History 1962-1963

HISTORY  1962 – 1963


Lions International

Percy Plant – Georgia State Historian



Dr. Fred L. Damren
International Counselor
Augusta, Georgia

Here is A LION who has done so much so quietly that few know of his outstanding record.

Briefly: entered Lionism 1932 . . . 30 years perfect attendance . . . 26 years secretary of
Augusta club . . . has Membership, Master, Senior Master and Grand Master Keys . . . Sponsored two clubs . . . chairman of State Uniform Committee since its inception . . . has attended every state convention since A LION 1932 . . . has attended every international convention since  1937 . . . District Governor of  18B, 1942-1943.

Lion Damren writes: “Lionism is a way of life. When one discovers the great opportunity and joy of serving others and the tremendous satisfaction of being associated with dedicated Lions doing worthwhile deeds all over the world, then Lionism becomes a habit. Let’s be thankful for it.”


Thanks to the Savannah Lions Club and the Port City Lions Club for an enjoyable and constructive convention. A delightful feature was a floor show at the Hellenic Center presented by the Lions and Lionesses of the host clubs.

International Director Jim Cherry of Columbia, S.C. gave an inspiring address at the District Governors’ Banquet.

The Blind Award was presented to Lion Lauren Nobles of Fitzgerald; Tom Bingham Award to District Governor Don Schmidt of 18A whose district did the best Lighthouse work; the District Governors’ Plaque for the best all-round club to the Druid Hills Lions Club.



Sincere compliments to the above District Governors who provided leadership in a constructive year for District 18 in 1962-1963. Top left to right: Frederick W. Scanling, Atlanta, 18A; M. D. Raulerson, Jr., Blackshear, 18 B; Jake Wolffe, Bainbridge, 18C. Bottom left to right: J. Ralph Hampton, Gainesville, 18D; Ray M. Tucker, McDonough, 18E; J. B. Amos, Augusta, 18F.




 # clubs    # members  
District   1962  1963  1962   
A 44 43 1,947 1,932
B 37 42 1,312 1,427
C 46 47 1,695 1,697
D 47 49 1,763 1,796
E 40 42 1,813 1,798
F 34 35 1,173 1,195
248 248 9,703 9,845



The above figures from Lions International show our standing at the end of March, 1963.


A most important and necessary function in the operation of District 18 is a club secretary’s job of making up and sending in monthly reports to International PROMPTLY.

In the past year our secretaries have been on the ball as International advises all reports through March have come in on time. Congratulations, secretaries-a job well done.


40 YEARS: Albany, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Waycross.
30 YEARS: Carrollton, Chatsworth, Dahlonega, Decatur, Greensboro, Toccoa, Wrightsville.
25 YEARS: Abbeville, Dalton, Heard County, Summerville, Wadley.
20 YEARS: Adairsville, Americus, Fitzgerald, McCaysville, Marietta, Mt. Vernon-Ailey, Stone Mountain, Winder.


Largest clubs meeting weekly: Thompson, Ga., 3rd place; meeting other than weekly: Toccoa, Ga., 4th place.

Division 10 winner: North Dekalb, Ga.
Division 14 winner: Cordele, Ga.

Other 100% clubs receiving plaques: Alapaha, Druid Hills, Hartwell, Jefferson and Unadilla.


Dear fellow Lions:

In a fine year of activity $23,210.27 has been expended for eye glasses, hospital bills, artificial eyes, optical aids and x-rays. Our Foundation money has been invested in a trust fund with the C & S National Bank of Atlanta.

The Board of Directors at our February meeting voted to accept the responsibility of the eye bank operation. I am sure the Lions of Georgia are proud of our new overall program of sight conservation and restoration. A wonderful challenge!

Joe B. Davis,


West End Lions Club of Atlanta roared with surprise at the club meeting when Mrs. Caroline Caneup and Lion Corry Banks were united in matrimony for real.

Jack May, businessman and member Druid Hills Lions Club, cited by Dekalb Educational Association of 1750 teachers for his “Distinguished service to the cause of education.”

A second club in Valdosta, the Valdosta Evening Lions Club.

Rossville Lions Club formed an organization of 100 junior high school boys as “Police Partners” in order to secure the support of youth in law enforcement and good citizenship.

Hapeville Lions Club sponsored an emergency civil defense team.


In an International contest, third prize was won by Lion Norman R. Hawley of the, Valdosta Lions Club who wrote the following: “I enjoy reading THE LION MAGAZINE because it is the modest, yet inspiring, show window of the far-flung organization I voluntarily joined 26 years ago. From month to month it reaffirms the principles I learned as a child; namely, that we live with and for others if our lives are to have true meaning. I like its international tone, its tolerance of various faiths and customs, and its editorial policy which recognizes that recorded good deeds stimulate increased effort.”


William B. Freeman, Forsyth, District Governor, 1941-1942.
James F. Glass, Savannah, District Governor, 1958-1959.
W. Neal Whitworth, Lavonia, District Governor, 1952-1953.



A convention long to be remembered! 135 Georgia Lions, Lionesses, and Cubs went over on a chartered plane and were joined by about 50 others. Lion Tamer Ted Hays and Transportation Chairman Ed Dyer deserve much credit for their fine work.

Georgia Lions with snappy red and white uniforms and new red and white overseas caps with, “GEORGIA, U.S.A.,” made a magnificent showing in a parade witnessed by the largest crowd ever assembled in Nice.

Dr. Walter H. Campbell from our neighboring state of Florida was elected Third Vice-President of Lions International.

10,000 Georgia pins were distributed. A Georgia flag was presented by Lion Ed Dyer to the mayor of Nice as a gift from Governor Ernest Vandiver of Georgia and flew over the city hall of Nice during the convention. The mayor presented our Lions with a hand painted banner which was later delivered to Governor Vandiver and is now in the Georgia archives.

After the convention the Georgia Lions who went over by plane made a tour by bus of important cities of Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, France and England, then flying back to the U.S.

A great convention-a demonstration of worldwide Lionism!


President Curtis D. Lovell-Decatur 30th Anniversary and Columbus 40th Anniversary.

Per Stahl (when president)–Savannah 40th Anniversary.

3rd Vice-President Walter H. Campbell-18C Assembly at Albany and 18D Assembly at Gainesville.

Past International President John L. Stickley-Augusta 40th Anniversary.

International Director G. Robert Lyles-18E Assembly at Ida Cason Callaway Gardens.

International Director Jim M. Cherry-Dalton 25th Anniversary.


Cordele purchased 18 % acres at cost of $19,000 for fair grounds and recreation center for all community activities.

Decatur had a second annual Senior Citizens night entertaining 42; also sponsored a successful picnic for 71 Senior Citizens at Stone Mountain Park.

Mansfield requested better service and lower rates at two dinners for telephone officials. The result: lower rates, $80,000 in improved facilities, and an additional $80,000 to be spent in bringing better service to the community.

Dalton Lions and Lionesses sponsored mass glaucoma tests.