

The Van was equipped with an elevator to lift crippled children in wheelchairs from the ground up into the van and later unload them after the trips to school.

50 Sewing Machines for Equador

Donald K. Enzmann, Past District Governor 18-D, at the Cabinet Meeting held in Gainesville, February 6, 1972 announced they had over 50 sewing machines and 30 commercial machines being shipped to Ecuador from New Orleans. This was a District Project in lnternational Relations.

Lion Don spent time in Ecuador, made colored slides of schools and projects sponsored by Lions and presented these slides to fellow Lions and others when he returned home.

Toccoa Falls Institute Disaster

Sunday, November 6, 1977, at 1:20 A.M. during a rain storm Kelly Dam, above Toccoa Falls, burst. In the path of the flood below was Toccoa Falls Institute where approximately 40 persons drowned in the flood water coming upon them while they slept in the night.

The Governor, George Busbee, his Civil Defense team and other department heads rushed to the scene of the disaster. President Jimmy Carter, a Lion, sent his wife Rosalynn to Toccoa Falls to view the disaster. The U.S. Government gave over one million dollars, the State of Georgia helped with road repair, clean-up the debris and other jobs.

Lions Clubs throughout Georgia sent contributions to Toccoa Falls Disaster Fund. Humanitarian needs is where Lions serve. Lion Willard Kimsey, a member of Toccoa Lions Club, reported 20 Lions Clubs gave $2,834.00 to Toccoa Falls Disaster Fund.

Barbara Shirley, Honorary Lioness

Barbara Shirley of Clarkesville, Georgia went before the Lions Convention at Jekyll Island in June 1975 and told us that she grew up in Toccoa, went to Chattanooga to school and while there found that she could not see to read and called her dad to come get her.

She never knew the 72 year old eye donor of the cornea she received in the transplant at Emory University Hospital. Because of this gift she dedicated her life to helping develop a Georgia Eye Research Center second to none. She went before group after group to tell movingly of her personal miracle, the gift of sight.

In recognition of Barbara Shirley’s crusading, the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation for the Blind made her an honorary lifetime director. The Atlanta Eye Bank put her on its Advisory Board.

Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett worked in accounting for the Southern Railroad for 25 years before he was struck with total blindness. He came from Albany to Atlanta to be the Executive Director of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation.

During Jim Corbett’s leadership of about 20 years, the Lighthouse grew from regular contributions of a few thousand dollars to $93,000 reported for the year 1972-73. This was exclusive of the Peach Bowl and memorial Fund.

On the morning of April 5, 1973, Jim attempted to arise and get ready for work. He could not because of complete paralysis on his left side. The Lighthouse could not purchase retirement or hospitalization for Jim due to his physical

Jim’s per day cost at Wesley Moods was $37.00 per day or $1,110.00 for 30 days. Add that to his apartment and living expenses for his loyal, devoted and faithful wife, Myrt.

During the Annual Meeting in Macon at the Lions Convention, the Lighthouse President appointed a special committee to devise ways to help Jim and Myrt. The Committee recommended immediate help of $1.00 contribution from each Lion in Georgia on a free will basis. The Decatur Lions Club members gave $1.00 each to the Jim Corbett Fund to supplement income from Social Security and financial help from Medicare.

Lionism is a humanitarian service. This was a special way to help.

First year was 1968.
Teams (Winner Underlined)
Clubs 100% Members Total Tickets Sold
1968 LSU-Florida State 31-27 35,206
1969 S.C.-West Virginia 14-03 53,969
1970 N.C.-Arizona State 48-26 52,969
1971 Ga. Tech-Ole Miss. 41-18  4 38,599
1972 N.C. State-West Virginia 49-13  8 51,413
1973 Georgia-Maryland 17-16 19 41,313
1974 Vanderbilt-Texas Tech (tie) 06-06 33 41,313
1975 N.C. State-West Virginia 13-10 32 51,120
1976 N.C.-Kentucky 21-00 39 33,947
1977 N.C. State-Iowa State 24-14 35 43,063
1978 Georgia Tech-Purdue 41-21 39 33,947
1979 Clemson-Baylor 24-18 42 58,933
1980   Miami-Va. Tech   20-10    49,500

On a cold rainy night, December 30, 1968, the first game was played in Grant Field, Atlanta. A suggestion from Atlanta Journal Sports Editor, Furman Bisher, caused Jim Corbett, Executive Director of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation to move in the direction of sponsoring a bowl and use the proceeds for the blind and for sight conservation. Jim Corbett was blind himself.


1970-71 Membership Key (2 Members)
John Thomas, Gainesville Elton Daniel, Norcross
Edward Weaver, Hartwell Conrad Anderson, Toccoa
Aubrey H. Fleming, Lilburn Lamar Davis, Toccoa
Stephen Cruce, Lilburn Grover Head, Toccoa
Robert L. Keys, Lilburn Loyd Prewett, Toccoa
J. R. Morton, Lilburn Claude Smith, Toccoa
W. N. Wells, Lilburn
 Membership Advancement Key (6 Members)
Don K. Enzman, Henderson Mill
1971-72 Membership Key (2 Members)
Glynn Nichols, Dunwoody B. Jack Stone, Athens
Charles N. Moss, Mountain Park Vance L. Cecil, Jr., Classic City
France Hogsed, Towns County William C. Nicholson, Classic City
Clay Dotson, Towns County Leroy Eller, North DeKalb
Carlos Russell, Towns County A. D. Wright, Gainesville
Ed Page, Hartwell Robert Howell, Gainesville
Roger Vonland Marion Kephart, Gainesville
James B. Weaver, Classic City Dewey Kephart, Gainesville
Robert S. Synder, Lilburn
Membership Advancement Key (6 Members)
James B. Weaver, Classic City W. W. Banks, Gainesville
Extension (Oconee and Bowman Clubs)
Ed Synder, Athens Don Enzman, Henderson Mill
Hugh A. Inglis, Athens Loyd Prewett, Toccoa
1972-73 Membership Key (2 Members)
W. W. Banks, Gainesville John W. Crumpton, Lithonia
Jimmy Hasten, Peachtree J. Fred Goddard, Lithonia
Jim Dill, North DeKalb John S. Norris, Lithonia
Billy A. Johnson, Lithonia Edward Hedden, Towns County
Dale E. Thurman, Towns County
Membership Advancement Key (6 Members)
Vance L. Cecil, Classic City John Quinn, Gainesville
Master Key (12 Members)
William W. Banks, Gainesville
Senior Master Key (25 Members)
Edward “Ed” Snyder, Athens
1973-74 Membership Key (2 Members)
Robert A. Scott, No. Decatur Gerald Doggett, Laurel Ridge
Robert C. Cohen, No. Decatur James M. Grimes, Snellville
Ronald H. McClure, Forsyth Co. W. J. Britt, Snellville
C. W. Cox, Jr., Forsyth Co. Edwin Britt, Snellville
William Worrell, Laurel Ridge James F. Woodall, Tallulah Falls
Alton Jones, Laurel Ridge
Membership Advancement Key (6 Members)
W. Henry Scott, Tallulah Falls
Master Key (12 Members)
Ray Eastmoore, Dunwoody William A. Noble, Laurel Ridge
1974-75 Membership Key (2 Members)
Doyle A. Ashley, Classic City Benny Nuckolls, Forsyth County
Robert Bearden, Gainesville Howard Page, Gainesville
James T. Caudle, Henderson Hill Clifford M. Pitts, Norcross
Charles E. Cory, Henderson Hill Major B. Rice, Athens
Argel B. Forrester, Norcross J. Bryson Tanner, Jr., Athens
R. Doris Garrett, Forsyth Co. Joe Waller, Lithonia
John M. Hamilton, Norcross
Membership Advancement (6 Members)
J. Fred Goddard, Lithonia Ronald McClure, Forsyth Co.
Robert L. Keys, Lilburn E. V. Medernach, Lavonia
Master Key (12 Members)
Ronald McClure, Forsyth County
1975-76 Membership Key (2 Members)
Ernest B. Carey, Dunwoody Ralph W. Hunt, North Decatur
Howard W. Wells, Dunwoody J. Cecil Penland, North Decatur
James W. Livingston, Gainesville LaMoyne A. Brunson, Royston
Joel A. Wise, Gainesville Bob Rogers, Royston
Culver O. Davis, Lavonia Mike Shirley, Royston
John Gill, Lavonia Ed Smith, Royston
Celland A. Tyson, Lavonia Mike Sanders, Stone Mountain
Rudolph E. Buice, No. Decatur J. Lewis Braselton, West Jackson
Robert A. Hollbrook, No. Decatur J. C. Pounds, Stone Mountain
1976-77 Membership Key (2 Members)
Price Kembro, Buford Paul Simpson, Lithonia
Larry V. Brown, Carnesville Charles G. Shockley, LaVista
Ben E. Lilly, Dunwoody Rufus L. Brown, Gainesville
Bobby W. Gresham, Lithonia Grady Howard, Jr., Gainesville
John Harris, Lithonia E. C. Harvey, Jr., DeKalb Central
Membership Advancement (6 Members)
Loyd Prewett, Toccoa


Past District Governor and President of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc., Ken Massingale, was awarded the lnternational President’s Award by International President William C. Chandler at the 18-D District Convention in Gainesville February 22, 1981.

State Historian Eugene Sanders was presented the International President’s Award by International President Lloyd Morgan at the annual Banquet of the Past District Governors in Macon February 16, 1980. The Awards in both cases were presented by International Director Edwin C. Daniel for the lnternational Presidents.

Past lnternational Director Joe B. Davis received his first International President’s Award from International President Edward M. Lindsey in 1967 at the State Convention at Jekyll Island. He was presented the lnternational President’s Award in 1968 by International President Jorge Bird at the State Convention in Atlanta, his third in 1970 by Past International President W. R. Bryan, and a fourth in 1977 by lnternational President Joseph M. McLoughlin at the forty-fifth anniversary meeting of the Decatur Lions Club.


In 1970 lnternational President W. R. Bryan presented Joe B. Davis with the Ambassador of Goodwill Award. A president can make only twelve of these awards in the whole world of Lionism. State Secretary Alcee Maxfield delivered the Award for President Bryan at a Ladies Night meeting of the Decatur Lions Club.


President Jimmy Carter was presented the Melvin Jones Fellow Award, also known as the Lions Clubs International Foundation Award. On Saturday, March 31, 1979 the Past District Governors of District 18-D and their Lionesses were among 134 Past District Governors and their Lionesses from over Georgia who were the guests of the Carters at the White Rouse. President Jimmy Carter was District Governor of District 18-C in 1968-69. As an expression of our love and appreciation for Lion Jimmy and Lioness Rosalynn, we past District Governors of Georgia presented the Melvin Jones Fellow Award to Jimmy and a plaque to Rosalynn.

State Historian Eugene Sanders was presented the Melvin Jones Fellow Award by his Decatur Lions Club in 1978. Lion Gene is respected and affectionately known as state Historian for more than a decade. In 1952, he was selected as Georgia’s Outstanding Lion.


Lion Sam A. Hale, Sr., was presented the Life Membership Award at the 55th Anniversary Banquet of the Athens Lions Club, October 19, 1979. Lion Sam has rendered outstanding service to Lionism in raising 22unds, procuring Rosa’s Van, and work as Chairman of Conventions. William C. Chandler, First Vice President Lions lnternational, was speaker at the Athens Lions Club 55th Anniversary and presented the Award.

Lion Hugh A. Inglis was presented the Life Membership Award by William C. Chandler, First Vice President Lions International, who was the speaker October 19, 1979 at the 55th Anniversary celebration of Athens Lions Club. Lion Hugh served in many ways as: District Governor, lnternational Youth Exchange Chairman, Trustee Lions Lighthouse Foundation, winner four years out of five as Editor, Athens Lions Tales, in State Bulletin Contest, and District Librarian
since February 4, 1979.

Past District Governor Carlos A. Shaw, member of Winder Lions Club, who has rendered outstanding service in Lionism as a member of his club and as District Governor of 18-D, has been awarded Life Membership.


1970-71 Dr. Irving Hellenga, Chairman — Four applications received. Hosts: Lavonia Club – 2; Gainesville Club – 1; Toccoa Club – 1;

Sponsors: Toccoa Club sent Judy Morris to France; the Gainesville Lions Club was host for Jussi Salo and Karo Kennemon from Finland; North Dekalb sent Judy Daniel to England

1971-72 Lion Tom Jackson, Chairman. Participating Clubs were: Athens, Lavonia, Toccoa, Carnesville, Laurel Ridge, Gainesville, and North DeKaIb.

1972-73 Lion Byson Tanner, Chairman. There is a bond of friendship when these youth get to travel and visit in our homes, that is never forgotten. Participating clubs were: Druid Hills, Lilburn, Toccoa, Dunwoody, North DeKalb, Laurel Ridge, and Snellville.

1974-75 Lion Jim King, Chairman.

Sponsors: Laurel Ridge Club sent Richard Worrell and Mike Summer to Ontario, Canada Henderson Mill Club sent Susan Pizzatola to Ontario. Clayton Club sent Ben Marchman to Ontario. Host Club to Canadian Visitors were: Clayton, Classic City, and Towns County.

Lion Wilworth “Bill” Frankum transferred from the Carnesville Lions Club to the Athens Lions
Club reported direct that all his children had participated in the International Youth Exchange Program as follows: David Frankum to Finland; Adel Frankum to Sweden (1972); and Lynn Frankum to Switzerlaud (1976). Visiting in the Frankum home from Finland were: Jussi Salo and Kari Kenneman (1970). Visiting in the Frankum home from Switzerland was Laurence Delzut (1977).


1970-71 North Dekalb-1st place  $15.00 1975-76 Six Clubs Submitted:
Toccoa- 2nd Place 10.00 Gainsville-1st Place $35.00
Decatur-2nd Place 25.00
1971-72 Nine Scrapbooks submitted: Druid Hills-Hon. Men.
Athens-1st Place 15.00
Gainesville-2nd Place 10.00 1976-77 Gainesville-1st Place
Toccoa- 3rd Place 5.00 Decatur-2nd Place
Winder-3rd Place
1972-73 Four Scrapbooks Submitted:
Decatur-1st Place 25.00 1977-78 Eight Clubs submitted:
Toccoa-2nd Place 15.00 Gainesville-1st Place
Hartwell-3rd Place 10.00 Decatur-2nd Place
Athens-3rd Place
1973-74 Four Clubs submitted:
Decatur-1st Place 25.00 1978-79 Decatur-1st Place
North Dekalb-2nd Place 15.00 Druid Hills-2nd Place
Lavonia-3rd Place 10.00
1979-80 Lanier-1st Place $25.00
1974-75 Four Clubs submitted: Monroe-2nd Place 15.00
Athens- 1st Place Druid Hills-3rd Place 10.00
Decatur-2nd Place


Minutes of Georgia Lions State Convention May 16-18, 1980, Jekyll Island has a long list of 32 Awards. Out of the six Districts, about one-third of the Awards came to District 18-D. For details you may refer to Annual Meeting Minutes of the District 18 (Georgia) Lions State Convention. A summary of State Awards is found in only a few of the District 18-D Annual Reports as:

1979 State Awards First Place Second Place
Druid Hills (No. 1) 5 2
Gainesville (No. 3) 4 1
Athens 2 2
North DeKalb 2 1
Union County 1
Lavonia 2
District Governor 18-D 1


The 50th Anniversary of the Athens Lions Club was celebrated November 22, 1974. The Athens Lions Club received its charter on August 29, 1924. The speaker for the 50th Anniversary was International Director William C, Chandler, Montgomery, Alabama, who in 1980 was elected President of Lions International.

The Athens Lions Club is one of the oldest and most active Clubs in Georgia. In 1935-36, William T. Ray was Chairman of the International Board of Governors.

In 1937, he presented a report at the Albany convention that divided Georgia into Districts 18-A, 18-D and 18-C. On July 28, 1932, W. T. Ray presented the Charter to the Decatur Lions Club.

The 55th Anniversary of Athens Lions Club was celebrated October 19, 1979. The Banquet was held at the U.S. Navy Supply School. The speaker again was William C. Chandler, First Vice President of Lions International.


The Decatur Lions Club was chartered July 28, 1932. W. Joe Scott was the first President. The speaker at the charter night banquet was Sam Stukes, President, Decatur Civitan Club. The Charter was presented by Lion W. T. Ray of the Athens Lions Club.

The 45th Anniversary Celebration was held July 23, 1977 at the Century Center Motor Hotel. Lion Horace Franklin, President; Ken Massingale, District Governor 18-D and a member of the club gave forty-five years history of the Decatur Club and the speaker was Lion Joseph N. McLauhlin, Stamford, Connecticut, President of Lions International.

The Clarkesville Lions Club was chartered June 14, 1934. Frank Gabrels, Ordinary Habersham County was the first President. Hugh A. Inglis who gave leadership in organizing the club and was chairman of the Charter Night Committee was in June 1940 elected District Governor at the State Convention in Columbus. The Charter was presented by “Skeet” Johnson, District Governor.

The 45th Anniversary party was held in connection with their Christmas Party on December 7, 1978. Awards were presented and history of the club given.The Clayton Lions Club received their charter in June 1934. The 45th Anniversary was observed on June 21, 1979. The speaker was Past District Governor Joe Hutcherson of Toccoa Lions Club.

The Toccoa Lions Club, chartered in 1933, observed a 40th Anniversary on June 9, 1973 held at Toccoa Falls Institute. Lion Willard Kimsey, Past District Governor, presided. Lion W. J. Andrews, First Club President and a Past District Governor, gave a brief history of the Club. The speaker was John O. Eddins, Birmingham, Alabama, Past lnternational Director.

The Lavonia Lions Club chartered 1934 observed a 40th Anniversary on March 9, 1974. Marshall L. Allison, Charter President, introduced the speaker. The speaker was Dr. Don Schmidt, Cedartown, Past lnternational Director.

The Towns County Lions Club held their 40th Anniversary Party during a snow storm in Northeast Georgia, March
1, 1980. The Towns County Lions Club held their charter banquet. March 8, 1940. The club was sponsored by the
Clarkesville Lions Club, S. M. Foster; President, and Hugh A. Iglis, Deputy District Governor.

The Charter was presented by Wade H. Wright, District Governor 18-A and accepted by Cline Puett, the first president of the new Club.

The Georgia Mountain Fair is sponsored by this club. The fair is a huge success. They have visitors
from throughout the United States and from other countries.


1970-71 Auburn-Carl, White County and West Jackson
1971-72 Oconee, Bowman and (reorganized) Avondale
1972-73 Peachtree
1973-74 Bethesda
1978-79 Lanier Lions Club
1979-80 Executive Park Lions Club (The Executive Park Lions Club will be listed in the 1980-81 Annual Report.)


An interesting occasion April 26, 1979 was the celebration by the North Decatur Lions Club and friends of Robert Arthur Holbrook Night, on the occasion of his removal to Florida. Joining ; April 29, 1956, he served as President 1959-60, as District Governor 1969-70, and as District Librarian since 1967. He had 22 years of perfect attendance.