History 1970-1980 Part 2 18A



JULY 1, 1970 – JUNE 30, 1980

The decade of the 70’s showed a surge of involvement and enthusiasm among all Lions of the District.

1. A. The District was served with outstanding dedication and distinction by the following Lions, who served as District Governors and Cabinet Secretaries:


July 1 through
June 30, 1970
P. Crumbley (Atlanta)
W.R. Coffey (Atlanta)
1970-71 James L. Cochran (Marietta) William R. Blakely Marietta)
1971-72 William J. Bramblett (Rossville) Andrew H. Stephens (Rossville)
1972-73 Charles L. Chapman (Jasper) L. Broward Garrison (Jasper)
*1973-74 Frank H. Durham, Jr. (College Pk) J. Gettys Rosser (Hapeville)
1974-75 Paul W. Camp, Jr. (Rome) B. R. Proctor (Rome)
1975-76 Marion McTyre (South Cobb) Lloyd Gillham (South Cobb)
1976-77 Frank Burnette (Calhoun) William J. Bramblett, PDG (Rossville)
1977-78 Charles L. Pickell (Dalton Noon) Eddie S. Cox (Dalton Noon)
1978-79 Stanley B. England (Cobb County) William M. Dodd, III (Marietta)
1979-80 W. Melville Johnson (NE Atlanta) Fred Wilenchek (Henry Grady)
*Son of Past District Governor Frank H. Durham, Sr.

District Librarian – Past District Governor Wilbert H. Hembree served from 1970 until his untimely death in December, 1979.


B. Statewide Officers:

(1) Lighthouse Foundation Presidents:

Maurice Newman (Rome) 1971-1973
Don W. Schmidt (Cedartown) 1977-1979

(2) White Cane Chairman:
PDG Paul W. Camp, Jr. (Rome) 1979-80

(1) International Directors from District 18-A:
1971-1973–Dr. Don W. Schmidt (Cedartown), Also served on many International
Committees after that.

1974-1976–George P. Crumbley (Atlanta) and has served on many International
Committees. Has been designated by International as General Chairman of the 1982 International Convention to be held in Atlanta.

Both Dr. Schmidt and George Crumbley received many International honors and Awards.

2. Project Chairmen of various District Projects were rotated between many Lions.

A. As of July 1, 1970, there were 49 active clubs. As of June 30, 1980, there were 53 active clubs.

B. Membership as of July 1, 1970, was 2,302. As of June 30, 1980, there were 2,108 members.

C. During the 1970’s the following expenditures on projects were reported:

(1) Lighthouse $343,635.36
(2) Camp for the Blind 6,766.50*
(3) Leader Dogs 11,834.40
(18-A received 5 Leader Dogs)
4) LCIF 5,800.00
5) CARE 10,750.00
(6) Community and Local projects                                               1,407,753.00
(estimated average of 140,753.00 per year)

*Does not include materials or labor donated.

A. The District actively supported Statewide projects over and above financial aid, as follows using all proceeds on projects.

(1) Collecting 9,816 Eye wills for the Eye Bank Atlanta.

(2) Participated in White Cane Day programs collecting $59,022.86 since 1975, turning all. proceeds to the Lighthouse.

(3) Sold over 51,298 tickets to the Peach Bowl and over 15,000 Peach Bowl Association memberships.

(4) Collected over 23,000 pairs of used eyeglasses and approximately 100 used hearing aids, turned into the Lighthouse. These are relatively new projects.

(5) Broom and Bulb sales–conducted at various times during the year at the choice of the individual clubs. Some clubs stock these items for continuous sale.

B. Many clubs conduct Fruit Cake and Christmas Tree sales during the year.

C. Fairs, etc. Many of the Clubs actively participate in setting up booths promoting Lions activities. Other Clubs operate ticket booths and parking facilities. Many Clubs sponsored and handled 4th of July Celebrations in their areas, especially the Bicentennial Celebrations in 1976.

4. A. District Assemblies were held from 1970 through 1978. In 1979 and 1980, these were replaced by District Conventions when District Officers for the succeeding year were chosen. In each case, International Officers and Directors were honored guests and principal Speakers, as follows:

Attendance Speaker
1969-1970 Atlanta 340 International Pres. W. R. Bryan
1970-1971 Rome 215 Past International Pres. David A. Evans
1971-1972 Rome 327 Past International Pres. Herbert C. Petry
1972-1973 Atlanta 400 International Director Phil Sterker
1973-1974 College
230 International Director Herbert Diggs
1974-1975 Rome 432 International Director Burton A. Tompkins
1975-1976 Marietta 400 International Director Dr. James A. Fowler
1976-1977 Rome 231 International Director Gene Rice
1977-1978 Dalton 254 3rd V. P. International William C. Chandler
1978-1979 Marietta 430 3rd V. P. International Kay Murakami (Japan)
International Director Evan Stevenson (Canada)
1979-1980 Dalton 450 International Director Dr. Keith Gates

B. Peach Bowl Princess Pageants were held each year in conjunction with the Fall Cabinet Meetings. The number of contestants sponsored by the Clubs increased each year reaching 21 in 1979.

5. A. During the 70’s, 13 new Clubs were organized including three on-campus clubs at Southern Tech, Georgia State University, and Georgia Tech. Changing conditions at the schools forced their disbanding. In other areas, changing patterns in residential. and economic conditions reduced our net gain to four active and busy new Clubs. The high point was in 1975 when the District had 59 Clubs with 2,510 members.

Twelve Leo Clubs were sponsored during the 70’s. Constantly changing student bodies and administrations, in addition to conditions affecting Lions Clubs reduced this number to four outstanding Leo Clubs in the District sponsored by Jasper, East Marietta, Northeast Cobb and Ellijay.

Four very strong, active Lioness Clubs were formed during this period by Austell, Douglasville, Hapeville and Northeast Cobb.

B. Many long time anniversaries were celebrated in the 70’s. Atlanta Lions are looking forward to their 60th Anniversary in December, 1980. Cartersville celebrated their 50th year in 1979. Four other clubs served 45 years while six Clubs have over 40 years service and twenty Clubs have been active for over 25 years.

C. All Clubs held regularly scheduled monthly Directors Meetings, Ladies Nights, family nights and picnics. Club Programs present a balanced mixture of Lionism programs and prominent speakers on activities affecting the community.

D. The District sent sizable delegations to State and International Conventions, as well as Lighthouse Forums and meetings.

E. Clubs of the District have all received many honors for their work in Lionism and community projects.

6. It is indeed difficult to single out all of the Lions deserving of special mention for their work. Teamwork has been the theme of the 70’s.

7. District 18-A is extremely proud of the accomplishments of the 70’s. Our goals for each activity during the 80’s are set at far higher levels, which we confidently expect to more than meet.