History 1960-1961

HISTORY  1960 – 1961



Percy Plant – Georgia State Historian

Lion Homer L. Barker, M.D. was born in Heard County, graduated from the Medical College of Georgia, and has lived and practiced medicine in Carrollton since 1912.

Few Lions, if any, can match his record in Lionism. A carter member of the Carrollton club in 1933 and has held most club offices. Has attended 19 International conventions and all state conventions since 1933 except one; Key, Master Key, Senior Master Key, and Grand Master Key; has a 25 years perfect attendance record.

Georgia District Governor 1938-39, Vice-chairman International Board of Governors 1940-41, and International Director 1949-51. As an International Director he puts through necessary changes in a time of crisis and was presented the rare Presidential Award for outstanding service. Our beloved Dr. Homer is a rugged individualist, a benevolent and a skilled physician, and a Lion with the true spirit of Lionism.


Held in Chicago and attended by a big delegation of Georgia Lions. A Georgia Breakfast with International Past President Edgar M. Elbert as speaker. A Hospitality room with give-away peaches which, by actual count, packed in Lions at the rate of 1000 per hour. A beautiful Georgia float with Miss Georgia in parade. Georgia Lions won fifth prize in Parade Marching.

Aubrey D. Green of Alabama was elected third vice-president of International and will become president in three years. Georgia Lions strongly supported his candidacy.


Outstanding Lions who provided the leadership for a fine year is District 18: (left to right) District Governors Don L. Wray, Mableton (A); Dr. Carlos A. Shaw, Winder (D); Harry C. Collins, Ellaville (E); Orion L. Brooks, Midville (F); Hon. Walter Usher, Springfield (B); D. D. Morrison, Pelham (C); and Acting State Secretary Warren A. Lowell, Macon.



A large bouquet of roses to each of our club secretaries! Lions International sends word that all secretaries’ reports for District 18 through the month of April have reached the International office on time. As the reports are exceedingly important, each of our secretaries is to be highly commended for a job well done.


Each year the Deputy District Governors and Zone Chairmen become more and more important in the smooth operation of District 18. Much of our success is due to the fact that these fellows, in doing their grass root work, secure important information about their clubs and quickly transmit it to their District Cabinets.

Our International Counselors Association, composed of past District Governors, during the year has supplied many International Counselors for speakers at club meetings, installations and socials.

International Counselor Eugene Sanders has done much for the Lions of Georgia. The Decatur Lions Club recently showed appreciation by furnishing a room in the new Dekalb General Hospital and placing a plaque on the door reading, “In honor of Lion Eugene Sanders.”

A District Scrapbook has been kept by International Counselor “Bob” Collins of District C for display at the State Convention.

The Druid Hills Lions Club, as one of the features of the club’s tenth anniversary, presented a full page of club activity pictures in the Decatur-DeKalb News.

Excellent District Bulletins, sent out by several of the District Governors, have done much to promote Lionism in their respective districts.

Hurrah for the North DeKalb Lions Club! This outfit saved the Lions of Georgia approximately $200 by arranging for the transportation of 217 cases of give-aways for the Hospitality Room at the International Convention.



 # clubs    # members  
District   1960  1961  1960  1961 
A 45 43 1,968 1,850
B 37 37 1,312 1,301
C 51 46 1,710 1,577
D 44 46 1,743 1,732
E 39 40 1,795 1,803
F 32 35 1,148 1,168
250 248 9,676 9,431

The above figures supplied by Lions International show stand at the end of April 1 1961.


Let’s all get busy and exceed the magic figures of 250 clubs and 10,000 members during the coming year.


Atlanta and Macon celebrated 40th anniversaries.

Arlington, Bainbridge, Douglas, Forsyth, Moultrie, Oglethorpe, and The Valley celebrated 25th anniversaries.

Enthusiastic district rallies were held at Pelham by 18C, at Gainesville by 180, and Ida Cason Gardens by 18E.

An International speaker was an honored guest at most of these anniversary celebrations and district rallies. International President Finis E. Davis, Vice-president Per Stahl, Vice-p&dent Aubrey 0. Green, and International Director Edwin M. Lindsey of Tennessee all spoke to our Georgia Lions, some of them two or three times.

In mentioning speakers, let us not overlook our Past International Director Ivan Jackson of Cartersville who continued his services to Lionism by attending and speaking at numerous Lions affairs during the year.

In the attendance contest of Lions International for 1959-1961). we can well be proud of five of our Georgia clubs. Cordele won second place in clubs meeting weekly; Toccoa won fourth place in clubs meeting other than weekly; Tucker was a top-ranking division winner; and Hapeville and Lakeview were 100% clubs receiving award plaques.


$25,985.47 was expended by the Lighthouse in the past year for 168 hospital bills, 434 pair of, glasses, 12 artificial eyes and other items. The major portion of the work was with children under 16 years of age. Bill Cooksey served as president and Jim Corbett as executive secretary. 

The Lighthouse now has an educational program to bring information to each club. Under the direction of Al Brim, colored slides and material were supplied the Lighthouse vice-president in each district so that he could visit clubs and give them facts in regard to the operations and accomplishments of the Lighthouse.


An enjoyable, informative and well-attended 39th convention was held in Atlanta under the sponsorship of the Atlanta Lions Club and 11 other Lions clubs of Atlanta. International Counselor Jacques Partain, District Governor of the state in 1928, ,was general chairman. Past International president, Harold P. Nutter, made an inspirational address on the work of Lionism.

The District Governors Cup was awarded the Druid Hills Lions Club for the third consecutive year; the Blind Award was presented Lion Chris Harvey, a member of the Avondale Lions Club.


In District 18F successful annual affairs promoted by Lions clubs are: Horse Show at Washington, Livestock Festival and Rodeo at Sylvania, and Dairy Festival at Millen. 

Thomaston Lions Club presented brand-spanking new uniforms to 60-odd members of high school band.

The Atlanta Lions Club sponsored and secured passage by the Georgia Legislature of an eye bank bill which authorizes an eye bank foundation and simplifies the donation of eyes. 

LaGrange sponsored a 4-H and FFA fat calf show sale. 

We serve.                       We serve.                       We serve.

When the Pike County Lions Club dedicated $50,oo0 youth center at Lifsey Springs, Clarence L. Sturm, then president of Lions International, was the guest of honor.

Waynesboro Lions Club initiated an annual Quarter-horse show.

A $16,000 community club house was completed by the Hahira Lions Club. 

Lions clubs of Louisville, Madison and Thomson are each doing an outstanding job in promoting their respective county fairs.

The Gainesville Lions Club started a drive to establish a class for the blind in the city school system.