History 1970-1980 Part 3 18B


DISTRICT 18-B  1970-71

Lion Preston B. Edwards (Lorene) of the Port Wentworth Lions Club (Savannah) was elected District Governor and selected Lion Hugh Cates (Ramona) of his home club as his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer. Roy L. Jones (Evelyn) of Douglas, Immediate Past District Governor was Cabinet Advisor; and Past District Governor Fraser F. Mambo of Hinesville was elected District Librarian.

District 18-B, comprised of 30 counties in the southeastern section of the state, contains some of the oldest clubs in Georgia, notably Waycross, the sixth club in Georgia organized May 4, 1922. Long a stronghold of Lionism, the district has been active and well organized. Lion Preston B. Edwards, as District Governor has continued and increased the good work and has followed largely the general pattern of organization.

In promoting the activities of the district, District Governor Edwards, with Immediate Past District Governor Marcus D. Raulerson as his Cabinet Advisor, selected able Deputy District Governors and Zone Chairmen, and appointed as Committee Chairmen an array of distinguished Lions who were challenged by four sets of requirements for obtaining 100% rating for Deputy District Governors, Zone Chairmen, Club Presidents, and Club Secretaries, and by a District Contest set of activities which, if followed, would make Lionism proud.

These suggestions, activities, and possibilities succinctly stated and concrete in nature give guidelines to all Lions, especially officials, which are most helpful. From them a new official can grasp the nature of the duties before him, the possibilities and methods which bring success.


The District Assembly was held in Vidalia with over 200 Lions and Lionesses in attendance. The Assembly was combined with the District Peach Bowl Princess Pageant. International Director John Eddins of Alabama gave an inspiring address on Lionism. Miss Nary Vickers of Alma was named 18B’s Peach Bowl Princess.


District 18B gave more to CARE than any other District in the state. A total of $951.00 was contributed which went for the underprivileged School Lunch Program overseas. This amount of money caused almost 2,800 children in India to have a bottle of milk a day for a year.


Four cabinet meetings were held, with good representation at each, providing the source of the enthusiasm which enabled the District to reach many of its goals and to come close to others.


The District Governor made 41 official visits and 15 special club visits, 21 other visits connected with the office, attended the State and International Conventions and traveled 18,858 miles. He was recognized by Lions International as a 100% District Governor.


The Jekyll Island Lions Club with Birge W. Kinne as President, led the District in the 18B Efficiency Contest as well as winning the award for the largest percent of member increase (from 44 to 69). Jekyll Island also made the largest contribution to the Lighthouse. The Okefenokee Lions Club, Whose President was Dr. C. M. Blanton, (Past District Governor 1950-51) won the District Governor’s Distinguished Service Award. Six Clubs tied as winners of the Retention Award.


The total amount of money received was $4,509.26. The sum of $595.80 was received from the previous administration and $548.41. was left in the treasury. Of this income $3,514.10 was from dues.

The Peach Bowl income amounted to $794.56 of which $575.00 was used ($250.00 as a scholarship for 18B’s Princess and $219.56 placed in the general fund).

For the second consecutive year 18B was the first district in Georgia to be 100% in contributions to the Lighthouse, a total of $10,480.31.


District 18B had five of the early District Governors during the first phase of Lionism in Georgia when the entire state was one district. These pioneers in Lionism were:

E.W. RosenthalI, Savannah, 1922-23
William C. Parker, Waycross, 1924-25
George H. Conklin, Augusta, 1925-26
Thomas A. Curry, Dublin, 1929-30
H. A. Stallings, Waycross, 1935-36


The fiftieth annual State Convention of Georgia Lions was held June 6, 7, 8, 1971 at Jekyll Island with a record attendance and a full program. International President Dr. Robert D. McCullough, of Tulsa, Oklahoma was present at the Monday luncheon, and addressed the District Governor’s banquet that night. Mr. H. Lee Poore, Vice-president of the Georgia-Lockheed Co. addressed the group at the Monday luncheon, and Past District Governor Jimmy Carter (Past Governor of the State of Georgia), spoke at the Tuesday luncheon. Lion W. H. Thrift, of the Waycross Lions Club received the Outstanding Blind Award. President Willard Kimsey reported that the Lighthouse had received $85,000 this year compared with $72,000 last year. The total number of eye wills reached 882. Maurice Newman of Rome was elected Lighthouse President. Sim N. Manning, President of the Peach Bowl Inc., reported the net proceeds generated for the Lighthouse to be $74,000. The Lighthouse has benefited by $39,700 and the Peach Bowl has on hand a deposit of $34,300 as a buffer.


The 54th annual Convention of Lions International was held in Las Vegas, Nevada June 22-25, 1971. This convention drew special interest from Georgia Lions as Lion Dr. Don W. Schmidt (Elaine) of the Cedartown Lions Club was a successful candidate for the office of International Director. The campaign committee for Dr. Schmidt was: George Crumbley, Chairman; Charles Burnette, Frank Holladay, Sim Manning, Boone Owen, Robert Riley, Harry Robertson, Eugene Sanders, W. Asbury Stembridge, and Hughes Willingham.  W. R. Bryan was immediate Past President; Dr. R. D. McCullough, President; and Robert J. Uplinger of Syracuse, N.Y,, was elected President. The next convention was set for Mexico City in June 1972. The new International Headquarters address is: York and Carmak Roads, Oakbrook, Illinois 60521.

DISTRICT 18B 1971-1972

District 18B is located in the southeastern part of the state and includes all of Georgia’s coastal area in sharp contrast to the mountainous areas of the northern part. The fifth Lions Club to be organized in Georgia was at Waycross ‘May 4, 1922, while Savannah, Georgia’s sixth Lions Club, was organized a week later. Five of the District Governors in that early period when the whole state was one district are listed as 18B Past District Governors, although district lines have been changed more than once since then. The five early governors were: E. W. Rosenthall, Savannah, 1922-23; William C. Parker, Waycross, 1924-25; George H. Conklin, Augusta, 1925-26; Thomas H. Curry, Dublin, 1929-30; and H. A. Stallings, Waycross, 1935-36.

It was at the fiftieth Georgia Lions State Convention held at Jekyll Island June 6-8, 1971 that Lion Don J. Surrency of the Jesup Lions Club, was elected District Governor. Past District Governor P. B. Edwards, Port Wentworth, was Cabinet Advisor, and Fraser F. Rambo, of Hinesville, was elected District Librarian.

The very specific rules set up by the District Governor for 100% rank for Deputy District Governors, Zone Chairmen, Club Presidents and Secretaries contributed to a high degree of success, three of the four Deputy District Governors succeeding, and other officers comparably. In retrospect it can be noted that at least half of the successful Deputy District Governors and Zone Chairmen have already advanced to the District Governorship.

There were eight 100% Club Presidents and fifteen 100% Club Secretaries. Seventeen Lions Clubs in the district gained members during the year, Golden Isles (St. Simons Island) gaining 14, and McRae gaining 11,Baxley 8, Savannah wound up the year with 150 members, and Waycross with 90– the two largest clubs in the district.


While many clubs had Membership Development and Retention Committees and notified others of transfer members, nineteen clubs had a net loss of members during the year, and no new club was organized in the district. Nearly all clubs conducted regular Directors meetings, the District Assembly was well attended, International Director Ralph A. Lynam being the speaker. Some had inter-club visitations, and unusually large delegation attended the state convention, and several members attended the International Convention in Mexico City.

Most clubs had a Peach Bowl Committee, and sold 203 tickets, while 18B lived up to its reputation by being the first district to be 100% in Lighthouse contributions, Most clubs increased their contribution to the Lighthouse, the 41 clubs contributing a total of $10,012.61. In addition there was a contribution to CARE by all Clubs.

The Waycross Lions Club and the Savannah Lions Club celebrated their fiftieth anniveraries.

The District had 1,742 members on May 5, 1972.

DISTRICT 18B  1972-73

George Friedrichs, from France, was Lions International President in 1971-72, when at the 51st Georgia Lions State Convention Lion W. A. Gassaway of the Hinesville Lions Club was elected District Governor. Lion Don W. Schmidt, M.D. (Elaine) of Cedartown was International Director, having been elected at the 54th International Convention in Las Vegas in June 1971. Don J. Surrency of Jesup was Cabinet Advisor, In District Governor Gassaway’s cabinet were three Lions destined later to become District Governors: Edwin L. Cook, Statesboro; Jerome B. Ney, Savannah; and Charles Overstreet, Hazlehurst.

Past District Governor J. Emory Sayer (Joan) Augusta, was Council Advisor, and Rodman W. Strader (Zoja) Augusta was Council Chairman. Alcee F. Maxfield was State Secretary, Eugene Sanders, State Historian, and Olin C. Newby (Rosemary) Washington, Lion Tamer. Maurice Newman (Rome) was President of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc., with Jim Corbett its Executive Director and Lion Edwin L. Cook, Vice President. Fraser F. Rambo was District Librarian.

To this date there had been 35 District Governors in District 18B, and five others who had served when the entire state was one district. Many of these Lions contributed greatly to the development both of Georgia and Lionism.

This district gained three new Clubs during the year, being the only district to do so. The sponsoring clubs were: Statesboro, Rincon and Hinesville. The new clubs were: Bulloch, 36 members; Liberty Coastal, 36; and Pooler, 35 members. This brought the total number of Lions Clubs to 44, with a membership of 1,892 compared to 1,710 at the beginning of the year. Twenty-nine clubs gained new members. More than half of the clubs increased the amount of money sent to the Lighthouse, the district raising a total $8,920.39.

To promote the Peach Bowl and the Eye Research Center, the district put a float in the Peach Bowl parade. The Peach Bowl Princess, Mary Petrevitch, sponsored by the McRae Lions Club, was sent to the International Convention in Miami to represent Georgia in the Hospitality Room and in the parade. Joining hands with its twin District 4A2 California, a school was built in Managua, Nicarqua to help replace thousands of earthquake destroyed classrooms. It sponsored a blind child for the Camp for the Blind.

There was 1008 participation in the CARE Program, and the District obtained 538 Eye Donors, with Rincon getting 409 of these.

Nineteen presidents and eighteen secretaries earned the District 100% award. Kingsland won the Member Increase Award for a 39% member increase.

Two Master Key Awards were won in the district during the year; Lion Robert O. Enecks, AF8454, Port Wentworth; and Lion Julian Harris, AF8413 Savannah.

District Governor Gassaway not only won the International President’s Award for the three new Clubs organized in the District. It was during 1972-73 that Berbard Gill, of Virginia Beach, Virginia became our one millionth Lion. District 18B with a goal of 10% membership increase contributed 10.6%, or the largest of the six sub-districts of Georgia 18, as certified by State Secretary Alcee Maxfield, winning the state Ivan H. Jackson Award.

The top ten clubs in the district Efficiency Contest were in order: Rincon, Savannah, Hinesville, Waycross, Okefenokee, McRae, Vidalia, Douglas, Baxley, and Alma.

Another highlight of the year was a school for Tailtwisters held in Jesup by the famous Dynamite Ed Moore of Orlando Downtown Lions Club.

Exceptional also was 79% attendance of clubs at all Zone Meetings during the Year.

It was during 1972-73 that District, 18B adopted as a district project the Waycross-Okefenokee Club’s Summer Blind Camp. This now is Multiple District 18’s Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind.

District Governor Gassaway, who received the 100% District Governors Award, made 86 visits to the clubs in his district and traveled 12,962 miles.

DISTRICT 18B  1973-74

At the 52nd Annual Georgia Lions State Convention held in Macon, Georgia June 17-19, 1973, Lion Edwin L. Cook, of Statesboro, was elected District Governor, and selected Kemp Mabry as Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer. During the year in office the District Governor made 44 official club visits, five special club visits, conducted five cabinet meetings and the District Assembly, attended two zone meetings, one zone rally, and the District Peach Bowl Pageant. He attended both the State and International Conventions, fourteen other State meetings, and the Peach Bowl Game.

The District Assembly was held April 7, 1974 and was attended by 206 Lions from 23 Clubs. The honor guest was International Director Merle Hartley of Piketon, Ohio. Seminars were conducted by International Director Dr. Don W. Schmidt, of Cedartown, Lion Ed Snyder of Athens, and Mrs. Mary Marsh, Executive Director of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc. This meeting was held in Statesboro with Past District Governor Vivian Yawn (1968-69) as Chairman.

Listed among the Cabinet officers were several who had served as District Governor, or were destined to serve later: Jerome B. Ney 1978-79, Savannah Port City; W. A. Watson, 1966-67, Brunswick; Charles Overstreet, 1976-77, Hazlehurst; R. C. Cunningham, 1975-76, Patterson; and Don Anderson, 1974-75, Rincon. It was Lion Anderson, Chairman of Sight Conservation who received the District Governor’s Distinguished Service Award, and Rincon, his home club, which was the winner in the Efficiency Contest.

A lavish Peach Bowl Pageant was held in Savannah November 3, 1973, at which time, Miss Holly Jones, from Metter, a Georgia Southern College student, was named Peach Bowl Princess. There were entries from ten zones and 118 paid admissions. Tom Babjak was Pageant Chairman. A 16 mm film, sponsored by the Metter Banking Co. was made available to Lions Clubs.

There was an actual membership increase in the District of 1.4% during the year, the Reidsville Lions Club having the largest gain, going from 53 members to 78.

The District secured 4,071 eye donors and contributed $9,433 to the Lighthouse.

There were 849 Peach Bowl Members, and 221 Peach Bowl Tickets were sold.

In the words of District Governor Cook: “We did make it happen in 18-B.”

DISTRICT 18B  1974-75

Lion Don M. Anderson of the Rincon Lions Club was elected District Governor at the 53rd State Convention held in Columbus June 9-11, 1974, and Robert E. Latham was his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer. The 57th International Convention was held in San Francisco July 3-6 of the same year. 

It was a busy year for the new District Governor. During the year, he made 46 official club visits, 19 special club visits, conducted 5 cabinet meetings, the District Assembly, Peach Bowl Pageant, three Zone Meetings, one as Chairman of the State Convention. In addition he attended 17 new club organizational meetings, with five new clubs being organized. In addition he attended the State and International conventions, 14 other state meetings, and the Peach Bowl, traveling 16,754 miles.

Morticians from 18-B removed and sent to the Eye Bank 46 eyes during the time from June 1, 1974 to June 1, 1975.

The Hinesville Lions Club was host to the District Assembly held January 25 separately from the Peach Bowl Pageant. 326 Lions from 31 Clubs attended. The honor guest was International Director Burton A. Tompkins (1973-75) from Presque, Maine. Other guests were Dr. C. M. Blanton, of Lehigh Acres, Florida, International Director George Crumbley, and Ms. Mary Marsh, Director of the Lighthouse.

The Camp for the Blind at Epworth by the Sea on St. Simons Island started June 9, and for the permanent Camp for the Blind is being secured from the Department of Natural Resources of the State of Georgia. The land is situated next to Laura Walker State Park.

The District Governor was Chairman of the 54th State Convention which was held at Jekyll Island, hosted by Jekyll Island, Brunswick, and St. Simons Island Lions Clubs, probably the largest state convention ever held.

The Jesup Lions Club was host to the Peach. Bowl Pageant November 16, 1974. Miss Linda Mountjoy of McRae, was named District Peach Bowl Princess from 9 entries from nine zones, with about 225 paid admissions. Don Carter was Chairman, and “The Great Pretenders” from the Brunswick Lions Club performed at the intermission.

The Port Wentworth Lions Club qualified for the International Membership Growth Award by leading the District with an increase of 12 members. This club was chartered February 4, 1959 with Past District Governor Preston B. Edwards 1970-71 as a Charter Member and organizer, with perfect attendance since. Lion Edwards has received the Key Member Award, the Membership Advancement Key, the Master Key, and the Senior Master Key for 25 new members, along with Lions International’s Membership Development Award. Brantley County with 10 new members, and Port City with 7, won second and third places.

Despite a heavy loss in May and June, with the new chartered clubs, the District showed a gain of 109 members.

Don Carter, of the Hinesville Lions Club, won the District Governor’s Distinguished Service Award; while District Governor Anderson was not only elected State Lion Tamer, but for his services during the year, he received the Ivan H. Jackson Memorial Plaque, which was donated by the Cabinet of District 18 E, to be awarded each year to the District Governor of Multiple District 18 whose district excels in Membership Development and Retention during the period July 1 through April 30 each fiscal year. This award, offered for eight years, has been won four times by District B.

DISTRICT 18-B 1975-76

Lion Raymond C, Cunningham, of the Patterson Lions Clubs was elected District Governor of District 18-B at the State Convention held at Jekyll Island June 8-10, 1975, and named Mike Anderson as his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer. The Patterson Lions Club was organized December 18, 1950 by W. B. Currie, International Organizer, who during the 50’s organized well over 100 Lions Clubs in Georgia.

Waycross was the first club in the district, being organized May 4, 1922, less than six months after Lionism entered Georgia in the organization of the Lions Club in Atlanta December 17, 1920. The organizing of the Savannah club followed in exactly one week, May 11, 1922. There are now 52 Lions Clubs the District.

Two new clubs were organized during the year; Collins, April 10, 1976 and Cobbtown May 22. As of March 1, there were 1,916 Lion Members, showing a loss except for the two new clubs.

There were quite a number of Anniversaries: Darien 25; Lyons 29; Garden City 13; Screven 20; Clinch County 32; Hazlehurst 28; Patterson 25; Jesup 20; Milan 30; St. Marys 12; Statesboro 35; Woodbine 23; Brunswick 26; Folkston 32; Kingsland 23.

The Peach Bowl Pageant, Rick Hudson, Chairman, saw Joy Waters, representing the Waycross-Okefenokee Lions Club, named Princess. Quite well attended, the Pageant produced a profit of $535.17. The district had a float in the Peach Bowl Parade, had 14 100% Peach Bowl Club memberships, which meant 728 memberships.

The District Rally was held January 24 with International Director Tom Clewes, of Sun City, Arizona the speaker. The meeting was sponsored by the Waycross and Waycross-Okefenokee Lions Clubs.

The District Cabinet Meeting was held November 16 at the Wayne County High School.

There were many club activities all over the district during the year. 32 clubs had donated to the Lighthouse by December 1, and 20 clubs had shown a gain in membership by that date. The Hinesville Lions Club had 4 new members in November. Savannah disbursed $664.41 for eye glasses, the district gave $6,000 to the Lighthouse, and Region III, Zone 1, mailed 379 pairs of eye glasses to Leroy S. Harris at Griffin. A group of clubs composed of Brunswick, Hazlehurst, Lumber City, McRae, Patterson, Savannah, Rincon, Vidalia, Waycross, Okefenokee, Statesboro, Garden City, Jekyll Island, and Jesup gave $881 to the LCIF.

Two Master Keys were received, one going to Millege C. Jones of the Garden City Lions Club; the other to Dink Nesmith, of the Jesup Lions Club.

Golden Isles raised $2,150 at a steak raffle, Alma raised $400 at a fish fry, Reidsville sent 2 boys to a safety camp, and Waycross-Okefenokee gave $1,620.29 to the Camp for the Blind. Brunswick continued its Wishing Wells and a 240 flag project, while Hinesville gave $40.00 to CARE for Guatemala.

Lighthouse services to clubs in 18-B were:

Statesboro Hospital Bill $337.40
Waycross Hospital Bill 319.55
Jesup Glasses 84.98
Pearson Artificial Eye 175.00
Jesup Outpatient 10.00
Brantley co. X-ray 10.00
Jesup Glasses 44.29
Waycross Anesthesia 78.75
Glennville Glasses 77.70
Brantley co. Hospital 430.60
Statesboro Hospital 409.15
Statesboro Anesthesia 90.00
Savannah Glasses 43.26

The Lions club of McRae was the first Lions Club in the district to apply to Lions International for a charter for a Lioness Club.

The Vidalia Lions Club in cooperation with the Women’s Club co-sponsored the third annual Arts and Crafts Festival, The co-chairmen being Lion Malcolm F. Bryant and Ms. Ruth Brice.

Three Lions Clubs in the district participated in furthering the famed Star Teacher-Student Award Activity: the Alma Lions Club sponsored a banquet for Bacon County, the Folkston Lions Club for Lanier County, and the Brantley County Lions Club for Brantley County.

Many other Lions Clubs have sponsored activities for this fine group over the years as a tribute to excellence and as a means to promote excellence both in teaching and in student learning.

DISTRICT 18-B 1976-77

In 1976, June 6-8, the 55th Georgia Lions State Convention was held in Savannah, and the 59th International Convention was held in Honolulu June 23-26. Charles N. Overstreet, of Hazlehurst was elected District Governor, and appointed Marvin Williams as his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer. 

The Cabinet Advisor was Immediate Past District Governor R. C. Cunningham of Patterson; and the four 100% Deputy District Governors were Hank E. Cullum, James L. Castleman, Leon H. Sexton, and T. G. Crosb,y, who was to become District Governor 1980-81. There were also four 100% Zone Chairmen: Mark Steigerwalt, Albert C. Winter, Kenneth Wainwright, and C. D. Sims.

The district wound up the year with 21 presidents who earned the 100% status: Johnny Floyd, Leslie Kicklighter, Ted O. Romine, Olin H. Williams, Lester Gillis, Jarve Bennett, Waverly Larkey; Richard Nixon, Rodney C. Wynn, Henry Anderson, Ray Glisson, Dewey Medders, Herbert Hedges, Jr., Charles Clabbers, Jack Hill, Larry D. Steese, William A. Ricks, Fred D. Jones, Alex Odum, Patrick H. Morris, and Kenneth Bennett.

The 19 Secretaries who were 100%: Forcial A. Hilton, Ernest Grizzard, Charles L. Coleman, Jilian L. Crews, Warren G. Oglesby, Jr., Curtis C. Land, Charles Jones, John Trevor, Charlie R. Woodson, James O’Brien, R. C. Cunningham (Immediate Past District Governor),Remes E. LeLaHunt, George H. Timmerman, Jerome B. Ney, (to be District Governor 1978-79) Raybon H. Moore, James T. Meadows, Herman C. Gnann, Ralph Eoerly, and Tom G. Gattis.

On July 1, 1975 there were ,49 clubs in District B with a membership of 1,950. June 7 there were 51 clubs with 1,879 members. One new club was chartered during the year, and the average attendance at all clubs was 70.9%, with Patterson having the best average attendance, 93.4%.

17 Clubs had a loss in membership totaling 65, while 25 ,gained a total of 60 new members. 42 Club participated in the Efficiency Contest showed Rincon winning first place, Statesboro second, and Patterson third place.

The Clubs in the district responded to the Camp for the Blind, the newest state program, and by the 1st of June 13 Lions Clubs were 100% in membership to the Camp. Ten Clubs had renewed their membership for 1977 in the Peach Bowl.  23 Clubs were 100% in 1976.

Among the many activities attended by the District Governor during the year: 4 State Council Meetings, 4 Cabinet Meetings, the District Rally, the Beauty Pageant, Peach Bowl Game and Directors meetings, Lighthouse Meetings, Charter Night Programs, Zone Social, 51 official club visits and some twice. The mileage traveled was 18,128.

During the year the District gave $1,584 to the Lighthouse; $995 to CARE, LCIF $390. The Peach Bowl Pageant brought in $3,351.31 and cost $2,731.31. Dues collected mounted to $4,802.50, and the total amount handled during the year was $12,554.81.

Members of the State Council during the year were:

18-A Frank J. Burnette Calhoun Lions Club
18-B Charles N. Overstreet Hazlehurst Lions Club
18-C Leon Bryant Calvary Lions Club
18-D Vance L. Cecil, Jr. Classic City (Athens) Lions Club
18-E James A. McMullen Columbus Lions Club
18-F Raymond C. Peters Fleming Lions Club

The year 1976 was the first year the District of 18-B sponsored a District Peach Bowl Pageant, Supported by the Lions of the District. This was done entirely by individual clubs selling ads within their communities. This project proved successful and has been carried on ever since.

In the year 1976 District 18B won the second place trophy in the Peach Bowl Parade in Atlanta.

In 1977 at the Convention in Albany, the District Governor was presented the coveted Tom Bingham Memorial Award for the district’s efforts in supporting the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Program.

DISTRICT 18-B 1977-78

District B was comprised of 28 counties with 54 Lions Clubs when the 56th State Lions Convention met in Albany June 10-12, 1977 and elected Christopher A. Barbieri of the Savannah Port City Lions Club forty-first District Governor, bearing in mind that, Georgia had District Governors 17 years before that, beginning in 1921. However, the first club in what is now this District was not organized until 1922, which saw the birth of a Lions Club in Waycross, to be followed a week later by the Organization in Savannah.

Immediate Past District Governor Charles N. Overstreet was Council Advisor, and others elected to serve as District Governor this year were: A-Charles L. Pickell, Dalton; C-Gary Cullens, Thomasville; D-Kenneth Massingale, Decatur, later to serve as President of the Lions Lighthouse and be elected to an unprecedented third term and to receive the Presidential Award in March 1981; Hubert Stubbs, Columbus; and F- J. Gordon Hilliard, Thomson.

District Governor Barbieri appointed the following Deputy District Governors: Reginald R. Seoane, Savannah Port City; James O’Brien, Metter; Leon H. Sexton, McRae; William T. Wells, Brunswick (who was to become District Governor in 1979).

As Zone Chairman he appointed the following: Y. Allen Beall, Savannah; Ray Archambeault, Cobbtown; Charles Jones, Jacksonville; Larry Hartzi, Golden Isles; Bill Barber, Waycross-Okefenokee; Ernest Grizzard, Bloomingdale; Jack Hill.,Reidsville; Albert Winter, Liberty Coastal; Kenneth Wainwright, Folkston; and C.D. Sims, Waycross.

District Governor Barbieri set high goals for the year, and from time to time in his newsletter kept clubs informed as to their progress and the events in which they should participate or have knowledge of. The Peach Bowl has generated great interest in Beauty Pageants as a means of increasing interest and participation in ticket sales. Each District at its Pageant selected a beauty princess to compete in the contest for a queen of the Peach Bowl. In District B this contest has grown in size and interest and become quite elaborate.

A beautiful 40 page program, 8-1/2 x 11, carrying the pictures of the contestants from the 26 participating clubs, listing the evening’s program, the entertainment, judges, and pertinent information along with paid advertisements from well wishers was quite impressive.

Lion Rick Hudson, of the Brunswick Lions Club, was chairman of the event, and the presentation of awards to all contestants was made by Past International Director George Crumbly, who is Executive Director of the Peach Bowl. Miss Terri Anne Thompson, the 1976 Princess of 18-B, sponsored by the Patterson Lions Club, participated in crowning Amy Leigh Holton, sponsored by the Glennville Lions Club, as the 1977-78 Princess to represent the district at the Peach Bowl Game in Atlanta. Due special credit for the planning and execution of the Pageant were Lions W. T. Wells, Brunswick; R. C. Cunningham, Patterson; Cabinet Advisor Charles Overstreet, Hazlehurst; and Don Anderson, Rincon. At the Pageant Banquet 560 meals were served, the receipts were $8,399.03 with expenses of $7,901.28, leaving a profit of $497.75. Advertisements in the program amounted to $3,176.03.

Over 50,000 tickets to the Peach Bowl Game were sold. Iowa State University was pitted against North Carolina State.

Miss Lynne Adkerson was selected as the Peach Bowl Queen in Atlanta. 

The pay-off for the ambitious goals set at the beginning of his term allowed District Governor Barbieri to report June 1, 1978 that the District signed up 642 eye donors. Seventeen Clubs were listed as securing these donors, but the clubs
participating successfully in one activity usually are listed in all.

Membership in the Peach Bowl amount to 790, and the tickets sold were 1,000. Special thanks were due R. C. Cunningham for his work on the float, which was the winner in the Peach Bowl Float Contest.

The goal was to raise $10,000 for the Camp for the Blind. This goal was exceeded by $166. The district gave $1,000 to CARE, $1,250 to the Lions Clubs international Foundation, and $15,000 to the Lighthouse.

Lion Billy Wells, Brunswick, contributed flag stands, the Hazlehurst Lion Club purchased a washing machine for the Camp for the Blind, and the Special Activities Committee sells caps and T-shirts for the Camp. The Waycross and the Vidalia Lions Clubs assisted two people in the Leader Dog School. 

In 1973 25 cornea transplants were done. As of December 30, 1977 our Eye Bank completed its 264th transplant.

The Past District Governors in 18B have set up an informal organization to assist in district goals and projects.

Past lnternational Director Jim Fowler, from Little Rock, Arkansas, was guest speaker at the District Rally February 4 at Statesboro.

Lion Ray Durden, President of the Bulloch County Lions Club, received a special Award Patch from Lions International; Lion Steve Karlin, Port City, received a Membership Award Key; Lion Charles Drake, Waycross, received a Membership Advancement Key and a Master Key; and Lion George Timmerman, Port Wentworth, received a Membership Advancement Key.

lmmediate Past District Governor Charles N. Overstreet received his 100% District Governor Award from Past International President Fernando Sobral.

Two new Clubs were organized during the year. The new club at Portal has 20 members, and the Chatham South Lions Club was organized with 31 members.

One of the Governor’s goals was to have a White Cane Day, and this was held April 18 for the first time in the district.

Another goal was for 10% of the members to attend the State Convention and 3% the International Convention in Tokyo. Both these goals were achieved.

The 56th Georgia State Lions Convention which met June 10-12, 1977 was not the first to meet in Albany. The first Georgia Lions Convention to meet there was June 6-8, 1937, and it was there that the PEACH was adopted as the Lions symbol for Georgia. 

George Crumbley wasn’t here then and didn’t know about it, but we had to wait for George to give us a BOWL to put it in.

This year of 1937 was also the first year for Georgia as a Multiple District.

DISTRICT 18-B  1978-79

The State Convention met in Marietta June 9-11, 1978 when Jerome B. Ney, Savannah Port City, was elected District Governor of 18-B, with Christopher Barbieri Council Advisor, and Larry R. Winters, Sr., PDG, as Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer. The list of Deputy District Governors consists of framiliar names, such as Lions George Timmerman, James Castleman, Douglas Oxford, Charles Jones, William T. Wells, and James D. Brown.  This type of leadership, consistently portrayed through the achievements in the district measures the wisdom and planning that go into successful Lionism.

At the end of the fiscal year, District Governor Ney was able to write in his final report: “Our contributions to the projects we all support are ahead of last year. We have almost met our goal to CARE. Our contributions to the Leader Dog Program is six times better than last year. Our Lighthouse contributions are well ahead, and our Camp for the Blind contributions have been nothing short of phenomenal. As we begin to understand tie work of LCIF, our contributions have-increased there too.

Our Peach Bowl Pageant was the biggest and most successful yet. We were among the leaders in the sale of Cadillac Sweepstake Tickets and in Peach Bowl Association Membership. Our ticket sales to the game were not very good, but everyone agrees that the date was the problem.

We have not done as well as I hoped in Membership Development and Retention. Thus far, the District has not had a membership decrease, but we have not had an increase either.

We had the finest District Convention yet in Baxley. The facilities and planning were excellent. Unfortunately, the weather dampened the attendance a little but the turnout was not bad.

Total contribution to the Lighthouse was $10,226.06 and $28,861.33 was given to the Camp for the Blind. The amount spent in the District by the Lighthouse is not listed, but 41 of the 53 Lions Clubs did contribute to the Lighthouse, and 12 did not. Brunswick led with $2,465.00. 19 Clubs made gifts of over $100.

The Camp for the Blind received gifts from 40 clubs, Waycross-Okefenokee leading with a gift of $13,482 and Savannah Port City next with $3,055. Blackshear and the new club, Chatham South, organized in 1977-78, made contributions of $1,020 and $1,000 each, while Bloomingdale’s gift was $1,700.

CARE Received $1,580.00, LCIF $1,305.00 and the Leader Dog Organization was given $2,004.00.

The District Governor’s Efficiency Contest was won by Golden Isles and Hinesville a close second. Statesboro, Bulloch County, Savannah, Baxley and Douglas crowded close to the winners.

The 100% officials has the look of a roster. 23 presidents were 100%, 18 secretaries, 6 treasurers, 4 Deputy District Governors, and 8 zone chairmen earned this coveted title.

Another film, “Joy of Hearing” has been ordered for the District Film Library at a cost of approximately $100.00.

Total receipts for the year amounted to $20,548., expenditures $18,769.64. The Peach Bowl Pageant amounted to $11,629.17, of which $9,420.72 went for expenses.

Activities performed in the communities are the most powerful vitalizing influence a club can have. Without them, a community becomes unaware that the club exists. The following list is so varied and inclusive, it so well illustrates what clubs in a district can do if they are really alive, and so many groups claim to be at a loss for activities, that this list, based solely on the M and A Reports is offered for the record: .



Alma Lions Club
Sent child to Emory University Clinic $91.00
Sponsored “Citizen of the Year Award”
Sponsored Star Student Teachers Award
Co-sponsored County Steer Show for Youth

Baxley Lions Club
Donation-County “Touchdown Club” $100.00
Donation-Furniture for Public Library 500.00
Donation-Safety Patrol 25.00 

Blackshear Lions Club
Donation-Chamber of Commerce 549.09
Purchased-6 pr. glasses 255.00 

Bloomingdale Lions Club
Purchased 1 pr. glasses & 1 eye exam
Planned public rec. facility & lights for recreation area

Brunswick Lions Club
Processed 64 sight cases $2,535.00
Donation-Boy Scout Troop #203 125.00
Donation-Youth Football Program 100.00
Donation-Volunteer Assistance League 25.00
Joined with Jekyll Isl. Lions Club in giving a
Sight Testing Machine to Brunswick Hospital 1,800.00
Sponsored a Little League Baseball Team
Sponsored a Youth Football Team
Sponsored Boy Scout Troop #125

Bulloch County Lions Club
Purchased eye exams & glasses $424.93
Donation-Statesboro Rec. Dept.
Baseball $300.00
Donation-Glitter From the Dark to Reg. Library
City of Statesboro Baseball Field $1,000.00
Collected 179 pr. used glasses
& 1 hearing aid

Chatham South Lions Club
Purchased 2 pr. glasses
Sponsored Eagle Scout Program
Started a Gun Safety Program

Claxton Lions Club
Purchased 2 pr. glasses $126.21

Clinch County Lions Club
Sponsored Athletic Booster Club
Sponsored Star Student Program

Cobbtown Lions Club
Purchased 6 tables for Community
Sponsored Volunteer Fire Dept.
Sponsored a 100 Year Birthday Party for Aunt Mattie Byrd
Chaperoned St. Jude Walk-a-thon
Provided Community Christmas Tree

Douglas Lions Club
Purchased eye glasses $845.00
Donation-South Georgia College 212.00
Donation-Braille Reader to Rest Home
Sponsored Star Student Teacher
Sponsored H. S. Team, S. Ga. Bass Tournament 20.00 

Folkston Lions Club
Purchased one pr. glasses
Sponsored Star Student Teacher Program

Garden City Lions Club
Purchase eye exams & glasses 400.00
Donation-American Diabetes Association 100.00
Sponsored Garden City Founders & Pioneers Day
Helped Westside Boys Club
w/fund raising

Glennville Lions Club
Purchased one pr. eye glasses
Sponsored Jerry Lewis Tele-a-thon 

Golden Isles Lions Club
Purchased eye exams & glasses $237.00
Purchased labor & materials to repair cabinet at Youth Estate 700.00
Donation-Youth Estate 500.00
Donation-Easter Seals 100.00
Donation-St. Simons Swim Team 50.00
Donation-St. Simons Youth Assoc. 350.00
Donation-St. Simons PTA 25.00
Donation-M. S. Foundation 25.00
Sponsored Miss Teenage Ga. Contestant 50.00
Sponsored Valentine-Ball Queen Contest

Hazelhurst Lions Club
Purchased 9 pr. glasses $120.00
Donation-Boy Scouts 25.00
Donation-Committee on Mental Health 25.00
Sponsored Foster Children’s Christmas Party 10.00

Hinesville Lions Club
Purchased 4 pr. glasses 215.00
Donation-Ed McCarty Fund 200.00
Donation-Christmas Gifts for Needy Family 50.00
Donation-Bradwell Institute Y-Club 165.00
Donation-Liberty County Rec. Dept. 324.00

Jekyll Island Lions Club
Purchased eye exams & glasses $1,010.00
Purchased Pressure Suite,
Jekyll Island Ambulance Grp.
Donation-Salvation Army 100.00
Donation-Boy Scouts 50.00
Donation-Girl Scouts 50.00
Donation-American Cancer Society 25.00
Donation-Glynn Co. Service Ctr. 150.00
Donation-Easter Seal Bldg. Fund 250.00
Donation-Red Cross Disaster Fund 50.00
Donation-YMCA Bldg. Fund $100.00
Donation-Jekyll Island Rescue Squad 350.00
Donation-Assistance League of Brunswick 100.00
Joined with Brunswick Lions Club in giving a Sight Testing Machine to Brunswick Hospital 1,800.00
Sponsored 300 children to Circus

Jesup Lions Club

Sponsored Little League Boys Baseball Team

Kingsland Lions Club
Sponsored First Kingsland Parade

Liberty Coastal Lions Club
Purchased 4 pr. glasses $221.00
Aided person whose house was burned

Lumber City Lions Club
Purchased 3 pr. glasses

McRae Lions Club
Donation-Explorer’s Post #007 100.00

Metter Lions Club
Purchased 5 pr. glasses $250.00
Donation-High Hope Mental Retardation School 50.00
Donation-35′ flagpole w/Ga. & U.S. flags
Helped with renovation of Welcome Center I-16

Montgomery County Lions Club
Purchased 5 pr. glasses & 1 set frames
Sponsored Star Student & Teacher Program

Odum Lions Club
Purchased 2 pr. glasses
Donation-Odum Volunteer Fire Dept. $100.00
Donation-local resident w/kidney failure 175.00

Patterson Lions Club
Purchased 3 pr. glasses $166.00

Pembroke Lions Club
Purchased 1 pr. glasses 62.00

Port City Lions Club
Purchased eye exams & glasses 1,657.28
Donation-Airline tickets ,& exp. money to Savannah lady for Leader Dog Sch. 228.00
Sponsored Speech & Hearing Van Oglethorpe Mall (twice)
600 persons St. James School, Savannah (232 pers.)
Shopping Ctr. (Augusta)(200 pers.) Wilmington Island Shopping Ctr.

Portal Lions Club
Purchased 5 pr. glasses & eye exams 147.00
Purchased auto reclining chair for disabled man 700.00
Donation-Christmas food baskets 300.00
Co-sponsored “Stand Up for America Day”

Reidsville Lions Club
Purchased 7 pr. glasses 255.00
Sponsored Santa Claus visits to Early Child
Development Ctr, & Headstart Ctr. 150.00

Richmond Hill Lions Club
Purchased 1 eye exam
Donation-Richmond H. S. Drama Class 250.00
Donation-Boy Scout Troup #527 325.00
Sponsored Star Student & Teacher Program & Trip to Atlanta 100.00

Rincon Lions Club
Purchased 169 pr, glasses $4,198.81
Donation-2 plaques Camp for Blind 349.20
Sponsored-Christmas Party for Underprivileged Children 1,154.95
Sponsored-Safety Booth at Boat Show 58.34

Screven Lions Club
Purchased 2 pr. glasses 90.00
Donation-Needy family 75.00
Donation-Senior Citizens Club 35.00

Springfield Lions Club
Donation-Empty Stocking Fund 735.00

Statesboro Lions Club
Purchased 10 eye exams & 15 pr. 519.50
Donation-High Hope Bldg. Fund 100.00
Donation-Ga. South College Fund 200.00
Donation-Statesboro Rec. Dept. 250.00
Donation-City of Statesboro-sport 1,000.00

Vidalia Lions Club
Purchased 5 exams & 17 pr. glasses 344.00
Donation-Collins Child Development Ctr. 25.00
Donation-Vidalia Sports Boosters 50.00
Donation-2 scholarships 300.00
Underwrote Savannah Symphony to Vidalia 500.00

Waycross Lions Club
Purchased eye exams & glasses 1,000.00
Donation-Salvation Army Summer Camp 25.00
Donation-YMCA 100.00
Sponsored Christmas Party for 22 underprivileged children
Sponsored Banquet for 57 honor students Loan to FFA & 4-H Club to purchase pigs for Fat Barrow Show 3,100.00
Administered a Student Loan Fund as Trustee

Waycross-Okefenokee Lions Club
Purchased 7 pr. glasses 288.50
Sponsored child to Safety Patrol Camp 25.00
Sponsored Band Student $25.00
Collected food & Clothing for Salvation Army Worked w/civic &
business clubs to support air service to Atlanta
Award-Lt. Jessie Griffin for services to Community & Driver Safety Program

Wilmington Island Lions Club
Sponsored Speech & Hearing Van
Visited Tybee Island Nursing Home


DISTRICT 18-B  1979-80


At the 58th Annual State Convention held in Savannah June 1-3, 1979, Lion William T. Wells (Carolyn) of the Brunswick Lions Club was elected District Governor. He named Chester V. Anderson as the Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer, and Immediate Past District Governor Jerome B. Ney (Jeannie), of Savannah was Cabinet Advisor, with Past District Governor Fraser F. Rambo (Vera), Hinesville, as District Librarian.

The Deputy District Governors were: William A. Ricks (Jackie), Savannah; Bird Hodges Betty), Statesboro; Dewey E. Nedders (Elzada), Pembroke; David H. Howard (Dean), Jesup; Larry D. Hartsell (Brenda), St. Simons; and T. G. Crosby (Laverne), Waycross. Lion Crosby was to become District Governor for 1980-81.

Zone Chairmen were: Robert Bovee, Kimball A. Warnock, Sr., Kenneth W. Bryant, Bill Carpenter, Garland Stevens, Albert Winter, Forcial A. Hilton, who was to become District Governor 1981-82, David Ferrell, H. P. “Rick” Hudson, Laverne Crews, W. Frank Rountree, and Douglas Powers.

As his ex-officio Cabinet Members, District Governor Wells appointed 13 Past District Governors: R. C. Cunningham, Charles Overstreet, Boone Owen, Preston B. Edwards, Christopher Barbieri, Roy L. Jones, Edwin L, Cook, Don J. Surrency, Don M. Anderson, W. A. “Bill” Gassaway, Dr. Walter Wilson, Jr., Fraser F. Rambo, and Jerome B. Ney; among others who had not yet attained the high service of the District Governor’s office. It was probably his understanding of the potential embodied in this group of experienced officials that led District Governor Wells to state that “the main goal for District 18-B for this year is for each individual Lion in every Club to do his very best to live to our motto, We Serve. With this as our goal each club can grow and expand its services to its community and to Lionism through participation in District, State, and International programs and meetings.”

24 definite goals were set forth for guidance of the clubs in the district, covering every phase of Lionistic activity. These, and the 34 District Club Contest Rules, listing the value points, afforded simple guidelines for assured success, providing suggestions for activities applicable to any size and type Lions Club. Particularly emphasized were Membership Extension, Development and Retention, Attendance, New Clubs, Lioness Clubs, Leo Clubs, Eye Donor Programs, the Lighthouse, Peach Bowl, and others.

Similarly, District Governor Wells provided stringent requirements for 100% Club Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, Zone Chairmen, and Deputy District Governors.

At this time there were 23 Past district Governors of 18-B living in the district, which was composed of 53 Lions Clubs with some 1,700 members.