History 1958-1959

HISTORY  1958 – 1959



Percy Plant – Georgia State Historian



At the International Convention in Chicago, District 18 was honored by the election of Lion Ivan Jackson of Cartersville as an International Director. Much credit goes to Lion Ethan Taylor, Chairman of Georgia Public Relations, and the many Lions who worked to win the election. 

Lion Ivan has done his usual fine job, of course, and has rendered a distinctive service to all Lionism. Lion Ivan sends this message:

“I want to thank all the Georgia Lions for the splendid work they are doing on membership development and retention, and I urge them to share their happy experience of being a Lion by inviting some outstanding men in their communities to join a Lions club.”


In addition to election activities, Georgia Lions were conspicuous in many ways. We had a “Georgia Hoe Down” which turned away thousands. 250 Georgia Lions had a big Georgia Breakfast with International Past President H. C. Petrey of Texas as speaker. The Georgia Hospitality Room was one of the most popular at the convention.



Bottom row left to right: District Governor Frank Edenfield, 18 F: D. G. James F. Glass, 18B; D. G. Willard Kimsey, 18D; top row, D. G. Richard P. Adams, 18A; State Secretary Walter B. Currie; D. G. .George F. Kessler, 18C; D. G. Hiram A. Myhand, 18E.



Probably the feature of Lionism in Georgia the past year has been the strengthening of our state organization and of our local clubs. This has been brought about by many, factors, some of which are as follows:

The sincere and hard work of the District Governors and their officers.

The desire of club officers to learn more about Lionism and to put the knowledge to work.

The co-operation of International Director Ivan Jackson in addressing numerous charter nights and district rallies.

The work of many Lions, especially International Counselor Eugene Sanders. in working on Membership Development and Retention.

Better communication between clubs supplied by district bulletins, club bulletins and THE BEACON of the Lighthouse.

The work of International Counselors in assisting clubs and helping with Lions Education.

The work of Kay and Scottie Currie in our State Office who have carried on valiantly in spite of sickness.

Last but by no means least, the get-up-and-get displayed by Deputy District Governors and Zone Chairmen. These boys have been on the ball.


Word from Lions International is that all club secretaries reports through March 1959 have reached International on time.

A large orchid to each of our efficient secretaries who has done an exacting and important. job well!


 # clubs    # members  
District   1958  1959  1958  1959 
A 42 45 2,040 2,042
B 36 37 1,298 1,317
C 58 51 1,903 1,727
D 42 44 1,715 1,799
E 39 39 1,765 1,801
F 33 32 1,164 1,145
250 248 9,885 9,831

While we show a slight decrease in number of clubs and number of members, the record is not bad considering the recent “recession.” In addition a number of new clubs have been chartered during the year, such as East Marietta, Fairview, Chickamauga, Port Wentworth, Echols County, Lilburn and Cross Keys. These clubs got away to a fine start and show promise of developing into outstanding members of our organization.



Numerous district meetings and club anniversary meetings were held during the year. Among them were: district meetings at Ida, Cason Gardens, Jesup, Gainesville and Valdosta; 30 anniversary meetings at Cartersville and Sparta, 25 anniversary meetings at Clarkesville, Clayton, Alma, Cordele, Northeast Atlanta, and Lavonia.

Speakers at these meetings were International Past Presidents Edward G. Barry, John L. Stickney and Monroe L. Nute. Past International Director Dr. Harry E. Goddard; and our own International Director Ivan H. Jackson. Some of these fine Lions addressed three or four meetings.

International Counselor R. Shaefer Heard of West Point is charter president of the Middle Georgia Chattahoochee Development Association and is working to tame the flood waters of the Chattahoochee.

Lion Pat Cureton of Richland has organized a peanut flour company, the first in the United States.

Lions of Georgia have shown great interest in Little League Baseball. Any number are sponsoring teams and some are sponsoring entire leagues,


During the year, the Lighthouse, under the leadership of General A. Lester Henderson, president, and Jim Corbett, executive director, has spent $18,225.76 on 336 pairs of glasses, 19 artificial eyes and 158 hospital bills.

Most clubs in the district are now giving $5.00 per member and many are giving much more than this figure.

The Lighthouse has also received a large number of memorial gifts, as more and more Lions are remembering their loved ones with checks to the Lighthouse.


The Savannah Lions Club and the Port City Lions Club were hosts to the 37th Convention. It was held at the beautiful General Oglethorpe Hotel and was a large one and a good one.

The District Governors Cup was awarded the Druid Hills Lions Club. The Blind Award was presented to Judge Victor H. Muller of the Municipal Court of Savannah.

The convention was addressed by Clarence L. Sturm, second vice-president of Lions International.


TyTy Lions, raised $5oo0 for a gymnasium by a house-to-house canvas.

An Explorer Scout Troop was organized by the Donaldsonville Lions Club.

The Dekalb Educational Foundation, Inc., sponsored by the Decatur Lions Club, for fourteen years has been assisting deserving boys and girls secure educations.

Covington Lions purchased swings, merry-go-round, see-saws and slides for Academy Springs Park.

70 members of the Atlanta Lions Club pledged their eyes, after death, to the blind.

We serve.                      We serve.                      We serve.

Valley Lions Club held a luncheon honoring 33 members with continuous service records.

Lions Albright, Crane, Davis, Gunn, Jones, Priester and ,Roberts of the LaGrange Lions Club represent over 100 years of service to the Boy Scouts of America.

Washington Lions have just completed a successful Third Annual Horse Show.

The Towns County Lions Club will present the 9th annual Georgia Mountain Fair in August at Hiawassee. Its purpose is, “To show our-selves and the world what a wonderful thing it is to work and play in the Georgia lake-mountain area.”