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In 1964 the Lions of Georgia seeing the need to preserve the history of the Lions in Georgia, created the position of State Historian. The same can be said about the evolution of the web pages that represented the Lions of Georgia as viewed from my prospective. The Internet was really taking shape in the late 1990’s and several Lions saw the need for Lionism to be represented on the Web. For me personally, I became interested in 1998 when there was an article in the Lions Magazine that talked about the Lions Clubs who began publishing pages on-line. Since I had dial up access at the time through AOL. I attempted to access the new Lions Clubs International web site. However I misspelled the web page address and ended up on Lion Net which was a go to page to reach clubs, districts and other Lions resources. This web site was created by Lion Dan Uitti. This proved to be an inspiration for me to take action, first for my club and later the district and state. After some research, I published a web page that was hosted on AOL in March 1998. At the time it was the only MD 18 club page that I could find. Later I created the first District 18-B Website and the first Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation Web Site. Initially all of these web sites served as information and point of contact for Lions.

I did not start the first Lions of Georgia Multiple District Web Site. The first web master was State Newspaper Editor PDG Joseph “Joe” Molony of Warner Robins. He produced a single page that listed the Council of Governors. He created the page with out the aid of a web authoring program. Writing in all html code.

In 1999, the web master duties was passed to Lions Pete and Sherri LeGro of Centerville. They expanded the web page and included additional information about the Lions of Georgia. This earned the LeGro’s the honor and distinction of winning first place in the International Web Site completion on the multiple district level in 1999 in San Diego.

Several years later the LeGro’s moved out of state and was no longer able to maintain the web site. The Council of Governors then appointed Lion Rick Mizell of Savannah Port City to become the next web master. The first year, the web site was hosted by AOL. Seeing the issue of having a hard to remember web name. It was decided in 2002 to secure a web domain and hosted web space. The domain name was galions.org.

Over the years, the Lions of Georgia have had the website honored by Lions Clubs International many times. 2002-Honorable Mention, 2003-First Place, 2004-First Place, 2005-Honorable Mention, 2006-First Place, 2007-Honorable Mention, 2008-First Place, 2009-First Place, 2010-Honorable Mention, 2011-Honorable Mention, 2012-Honorable Mention. This is certainly a feat that will not be matched again. A total of twelve honors by 2 web masters.

Lion Rick Mizell was also selected to service as the first MD 18 Information Technologies Chairperson at the State Convention held at Jekyll Island in 2002, a position held until 2017.

In 2014, a Facebook group was introduced for Lions of Georgia to share posts, pictures and videos. At the time of the writing of this page there were 144 members of this group. Recently a Facebook page was started to share Lions Information with the public.

In July 2017, Lion Jeff Hammen, took over the web master duties. The plan is to move the web site away from an Lions information site to more like the Lions International web sites that provides service opportunities for the public to understand and encourage involvement. Although galions.org is still in use, a new domain was established at georgialions.org for the new pages. galions.org is directly linked to the new web site.

 At the same time, this web domain was created to keep the History of Georgia Lions. This page was created in 2003 with the help of then State Historian Olin Newby. Further updated by Lion Chip Nedza. Lion Olin was selected to serve again as State Historian in 2017. Work is to begin on the next chapter of Georgia Lions History 2010-2020. The Centennial of Georgia Lions.

Rick Mizell Past District Governor
georgialionshistory.org Web Master

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