History 1963-1964

HISTORY  1963 – 1964


Lions International


 Percy Plant –  State Historian  1947-1964

By Eugene Sanders, State Historian



Dr. Homer L. Barker
Carrollton, Ga.


Lion Homer Lumpkin Barker, M.D., was born in Heard County, August 3, 1884 and died September 14, 1963, survived by his wife, the former Bessie Treadaway, and three daughters. He graduated from the Medical College of Georgia and lived and practiced medicine in Georgia since 1912.

Homer L. Barker a Lion’s Lion, a Lion among Lions and among men. The Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration of his club, a few months preceding his death, featured and paid tribute to the contribution of this noble and compassionate man to the cause of Lionism, to his civic leadership, to his medical skill and dedication, and to his personal goodness and worth.

Few Lions can match his record in Lionism. A charter member of the Carrollton Club in 1933, he held most club offices, attended some International Conventions and all State Conventions since 1933 except one. He held the Key, Master Key, Senior Master Key, and Grand Master Key. He had a perfect attendance record of more than a quarter of a century.

Dr. Barker was District Governor in 1938-39, Vice Chairman of the International Board of Governors 1940-41, International Director 1949-51. As an International Director he put through important changes and was presented the rare Presidential Award for outstanding service.

A rugged individualist, a Christian gentleman, zealous Lion saturated with its spirit, a man of statue, strength, and wisdom, Homer L. Barker leaves a living monument in the Lionism in Georgia which he helped to build.



B. Davis

This significant activity of Georgia Lions is completing its most successful year.

Contributions from Lions Clubs have exceeded previous years.

Enthusiasm, interest and cooperation indicate another year of 100% participation.

More youth cases have been handled than ever before.

The first full year for our trust Fund shows splendid growth.

This completes the first full year of the Eye Bank program with 1,227 donations, 53 eyes received, with 36 transplants.

Two available films were shown 64 times.

Lions Clubs have purchased 31 Eye Jugs.

The Georgia State Patrol has fulfilled its promise to transport eyes any time.


F. Hughes Willingham

A program of education coincided with the Governor’s designation of Eye Bank Week.

Pledges of donations are coming in from every section of Georgia.

Transplants have proven successful.

F. Hughes Willingham is to be nominated as President of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc., for 1964-65.

He was Charter President of the Lincolnton Lions Club, served two years as Zone Chairman, one year as Deputy District Governor of 18-F during 1959-60.

He has served as a Director of the Lighthouse since he was District Governor and is now completing his fourth year as Vice President of the Lighthouse in District 18-F.


Thomas H. Walton
Northeast Atlanta A
Winston Purvis
Douglas B
M. F. Carter, Jr.
Cordele C
Roland K. Weekley
Chairman State Council
Decatur D
Frank Holladay
Carrollton E
William G. Adair
Rutledge F

These are the elected leaders to whom Georgia Lionism is indebted for the effective leadership of Multiple District 18 through a year of splendid progress.




Dist.           No.
Clubs      Members     
A 41 1940 8 2 41 70 3516
B 45 1507 4 80 17 56 2142
C 45 1647 1 34 1 45 49 1918
D 48 1706 3 6 47 50 1996
E 43 1895 2 97 43  
F 38 1308 3 113 6 18  
Totals  260 10003 10 335 15 211 225 9572

1. Clubs 100% in attendance appear partial to two districts-one gaining rapidly in members, one static, account for 12 out of 15.


2. In monthly reports four districts are very close, three being 100%, one almost.

3. Note increase in number of clubs compared with the growth in membership since 1954.




Dr. Homer L. Barker, Carrollton, District Governor,  1938-1939

International Director,  1949-1951

Charles R. Clegg,  Young Harris,  District Governor,  1949-1950

Jack Moseley,        Vidalia,        District Governor,       1957-1958

Percy Plant,          Decatur,          State Historian,         1947-1964



Bright in the annuals of Georgia Lionism is the 1963 Augusta Convention under the direction of the combined Augusta, Fleming, Forest Hills, Garden city, National Hills, and Martinez-Evans Lions Clubs. Housing and arrangements at this convention are unsurpassed. International Vice President, Dr. Walter H. Campbell of Miami Beach addressed the convention.



Adel 30 C Dublin 40 F Sandersville 40 F
Adrian 30 F Greensboro 30 F Social
15 D
Cartersville 35 A Jasper 25 A Sparta 35 F
Clarkesville           30 D Lavonia 30 D Thomasville 25 E
Clayton 30 D N’east
25 A Trion 25 A
Cordele 30 C Port City 10 B Union Point 30 F
Wadley 25 F

These club
anniversaries, symbolic of energetic maturity, with the District Rallies, have brought five members of the International family into Georgia: Vice President Claude M. DeVorss into District A, C, and D. Past International Director JimCherry into D. International Director Homer L. Hoover and Vice President Edward Lindsey into E: and International Director John A. K. Donovan into F; with International President Aubrey D. Green scheduled to attend the 1964 State Convention at Jekyll Island.


Past International Director Marvin Pound of Sparta, received special honors at this home club’s 35th Anniversary.



Percy H. Plant
Decatur, Ga.

Percy Hazlehurst Plant was born in Macon, Ga., October 11, 1893, and died in Decatur, Ga., March 10, 1964. He is survived by his widow, the former Margaret Scott, and several nephews and nieces.

Percy Plant joined the Decatur Lions Club, in 1941, serving with distinction in numerous offices andas Chairman of many committees. He originated several new ideas, among them the selection of the Young Man of the Year in DeKalb County.

He was Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer of District 18 A in 1944-45, and in 1947 was elected by the convention as State Historian for life.

Being our first State Historian he pioneered in a field in which he was brilliantly capable, setting a distinct pattern widely admired.

He served as President of the DeKalb Historical Society, President of the Grand Jurors’ Association. Chairman of the DeKalb County Red Cross chapter, and at the time of his death was chairman of International Relations for the Decatur Lions Club.

He had served as Scoutmaster of one of the first Boy Scout troops in the metropolitan area, and maintained contact with its members throughout his life. He held the Silver Beaver, coveted scout leadership award.

He was the author of a history of Lionism in Georgia, the history of DeKalb County, articles in the Georgia Magazine and others, and was a columnist for the Decatur-DeKalb News and the DeKalb New Era.

He conducted the Plant and Stevenson Insurance Agency in Decatur until his retirement two years ago.

A quiet, unassuming, helpful person he has given direction, force, and excellence to Lionism in Georgia in a unique manner and to an unparalleled degree.


Important in the chain of communication, information, and Lions Education are the numerous bulletins and newsletters circulating throughout the state, both from the District Governors and through the excellent bulletins published by many of the individual clubs. Just as the club bulletins give emphasis to the individual and keep club members in close touch with each other, the regular communications from the District Governors throughout the state keep our members informed of conditions and activities on a wide scale, making the outlook broader and appreciation of Lionism in Georgia stronger.




The District Rallies are a significant outgrowth of the enthusiasm and interest in Lionism engendered through fellowship and good works. They are huge but personal affairs, participated in by practically every club in the District, attended by many hundreds of Lions and Lionesses.


They give a sense of unity to a District, increase enthusiasm, and bring Lions International close to the hearts of individual Lions through the attendance of high International officials.

Districts C and D have had full scale affairs, with a District wide meeting in E. There have been , also many regional meetings contributing their part to the same end.

Wherever held, the District Rally proves a great boon to Lionism in Georgia.


Selected by rote, few dubs in a state make The LION during a year. However, an article from The Decatur Lion was quoted in October, and the District Governor’s Newsletter from C has been passed around as an example. Others mentioned: Butler, Brantley County (Nahunta), Calvary, and Columbus, with a quote from Herman D. Moore, “God and one man make a majority.’’



The Constitution and by-Laws, revised during the year by a committee composed of Sims Manning A, Boone B. Owen B, Frank C. Vann C, Eugene Sanders D, Ethan Taylor E, and Dr. Fred L. Damren F, will be presented at the 1964 convention.